Previous Conflict Eternity War
Titan Civil War
Titan Civil War.jpg
Location The Fade
Start of Conflict -4780
End of Conflict -4750
Result Stalemate
  • Noble Titans control Olympus
  • First War with Chaos
  • High Heavens Damaged
  • Creation of Low Heaven
Chaos Titans Noble Titans
Chaos Titans Noble Titans
Millions Millions
Heavy Heavy

The Titan Civil War was a massive conflict fought between the forces of the Noble Titans led by Zeus against the rebelling forces of the Chaos Gods led by Tzeneech. The conflict would tip the balance against the Titans and lead to the forces of Chaos having a massive advantage over their Noble Titans counterparts. Throughout the conflict losses would be extreme and because of these losses other Titans were forced to take over sections of the dead Titans roles so that it wouldn't go unattended.

The two sides fought an exhaustive war over the direction that the Titans were going to take the World. On one side were the Noble Titans who wanted to uplift the societies of Earth and follow the direction laid out by the Old Ones. The other side was the members of the Titans that had been corupted by the God Tzeneech. At first the Noble Titans attempted to nogotiate with the fallen, but quickly realized that they were nearly mindless drones with no nobility left in them. With diplomacy gone the two sides engaged in a massive conflict which left many on both sides destroyed, but the majority of the casualties came on the Noble side as they attempted to both defeat the Fallen, and to protect the planet. The forces of Chaos besieged the capital of the Titans in the mighty fortress Olympas and when this failed they split their forces and attacked Tarterus but this too failed and led to the destruction of the majority of the army of Tzeneech. Hope ended for the Titans when the Chaos forces simply continued the siege and with the Titans unable to move they begin the invasion of the planet Earth. Splitting their forces between these two plans meant they were defeated, and the Fallen who came to be called Chaos begin their invasion of Earth by destroying the protective energies keeping the flow of Magi in check, and they unleashed massive amounts of energies and demons onto Earth.



Noble Titans

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Madness of Gwynn

"He forced me to clean up the skeletons of the souls that didn't want physical form anymore, and it was in this task that I found my true calling. I truly understood what Slanaash had been telling me for the first time, and in that truth I saw the world."

As time went on Hade's control over the underworld was tested when before the Titan Civil War Gwynn would begin summoning massive numbers of the dead to his side, and attempted to overthrow his master in Hades. Gwynn has completely lost faith in Hades after he had begun making Gwynn clean up the skeletons of the souls that had departed their physical form, and in this embaresment had been easy pickings for Slanaash who fed his growing hatred for Hades, and pushed him towards darkness. Gwynn would fashion himself an entirely different physical form in the shape of every skeleton of every racae, and he begin to siphon the souls in the underworld into himself in order to gain more power. Hades felt the loss of so many souls and acted quickly by marshalling his forces against Gwynn who despite his massive power had a very weak force in the form of his skeleton army. The situation spun out of control until finally Hades and Gwynn came face to face, and Gwynn was defeated by Hades and thus banished from the underworld.

Coruption of the Trolloc

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Trolloc Coruption.jpg

"The Great Bloody One told them that they had once controlled the world until the other's took it from them. He created in them an anger, and a violence that the Trolloc would unfurl to the point that there was no going back to what they once were."

The Trolloc changed from their industrious, and noble ways when they interacted with the Chaos God Khorne. At this time in history the Noble Titans were being torn in half but they didn't yet know that this was happening so they watched unknown as the Trolloc were corupted by the Chaos God Khorne . Khorne offered their leaders great power in return for their loyalty to his beliefs. The Trolloc leaders knew nothing of this kind of evil, so they accepted his offer as genuine, and this would lead to their downfall and the downfall of the peace in Europe. With Khorne now in their midst he changed their peaceful culture into one of utter decadence and violence. The strongest rose to the top, and of all of these the strongest was the legendary Trolloc Mazrak of whom fell from being a priest of Elune before the coruption to becoming a mindless creature of violence. Mazrak would embroil the Trolloc into a massive civil war which would eventually lead to the complete control of the Trolloc Empire into the hands of Mazrak and by extension Chaos.

