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The Timeline of Ezio Ederiz is the history of the character of Ezio Ederiz.

Year Event
5081 Birth of Ezio Ederiz : Edward Cullen is born the first child of Carlisle Cullen the first in the line of succession to House Cullen behind his father Carlisle Cullen.
5102 Coup of Ravenholdt : The Chaos aligned Sayden Ah-Salemi takes control of the Order of the Raven Assassin order from within destroying the moral center that it had once been.
  • Massacre of Gribralter : The Order of the Raven joins with the Morag Tong to attack the fortress of Gibralter succeeding in taking out the fortress without alerting the Roman forces of the larger situation in the area, and the massing Orc forces on the southern coast.
  • The Battle of the Tower of Solace : Forces loyal to Amalia Page against Tristan Lovie with the goal of killing him and releasing all those he was imprisoning within the Tower of Solace, and while he was forced to flee and they rescued many Tristan's survival would mean the battle itself was inconclusive.
  • The Fall of Tristan's Mine : Ezio takes part in a three way battle fought at Tristan's Mine between a group of Anti-Tristan people against Tristan's Men with House Jestife attempting to flee but forced to fight as well as they were seen as complicit in the actions of Tristan Lovie.