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The Timeline of Leofrich Nune III. is the timeline of Leofrich Nune III.

Date Event (s)
5084 Birth of Leofrich Nune III. : Leofrich Nune III. would be born the second child and first son of Salwich Nune marking him as the second in the line of succession of House Nune at the time of his birth.
  • Marriage to Norgarda Heimsoth : Leofrich and Norgarda are married following a four year betrothal and a wedding hosted at Nunendorf is attended by even the King of Lucerne due to the strong reputation of Leofrich Nune III.
  • Birth of Ortwin Nune :
5103 First Crisis of Turnendorf : Leofrich would travel to Turnendorf in command of a battalion of troops from House Nune as a part of the attempt to put down the rebellion there and during this conflict he became close with King James Lovie II.
5104 Birth of Leopold Nune :
5106 Birth of Adelinda Nune :
5108 Castellan of Nunendorf : Leofrich despite attempting to join the War in France would remain behind with his uncle while his father and brother traveled with a part of the Nune forces to join the campaign in France, and during this time he was named the Castellan of Nunendorf.
  • Birth of Gorlinda Nune :
  • Time in the Capital : Leofrich travels to the capital following news of James surviving France, and after discovering his family had died he is named by James as the new Landsgrave of Nunendorf and the two attempt to go back to their friendship but James is scarred by his time in France and pushes Leofrich away.
5111 James Lovie's Suicide Attempt : Leofrich would be recalled to the capital by James mother Maegery Lovie of whom feared for her son, and Leofrich would regain the friendship with James they had started back in Turnendorf but was unable to stop James from killing his mother, but did stay in the capital after this happened to try and help James deal with his problems.
5112 Nunendorf Crisis : Following learning of the extent of the rebellion and confused by the menipulation of Vhloraz its James that leads an army to Nunendorf where Vhloraz takes over and kills much of House Nune, but Leofrich escapes with his youngest daughter Adelinda.
  • Leaving Nunendorf : Leofrich would following his escape from Nunendorf live in the forest for some time with his youngest daughter, and nephew but was forced to flee after a near discovery by a House Jestife force that had entered the area.
  • Shelter at Runestone :
5117 Birth of Wendelin Royce :
5119 Reiner Heimsoth Arrives in Runburgh : Reiner Heimsoth arrives in Runburgh following his escaping the prison at Nunendorf and reveals the extent of whats happening in Nunendorf to Leofrich Nune III. leading to Reiner and Leofrich forming the Devils of Nune.
  • Birth of Reinhilda Royce :
  • Sack of Scorpfield Fort : The Devils of Nune ambush and sack Scorpfield Fort executing the leadership of the Guild of Scorpfield Fort including Dorin Scorpian and escape with the wealth held within the walls of the fort, and eventually leading to a dramatic response from the Circle of Magi who send Leopold Garrn after him.