The Eternity War

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Eternity War2.jpg
"The Eternity War was the first cast of the die. Before the Eternity War the world was at peace. The Trollocs, Murloc, and Woses had devided much of the world between themselves, and they continued to live in peace. This was ended with a single thought as Khorne corupted the Trolloc."

The Eternity war was the first true conflict of Chaos, and it single handedly destoyed the three largest empires in Europe, and left the land ripe for the colonization of the Dwarves and later the humans. As the Trolloc had become corupted by the Chaos God Khorne the other Empire's of the world along with the Titans became aware of this change but thought it a different matter then the betrayal of Khorne. The Murlocs, and the Woses continued on their peaceful path but unknown to them the Trollocs had been corupted by the God that created them in Khorne. Khorne had turned them to his service and instead of trade the Trollocs begin fashioning massive cities for the construction of huge armies with which to conquer Europe. From these cities they silently built these armies and then prepared to launch a massive suprise invasion of the Woses, and the Murlocs. As the cities of the Trollocs grew to incredible size the Noble Titans became fully aware that something had changed but were duty bound to not interfere, and instead believed that they could assist the nobler races by creating more races into the world. During this time the last of the creations of the Titans would enter the world of which some were the Trolls, and the Draenie. All the Titans did not sit idle during this time as many felt they needed to intervene and several Titans including Aphrodite, and Motrin engaged in an arming of the Woses so that they would survive the Eternity War. Also Neperune of whom created the Murloc was unstobabble as he openly engaged in assistence for his creation.

Mazrak would fall during the final days of the Eternity War.

"Malekor didn't care a thing about the Woses, or the Murloc. He didn't want to see the world survive indefinetly, but luckily for the world he wanted to destroy the world himself, and was inclined to help us."

The initial invasion was devestating to the Woses, and the Murlocs but the Murlocs were especially damaged by the conflict as they were less prepared then the Woses due to their being the weakest of the three races individually. City by city the Chaos honored forces of the Trolloc overran the world and left the Murloc and Woses devestated in their wake. Eventually after centuries of fighting the Woses began to lose the war, and defeat was only a matter of time. Following this it is said that the Woses made a deal with a Tree Spirit, and with the spirits help the Woses began to turn the tide back in their favor. With the spirits help they finnally managed to take the fight to the Trolloc's part of the forest, and in a titanic battle the Woses destroyed the remaining Trolloc. This interference was actually the work of Malekor of whom wanted to undermine the efforts of Tzeneech and Khorne and assisted the Woses in defeating the Trolloc. Malekor's forces were unstoppable as he alongside the Woses and remaining Murloc pushed the Trolloc all the way back to their massive cities. It was in the cities that Malekor would create massive spells that litteraly destroyed the area of the cities and left the Trolloc in a state of destruction. The surviving Trolloc would flee to the forests, where they became nomadic, and their inner soul filled with fear of creating cities by the design of Malekor.


Khorne the Lord of Violence.

Siege of Olympas

Following the Eternity War the times of hiding the excistence of evil within the Titan's ranks was over, and in such a brief time the two sides met in the Fade and the Titans attempted to understand the purpose of this group. As they attempted to discuss the matters they came to quickly understand that Khorne, Nurgle and many others were now barely capable of containing their personal rage and because of this the two sides pulled apart and both sides prepared for the first blow. The first blow came when the violent Trolloc of Khorne attacked the Titan homeland of Olympas in a massive battle that caused the deaths of many Titans and several of the more bloodthirsty of the Chaos Gods. As the siege of Olympas went on the forces of the other main Chaos Gods found themselves free to do what they wanted as Khorne was basically on his own holding the Titans in place. Nurlge joined the siege and brought his large forces to bear against the fortress of Tarterus where he besieged the massive fortress and put a large amount of fear in the Titans that their rear would be vulerable due to the fall of Tarterus.

First Siege of Tarterus

Neperune Shortly before his death

Neperune was a great soul. He was too great to have been killed by the likes of those monsters. One day I will avenge my brother, but for now we must be happy with just knowing he died surrounded by the Murloc he loved so deeply.

