The Timeline of Sansa Starke is the history of the character of Sansa Starke.

Year Event
5108 Birth of Sansa Starke : Sansa Starke is born the second child of Eddard Starke, and Catelyn Tully making her just behind Robb Starke in terms of the line of Eddard Starke Arch Lord of Winterfell.
5123 Fostering - House Mormont : Sansa joins her brother Robb, and Cousin Brandon Starke II. in fostering at Bear Island for nearly six months and during this time she grows close to Alysanne Mormont.
  • Fostering - House Beyne : Following her fostering with House Beyne Sansa would join her brother and foster with House Beyne for several months.
  • The Journey : Sansa Starke would become a major fixture of the Stormwind element of the Journey as she assisted her mother Catelyn in leading the organization of House Starke while the men were away fighting in the Journey.
5125 Betrothal : Sansa Starke would be betrothed to Joffrey Lannister of whom she came to meet several times with each time making her feel more negative about who Joffrey truly was.
5126 Tournament of Nortburg : Following the victory of William Lovie III. at the events of Bill Lovie's removal Sansa Starke joins the majority of her family in travelling to the Tournament of Nortburg. During the tournament she begins to see a darker side to Joffrey Lannister of which changes her views on the marriage.
5127 Marriage : Following the breakdown of the betrothal with Joffrey Lannister it would be Eddard Starke her father that arranged for Sansa to marry Harrold Hardyng a noble son of the House Arryn branch of Lucerne. The marriage happens following the Battle of Berne.
5128 Birth of Robin Hardyng : In late 5128 Sansa Starke gives birth to Robin Hardyng the first child of herself and Harrold Hardyng.
5130 Birth of Eddard Hardyng : In late 5130 Sansa Starke gives birth to Eddard Hardyng the second child of herself and Harrold Hardyng.
5135 Hanna Arryn Marriage : Sansa takes part in the wedding of Hanna Arryn and following this she travels to Lucerne with William and then goes throughout Central Lucerne gathering forces for the Conquest of Tristfall.
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