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The Timeline of Lucas Scott is the history of the character of Lucas Scott.

Year Event
5103 Birth of Lucas Scott : Lucas Scott would be born the first child of Dan, and Karen Scott leaving him at the time of his birth the second in the line of succession behind his father who was the first, and thus his birth was a major moment for the Grand State of the Stormlands due to the stability it provided.
5110 Return of Earl Scott : Brooke's Grandfather Earl Scott returns from Lyons where her uncle James Scott had perished leaving Dan Scott as the new heir of House Scott, but also causing great emotional trauma for her father of whom is never the same. For Brooke though this begins the very important relationship with her grandfather of whom takes her on as a daughter of sorts seeing his sons eyes in Brooke.
5118 Betrothal to Peyton Sawyer : Lucas and Peyton are betrothed in a betrothal that is orchestrated by Peter Scott and is seen as an attempt to expand the influence of House Sawyer following the damage they took during the First Lucernian Purge.
5119 Squire in Reiter : Lucas Scott is sent to Castle Reiter to become a squire of Heinrick Reiter in an attempt to make him a knight before his wedding.
  • Fall of Tree Hill : Following a great betrayal by Bill Lovie it is the city of Tree Hill that is overrun by the Orcs of France and Brooke Scott survives but is devastated by the loss of life including her Grandfather of whom she does not know if he lives due to him not being in the city during its fall.
5123 Siege of Tree Hill :
  • Second Battle of Tree Hill : William Lovie III. leads the allied armies of Lucerne, Gondor, and High Forest against the Orcish horde that still sieges Tree Hill, and crushes their army finally liberating Tree Hill from its siege.
5127 White Knife Marriage : House Manderly and the Kingdom of Lucerne arrange a marriage between Miley Black and Winfred Manderly of which sparks an expanded relationship between the White Knife and the Kingdom of Lucerne but also leads to Domeric Bolten eventually invading the White Knife to stop it from going to Lucerne.
5130 Trial of Sunilda Scott : Sunilda Scott is caught attempting to lead a coup against Daniel Scott and put on trial alongside several other conspirators. Despite deals being struck to have Sunilda sent away from Tree Hill in exile as punishment it was Daniel Scott that had her executed leading to the Stormlands Civil War.
5131 Death of Brooke Scott : Brooke Scott after being hunted by the Dark Men for some time is finally convinsed by him that there is no escape leading to Brooke Scott comitting suicide. Her death is short lives as following dying she is turned into a "Daughter of Flemeth" and taken to the Korcani Wilds.