For Malekor the time to do some real damage to the Titans was now and he found the perfect oppurtunity when the Titan Neperune snuck out of Olympas on a mission to stop Nurgle from destroying the powerful fortress Tarterus which held in place the weaker section of Olympas from being able to be attacked. Malekor watched and hunted the young Titan as he led his powerful Murloc forces towards the Army of Nurgle. Neperune caught Nurgle unaware and was nearing the Chaos God himself when his army was blindsided by Melekor's massive Draenei forces. There was no escape for Neperune and he and his entire army were destroyed on the field which left one of the most important commanders in the Titan army dead and a sizeable portion of the army in tatters. The Twin Titans Morkha, and Ghorka had rallied there forces when Neperune had left Tarterus and by this point they were outside the walls of Tarterus and witnessing the defeat of Neperune they would move their forces within augmenting the defences.

Do you know King William that the Orcs were created by two of the most honorable and just Titans I ever met. There names are now legend among my people, which makes seeing what their creation has become all the more tragic.

Ghorka, and Morkha would fight during the Battle of Olympus where they defended the walls alongside their personal Greenskin forces and their children and it was during this fighting that Ghorka would be killed by their fellow First Generation Titan brothers in the form of the fallen Hyperion, and Hynos of whom infiltrated the fortress of the Crystal Spire and killed Ghorka, and Morka alongside several of their children.

Neperune was dead. The Twins were dead. The army in tatters. I couldn`t let that all be for nothing.

With Neperune, and the twin Titans in Ghorka and Morkha dead the defenders of Tarterus lost their most important defenders and a sizeable force so the thought by them was very much that they were in serious trouble. With a weak spot appearing Slanaash brought his mighty Elven forces to bear against the fortress alongside Nurgle, and Malekor's forces and as the walls of the fortress appeared ready to collapse the defenders were saved by the arrival of Imperius who brought his gleaming knights and was able to defeat Nurgle in combat causing the retreat of his forces and the momentary ending of the seige. By the time the Chaos forces had regrouped the defenses had been trippled and the fortress of Tarterus appeared unshakable.


Invasion of the Underworld

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During the Titan Civil War Hades led the defences of the Underworld which was attacked heavily by his brother Harkkon. The attack by his brother cut off the love between the two, and led to an emotional argument as Harkkon attempted to enter the Underworld. Harkkon believed that so profound was their relationship that Hades would allow Harkkon to simply enter the Underworld unaposed, and thus enter Olympas from beneath the fortress itself. When he did come to the gates though he saw the massive army of Hades was arrayed against him, and Harkkon became emotionally unhinged that he believed Hades had betrayed him. Instead of waiting for the rest of his forces he simply attempted to charge through Hades forces but he and his elite gaurd became lost behind the lines, and by the time they were able to join together again they were trapped by the massive army of Hades against a large cave entrance with no escape.

Defeat of Harkkon


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With the forces of Harkkon badly damaged in the continues fighting Hades realized that his brother was trapped and thus he had been defeated. Hades defeated his brother on the field of battle but he paused unsure of whether he could kill him, and by the time he had decided his brother had fled the field. With his brother gone Hades could have marshalled his now free forces and attempted to assist the main battle in Olympas but instead he sat unmoving in the Underworld for the remainder of the conflict and allowed his forces to sit idle.

The Coruption of the Fubolg

"An army of Bears flew through the fade filled with the hatred of their corupter. For a long time they burned the palaces, and ripped down the statues of their father in Ursonoc. It was a depressing sight to watch them so filled with the wrong emotions."

As the forces of Chaos had expanded, and their control of the area around Olympus grew they had attempted to corrupt Ursonoc one of the more powerful of the Noble Titans, and one of the more noteable Noble Titans not within Olympus. Tzeneech went to Timbermaw Hold alongside Slanaash and the two attempted to convinse him to remove his shield through the use of every manner of Magi, persuasion that they could possibly think of, but found that Ursonoc was discusted by the betrayal that Tzeneech spoke of. Tzeneech realizing that he couldn't convinse Ursonoc attempted to destroy him, and thus would battle him within the palace of Timbermaw. The three would fight for hours, and as it went on Tzeneech summoned to him Triton who also attempted to defeat Ursonoc, but Ursonoc was soon joined by his children including his most celebrated child in Vogun. Vogun would manage to turn the tide against Tzeneech who was forced to flee the fortress of Timbermaw. As Tzeneech fled the city alongside Triton and Slanaash he would poison the mind of Vogun.

