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The Timeline of Robin Highport is the history of the character of Robin Highport.

Year Event
5105 Births
  • Robin Highport
5106 Births
  • Lara Highport
5108 Births
  • Tilda Highport
5109 Births
  • Emalia Highport
5110 Death of Tilda Highport : Tilda dies of sickness leaving an increasingly depressed Arwyn to deal with this almost alone as Robett has become almost completely distant to her.
5112 Death of Emalia Highport : Following the visit of Arwyn's father and her witnessing him sexually assault Emalia its Arwyn that in a state of emotional stress smothers Emalia with a pillow.
5114 Abuse by Arwyn : After years of suffering crippling depression it is Arwyn Highport that begins to vent her anger over her depression by sexually abusing Robin Highport and this abuse is kept a secret through threats.
  • Abuse of Lara : After years of being sexually abused by his mother it is Robin Highport that is forced by his increasingly deranged mother to begin sexually abusing his sister Lara and in this the two attempt to find solace with each other.
  • Arrival of Curtia Scaevola : Curtia arrives in Fogtown where she becomes the Lady in Waiting to Lara but is secretly spending time at the Black Spire of Fogtown, someting that she confides in to Robin as they become close friends.
5118 Pregnancy of Lara : After nearly a year of the sexual abuse caused by Arwyn it is Lara that becomes pregnant with the child of Robin and Arwyn uses her influence and the lack of interest by her husband their father to have the people of Fogtown believe that the child was the product of an affair that Lara had with a prominent noble who was the enemy of House Highport.
  • Birth of Natalie : Lara gives birth to a girl the first child of Robin and her and this child is named Natalie Highport after their sister and this naming is meant by Lara to incite interest by Natalie of whom has been too busy with running the family to notice what has been going on.
  • Disapearance of Arwyn : After years of being sexually abused by their mother it is Natalie Highport their older sister that discovers the abuse after the birth of the daughter of Lara and Robin causes an emotionally distraught to confide in Natalie and hearing this she takes matters into her own hands when she kills Arwyn and then buries her outside of town.
  • Births :
    • Natalie Highport II.
  • Deaths :
    • Arwyn Highport
5120 The Docilinus Coup : House Docilinus would become the sight of a large coup as a group of devoutly Christian nobles put their support behind Numerius Docilinus who then captured Castle Docilinus and had his brother Spurius and his wife Nepia executed in a banana court.
  • A Scott in Fogtown : Nathan Scott is sent to Fogtown where Daniel Scott is attempting to keep him from the coming Tree Hill event but also to continue his attempt to get Nathan to fall for Margaery Tyrell and while things blossom between Nathan and Margaery he eventually is tricked into fighting with Robin leading to him eventually returning to Tree Hill.
  • Fall of Tree Hill : The city of Tree Hill is attacked by the forces of Loudlon and is nearly wiped out, with Orival Crane forced to remain behind while his sister travels to the city in an attempt to offer support.
  • Lord of House Highport : Following the destructure of Tree and decrees from James Lovie that the city and its inhabitents were to be assumed dead, Robin would be made the Lord of House Highport.
  • Darkmore Succession Vote : Robin Highport votes in favor of changing the succession laws but despite his vote and all of his vassals voting with him in favor the vote goes against House Darkmore after Ephraim Black intervenes to change the votes.
  • Marriage of Milonius and Curtia : Robin's best friends Milonius and Curtia get married in a small Dragonoph ceremony marking the true break of the group from Christianity to Dragonoph
  • The Journey : Joined by his sister Natalie Robin is a heavy supporter of the Journey started by William Lovie III. and longs to find out what happened to his father.
  • Third Battle of Minus Ithil : The Lucernian-High Forest-Gondor alliance smashes the Orcish siege of Minus Ithil completely destroying the Mordor army and clearing eastern Gondor for the moment allowing Minus Ithil to be heavily fortified and the Gondor-High Forest-Lucernian army moves west to Tree Hill.
  • Second Battle of Tree Hill : William Lovie III. leads the allied armies of Lucerne, Gondor, and High Forest against the Orcish horde that still sieges Tree Hill, and crushes their army finally liberating Tree Hill from its siege.
  • Founding of Anthor : The State of Anthor is founded by the Kingdom of Lucerne insitgating a massive build up in the Anthor region, but also during this the Freys arrive and misunderstandings lead to arguments and the start of the problems between the Frey and the Lucernians.
  • House Grestife Affair : House Grestife the loyal bannerman of House Jestife send forces to capture Candice Anthor and stop her marriage to Morgon Ongrill and while suceding at this they underestimate Robin Highport of whom sacks Castle Grestife and frees her sparking the Jestife Assault on Lucerne as they know they are about to be discovered.
  • Destruction of House Jestife : House Jestife infiltrates Lucerne and attacks the Cloud Tower, and Kings Keep where they are defeated quite badly losing many family members. In Brill House Swift raised to Arch Lord rounds up as many Jestife members, or loyalists as it can and executes them.
  • Confrontation at Goldshire : Shortly following the birth of Robin Highport II. its Robin that arrives in Goldshire and fresh from secretly asking for her hand in marriage from her father he expects to ask for her hand, but instead a bitter Vanessa is cruel to him and sends him away without revealing his son.
  • Marriage to Abigail Darkmore : Robin Highport would take part in a political marriage following the breakdown of his relationship with Vanessa Cleef when he married Abigail Darkmore who traveled to Fogtown for the marriage and she helped Robin move on from what happened with Vanessa.
5130 Battle of Castle Stragnarax : A massive force of Orcs travels through the Gap of Lucerne and attacks Castle Stragnarax but is defeated by the defenders and a relief force from throughout the region.
5131 Crisis of Darkhaven :