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The Timeline of Leven Martell is the history of the character of Leven Martell.

Year Event
5106 Birth of Leven Martell : Leven Martell was born the second child of Doran Martell of which made Leven the second in the line of succession behind her elder sister, and father as House Martell practiced Absolute Cognatic gender succession laws.
5113 Lady in Waiting : Leven Martell becomes the lady in waiting for Matilda Lovie starting the friendship between William and Leven.
  • Summer at Bell Hold : Leven would travel with much of House Lovie to Bell Hold where they would stay for the summer and during this time it was Leven that begin having her first romantic feelings for William as well as becoming a more influencial member of the Shadow Council.
  • Gulltown Tournament of 5119 : Leven takes part in the tournament at Gulltown taking part as a member of Matilda's Wostellian Family during the wedding as well as taking part in the archery tournament where she finishes third in the archery contest.
  • Return to Sunspear : Following the tournament it was Leven that was forced to go home to Sunspear on the orders of Carlisle Cullen, and while there her isolation from William begin to cause her emotional pain leading to her begin writing letters to William which led to him forcing her to be returned to Lucerne.
  • Meeting Leofrich Nune III. : While travelling to Lucerne its Leven Martell and her party that run into Leofrich Nune III. and its Wuldrik Toyne that lets him go despite knowing what he did due to not wanting to put Leven in harms way.
  • Alice Lovie Betrothal to Paulus Yernese : Alice is betrothed to Paulus Yernese in an attempt to further the work of Lothar Guntbold in gaining control of large swathes of Forks from Charles Swan, and as a part of this she is sent to Pomelia alongside Leven Martell who accompanies her.
5121 The Griffon Roost Plot :
5122 Fall of Alice Lovie : James Lovie creates a spell that removes Alice Lovie from the memory of anyone who knew her, and then ships her away to Forks with no memory of anything she was or people who knew her.
  • Second Battle of Tree Hill : William Lovie III. leads the allied armies of Lucerne, Gondor, and High Forest against the Orcish horde that still sieges Tree Hill, and crushes their army finally liberating Tree Hill from its siege.
  • Crowning of William Lovie III. : William returns to Lucerne where loyalists to him open the gates and he forces James and Tristan Lovie to retreat from the capital. He is crowned by Jacob Vorn of whom is named the Hand of the King.