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The Timeline of Orival Crane is the history of the character of Orival Crane.

Year Event
5101 Birth of Orival Crane : Orival Crane was born the first and eventually only child of his father Dustin Crane, and his wife Falena Crane as following this birth it was Dustin Crane that came to hate his wife and begin fathering bastards leaving Orival as the heir and only child in the line of succession for House Crane.
5114 Time at Skorraholt : Orival is sent with his uncle Dorin to squire under Dorin while he is consolidating the swabian colonies in western cranehold and during this time Orival becomes close friends with several Swabians.
  • Finding Waymar : Following a revelation to Orival by Lillian Oldervik about a bastard child of Dustin in the form of Waymar its Orival that travels to Oldervik Hold where they find Waymar and the two siblings bond over several weeks in Oldervik Hold leading to Waymar returning with Orival.
  • Finding Jaelle : Returning to Skorraholt its Orival that presses his uncle for information on more bastards and learns from Dorin that he knows of one other in the form of Jaelle who lives near Credlint Hold where they would travel to and discover Jaelle living in poverty to which Orival quickly removed her from bringing her back with him.
5116 Time in Frosthelm : Following a period of violence in the Swabian colonies it was Dustin that would send Orival to Frosthelm to squire with House Varryn, and leaving the Swabian colonies he took several of his Swabian friends with him.
5117 Marriage to Cedrella Varryn : Orival Crane is married to Cedrella Varryn of whom he has grown close to while he was squiring in Frosthelm and this is a marriage that also pleases his father for her Vandal heritage and being the daughter of his fathers friend Renford Varryn.
  • Birth of Cedrella Crane : Cedrella Crane would be born the first child of Orival Crane and thus at the time of her birth she stood second in the line of succession behind her father for the Grand Lord of Cranehold.
  • Death of Cedrella Varryn : Cedrella Crane would die during the birth of her and Orivals first child in a death that would devastate Orival emotionally leading to him having difficulty bonding with his daughter who he blamed for his wifes death.
  • Betrothal to Estrid Orane : Orival would be betrothed to Estrid Orane the daughter of his fathers best friend Leopold Orane and as Estrid came to stay with Orival at Heldencrane Hold and while they got along well it was disagreements about the Swabians that caused conflict between the two.
  • Gulltown Tournament of 5119 : Orival Crane would travel to the Gulltown Tournament of 5119 on the idea of taking part in the tournament and does this fighting in the Melee where he has a good showing but loses to the crown prince.
  • Marriage to Estrid Orane : Following his return from the tournament of Gulltown its Estrid and Orival that are married in a ceremony at the Grand Temple of Crane.
  • Death of Dorin Crane : Dorin Crane is killed by Swabian settlers in western Craneland and this leads to Dustin Crane sending troops there with Orival leading one of these detachments.
  • Occupation of Skorraholt : The Crane forces arrive at Skorraholt where they put the city under occupation and after commander Leopold Orane II. executes dozens of Swabians its Orival that leaves Skorraholt taking reassignment at the small village of Skorraholtist south of Skorraholt.
  • Ambush of Estrid Orane : A pregnant Estrid Orane is killed on the road from Castle Orane to her husband Orival Crane's fort.
5121 Time with the Cranes : Following a series of deals between Lord Kendrick and Lord Crane it would be Anna Kendrick that would be sent to Castle Crane to become a ward of House Crane and eventually marry into the family if things worked out for her while she was there.
5122 Crane Assault on Tree Hill : Orival Crane leads a force to Tree Hill in an attempt to find out if there are survivors there and the success of this mission leads to the understanding that the city survived leading to Orival leading
  • Return of Anna Kendrick : Following the discovery of the relationship between Orival and Anna its Anna that is brought back to Brill where she would eventually return to after hiding herself away in an attempt to marry Orival but was found by Orival who returned her to her mother who then brought her back to Brill.
  • Florius Affair : During an attempt to assassinate Orival Crane it is Anna Kendrick that is tricked by her father into believing that Taylor was intimate with Orival Crane and this would lead to her embarrassing House Swift and destroying her relationship with Taylor Swift.