The Timeline of Taylor Swift is the history of the character of Taylor Swift.

Year Event
5107 Birth of Taylor Swift : Taylor is born the third child of her father with her having two older brothers of whom her brother William was significantly older then she was.

Departure of Anna Kendrick : Following a series of deals between Lord Kendrick and Lord Crane it would be Anna Kendrick that would be sent to Castle Crane to become a ward of House Crane and eventually marry into the family if things worked out for her while she was there.

  • Ritual of Vlarenix : Taylor Swift is taken to High Hrothgar for what she believes is a test to join the Greybeards but is instead a part of a ritual created by Vlarenix to determine those who are Dragonborn. Taking the test she believes that she fails but actually passed and thus came under the eye of Vlarenix.
  • Florius Novellius : Returning to Brill after believing she failed to enter the Greybeards she is introduced to Florius Novellius and with Taylor overcome with depression over what she believed she had failed at, and Florius attempting to gain influence with his father the two begin a romantic relationship.
  • The Dream Affair : Following the Ritual of Vlarenix its Taylor Swift who comes under the eye of Vlarenix who awakens her true Dragonborn powers leading to Taylor entering the Fade during dreaming and coexed by Vlarenix she is brought to Lucerne during these dreams and begins engaging in an affair with William Lovie III. who is does not remember these dreams clearly when he awakens.
  • Fall of Alice Lovie : Bill Lovie creates a spell that removes Alice Lovie from the memory of anyone who knew her, and then ships her away to Forks with no memory of anything she was or people who knew her.
  • Betrothal to Florius : Taylor Swift is betrothed to Florius but her increasing dreams of William Lovie III. have led to her losing affection for him and this begins to cause Florius to turn down a darker path.
  • Return of Anna Kendrick : Following the discovery of the relationship between Orival and Anna its Anna that is brought back to Brill where she would eventually return to after hiding herself away in an attempt to marry Orival but was found by Orival who returned her to her mother who then brought her back to Brill.
  • Florius Affair : During an attempt to assassinate Orival Crane it is Anna Kendrick that is tricked by her father into believing that Taylor was intimate with Orival Crane and this would lead to her embaressing House Swift and destroying her relationship with Taylor Swift.
  • End of Betrothal : Anna Kendrick is menipulated by her father into turning on Taylor and this leads to her learning the true identity of Florius Novellius which leads to the end of Taylor and Florius as well as the embaressment of House Swift.
  • Rosten Crisis : Taylor Swift accompanies her father and brothers when Timone leads a force of House Swift to support the Journey being launched by William Lovie III. and fights in the conflict that followed.
  • Third Battle of Minus Ithil : The Lucernian-High Forest-Gondor alliance smashes the Orcish siege of Minus Ithil completely destroying the Mordor army and clearing eastern Gondor for the moment allowing Minus Ithil to be heavily fortified and the Gondor-High Forest-Lucernian army moves west to Tree Hill.
  • Second Battle of Tree Hill : William Lovie III. leads the allied armies of Lucerne, Gondor, and High Forest against the Orcish horde that still sieges Tree Hill, and crushes their army finally liberating Tree Hill from its siege.
5125 Marriage to Robin Hoedigburg :

Siege of Brill : House Jestife takes control of Brill swearing loyalty to the True Sons of Lucerne. A siege commences and the Jestife's are defeated. During the siege Anna Kendrick assists Stephan D'Marco a secret Bolten agent in his attempt to murder Taylor Swift and while noone finds out about her involvment Anna is horrified by what happens.

  • Pilgramage to High Hrothgar : Following the Siege of Brill and his assassination attempt she is invited by the Greybeards of High Hrothgar to spend several months at High Hrothgar something which she does with great happiness gaining further enlightenment to the Dragonoph religion.
  • Death of Robin : Robin Hoedigburg is killed during the Battle of Berne.
  • Marriage to Joshua Hirshe : Following the end of the Lucernian Civil War she is married to Joshua Hirshe and becomes pregnant with their child on their wedding night.
  • The Meeting of the Dragon and the Griphon : The meeting was a diplomatic meeting between William Lovie III. and Karl Franz which started well but collapsed as it became clear that Karl Franz planned on dealing with Arnor violently which led to the breakdown of their relationship and the plotting of William to expand dramatically.
  • Birth of Joshua Hirsh II.  : Following her pregnancy by Joshua on their wedding night she gives birth to their first and eventually only child as following the birth of their son he slaps her leading to her coming to leave Brill and live permently in Hihg Hrothgar.
  • Visit by Emile : Emile visits her and her young child at High Hrothgar where the two become intimate and after he is gone she realizes she is pregnant by him and despite urging by several other priests she rejects abortion.
  • Births :
    • Joshua Hirsh II.
  • Motherhood : Taylor gives birth to her child by Emile Hirsh and the birth is assisted by the arrival of Emile of whom disregards the commands of his father to stay away and Emile stays for several days before he is sent away by the Priests at the urging of Thalmes Hirsh.
  • Births :
    • Tolhmen Snow
5132 Going to Lorderon : Taylor Swift accompanies a mission by Edward Cullen where she is used as a shield in order to have a large Lucernian force of nobles sent into the city through her being a Priest of the Dragonoph.
  • Lorderon Civil War : Taylor Swift remains in Lorderon, and is present there when the forces of Arthas and the Lucernian loyalists battle inside the city, and she is able to escape into the keep where she survives to see the Lucernian victory against the cultists.
  • Following Anna : Discovering that Anna has disaspeared following the Battle of Lorderon she follows down leads eventually discovering she fled Lorderon by boat and attempted to travel north before being captured by a boat from the Yairns, and at this news Taylor gathers a small force and travels by boat south to the Yairns.
5135 Learning of Anna : Following the failed attempt by Anna to escape the farmer who she told of her identity goes to House Beyne who contacts Taylor who is in Eastfall but races to the sight of Anna's capture.
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