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The Timeline of Hedrik Clegane III. is the history of the character of Hedrik Clegane III..

Year Event
5104 Birth of Hedrik Clegane III. : Hedrik Clegane III. would be born the first child of Rupert Clegane and at the time of his birth he stood second in the line of succession behind only his father for the power of House Clegane.
  • Betrothal to Accia Potenza : Hedrik's father arranges for him to meet with Accia Potenza in what is said to be from the Potenza side of things just a formality and thus when Hedrik meets her she is excited that this will be her future husband. The meeting goes well with the two getting along, but after she is sent with him to spend more time together she is unable to hide her Magi abilities and confides in Hedrik who promises to help her.
  • Gulltown Tournament : Hedrik would take part in the Gulltown tournament of 5119 and during this tournament he would meet William Lovie III. and his team would join with the team of William during the melee and while Hedrik's team lost the two nobles became friends following this alliance.
  • Fall of Tree Hill : Following a great betrayal by Bill Lovie it is the city of Tree Hill that is overrun by the Orcs of France and Brooke Scott survives but is devesated by the loss of life including her Grandfather of whom she does not know if he lives due to him not being in the city during its fall.
5122 Marriage to
  • The Seven Bandits Rebellion : A group of seven men initially aligned with the Circle of Magi spark a rebellion in the region of Central Lucerne, and Eastern Lucerne, and gain control of several villages and towns before a large force from Lucerne, Fogtown, and Lole arrives in the area and defeat them.
  • Rape by Tristan Lovie : Manipulated by the Dovah Dorlonox its Tristan Lovie that attacks Rachel while shes begging on the streets of Ongrill and only the intervention of the Dovah Glorinex leads to Rachel being saved by Hedrik Clegane III. and thus not taken back to the Tower of Solace.
  • Move to Lole : Following the attack by Tristan its Rachel that is brought back to Lole by Hedrik Clegane III. where on the surface she is made a handmaid of his sister Jenny but he has become enamored by her and this begins the start of the eventual affair of Hedrik and Rachel behind the back of Accia Potenza.
  • Second Battle of Tree Hill : William Lovie III. leads the allied armies of Lucerne, Gondor, and High Forest against the Orcish horde that still sieges Tree Hill, and crushes their army finally liberating Tree Hill from its siege.