The Timeline of the Byzantine Empire is the most important events within the timeline of the Byzantine Empire.

Timeline of Byzantine

Date Event (s)
  • Rebellion of Byzantine : After Emperor Gaius Decius launches a series of reforms which dramatically expand the taxation of the provinces, and colonies of the Roman Empire the prosperous Byzantine region declares its indepance and forms the Byzantine Empire. This event is seen as the start of the Great Roman Civil War.
  • Battle of Constantinople : Fresh from his victory over Nerva Gordian Romulas Trajan launches an invasion of the Byzantine Empire attempting to bring them back into the fold but finds Constantinople far too fortified and his forces are beaten back without any gains.
  • Second Battle of Constantinople : Aurelius Domitius launches another invasion of the Byzantine Empire but weakened by nearly a decade of infighting and rebellion his forces are defeated leading to a white peace which all but ends the Roman Civil War, with the Byzantines, Tileans, and Estalians having gained their independance alongside nearly the entire eastern side of the Mediteraniean.
  • Thraceian Civil War : Led by the upstart Ostrogothic Count Alberich Markussen the Ostrogoths of Thraceian declare war over claims of two of the six counties in the Theme, and intense fighting devastates much of the theme but eventually the Ostrogoths gain victory and control of the two counties after intervention from the Theme of Rhodes, and Aegean Islands.
  • Turkish Night of Tears : The Sons of Constantine instigate a murderous campaign against the Turks of Constantinople killing thousands in the city, and leading to the Byzantine Revolt of 5125 when the sickly emperor Justinian Constantine III. is unable to bring his son to justice.
  • Byzantine Revolt of 5125 : The Turkish element within the Empire of Byzantine revolt following the Turkish Night of Tears. The Byzantine army reacts with extreme predjustice led by Antonio Constantine IV. of whom crushes the rebellion, forcing thousands of Turks to flee Byzantine.
  • Byzantine-Nehekhara War : Following his capture of nearly all of Greece, and the entire Mediterranean it would be the Byzantine Empire that would attack the overstretched Nehekhara Empire at its western border using a fake series of Armenian attacks against Georgia as an instigation. Unable to fight on two fronts the Byzantine Empire sues for a white peace giving up a large stretch of land in central Turkey in exchange for fifteen years of a truce.
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