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The Timeline of Lucas Oakheart is the timeline of the important events in the life of Lucas Oakheart.

Major Events
Date Event (s)
  • Birth of Lucas Oakheart : Lucas Oakheart would be born the first child of Anakin, and Nesme Oakheart thus making him at the time of his birth third in the line of succession behind his father, and uncle for House Oakheart.
5115 Betrothal to Melinda Ladybright : Lucas would be betrothed to Melinda Ladybright of whom was the daughter of a prominent family in Hull and thus was an important match for House Oakheart and the two would remain betrothed for many months while their parents haggled over the dowry, but she did come to stay with his family at Castle Oakheart to have the two become close before their eventual marriage.
  • Lucas and Melinda End the Betrothal : The betrothal was not eventually ended by a decision of the dowry but instead as the two grew closer they engaged in a sexual relationship which led to Melinda becoming pregnant and forcing the two houses to make quick decisions on the dowry lest the child become a bastard born.
  • Wedding to Melinda Ladybright :
  • Birth of Randolph Oakheart :
  • Birth of Malina Oakheart :
5118 Birth of Lucas Oakheart II. :
  • Birth of Ophellia Oakheart :
  • Gulltown Tournament : Lucas Oakheart would travel with Melinda, Randolph and Malina to Gulltown for the tournament of Gulltown to celebrate the wedding of his friend Marius Scott and he stands as a member of Marius's Wostellian Family for the wedding.
  • Burning of Oakheart : Lucas Oakheart would lead a force from Castle Oakheart to the village of Oakheartist where he would be ambushed by the waiting Swabians and forced to retreat back to Castle Oakheart with his diminished force.
  • Siege of Castle Oakheart : The Low Swabian army puts Castle Oakheart under siege but due to the desperate defense of the defenders the castle doesn't fall immediately leaving the Swabians forced to continue the siege.
  • Second Battle of Brakeheart Hold :
  • Battle of Deltevh Hold :
  • Battle of Kaldbakr :