"Look at everything I did with nothing more then a little bit of Magi, and a dash of vengeance."

With his poison running in Vogun, the son of Ursonoc found himself filled with jelously over the fact that he felt his father didn't respect his power. As this built up in the days of the actual Titan Civil War the father and son of Ursonoc, and Vogun fought side by side but as they returned to Kalimdor to rearm their forces Vogun's madness would finally bring everything crashing down. Vogun would ambush Ursonoc while he was supposed to be gaurding him in his meditation and would destroy the powerful Titan. Vogun would blame the death on Zeus, and through this took control of a large part of the Fubolg army and brought it through into the Fade. Once into the Fade they would destroy a large section of the western palace region of Olympas where they believed Ursonoc was in complete control of. This attack would only be stopped when Poseiden himself entered the fray and battled Vogun nearly killing him. Defeated Vogun would not retreat and instead sent the remainder of his forces towards the main Chaos force so they would survive and then charged the walls of Olympas where it is said he died pierced by thousands of arrows as he screamed out for Zeus to face him.


Battle of Elis

As the siege of Tarterus and Olympas wore on the first Chaos God in Tzeneech wandered the battlefield attempting to find an outlet for his aggression, and as he wiped town after town off the map of the Fade he was finally confronted by Ares the God of War for the Titans. Ares was beyond skilled, and he led his army of mysterious creatures against the forces of Tzeneech. The two fought battle after battle but each time Ares came out victorious despite the massive numbers advantage that Tzeneech had. This begin to irritate Tzeneech to no end, and thus he brought all of his forces to bear against Ares forces in what would be a massive battle over the town of Elis. As the two sides met the forces of Tzeneech outnumbered the strange army of Ares by nearly 15-1 but when the dust settled after the initial assault the forces of Tzeneech had been badly damaged, and the defenders were barely injured. As his forces begin to waver the Chaos God Tzeneech himself entered the battle and taunted the mighty Ares to fight him on the field. The two gods battled their way through the opposing armies until they were face to face, and when they met they immediatly begin fighting. The two were equally matched but as Tzeneech watched his army desinigrated around him as the forces of Ares massacred his army. After days of fighting Ares stepped back and laughed at Tzeneech, and when Tzeneech looked around he realized that his army was destroyed and he was now completely surrounded. Ares prepared to deliver the death blow but the massively powerful Tzeneech teleported himself to his personal lair leaving Ares without his complete victory but he had destroyed one of the largest forces that the forces of Chaos had.


Fall of Vendriel

As the forces of Chaos had begun to plan for the Titan Civil War they had made the efforts of attempting to corupt the two sons of Zeus as they both had portals within their cities which allowed for the movement into Olympas from the undefended center of the city. In Odin they saw little hope of coruption so they moved onto Vendriel who was jelous of his brother, and hateful towards his father giving Slanaash ample room to work his way into the soul of Vendriel. Vendriel would fall to Slanaash and give himself over to the service of Slanaash, and in this way he begin changing Olympus changed from the old version to a Chaos version where demons walked freely amongst the city. On Earth the two sons of Zeus would learn of this event and Odin would travel to Olympus with many Valkyrie and his wife Freyja in order to talk to his brother in the belief that they would go to the Fade and help their father in the war. When he arrived he was shocked to see the changed in Olympus. It had been some time since he'd been there and the once gleaming white city was now stained purple and the old gaurds, and people had been replaced by demons and creatures of nightmares. Odin would enter the throne room of Vendriel and demand to know what had happened and his brother told him that he had heard the call of Slanaash and it told him of the true meaning of life, and that the goals of the Titans were no longer his goals. Vendriel begged his brother to assist him as he was going to assail the Fade from within the mighty city of Olympas. Odin refused and a battle broke out between the two which only ended when Odin and his Valkyrie, along with Freyja escaped the city and made their way back to Valhalla.


The Battle for Olympus

Odin would engage in a massive Battle on Earth against his brother during the Titan Civil War after his brother was turned to the service of Chaos and attempted to invaded the World Edge Mountains using his armies in Olympus. Vendriel would be forced due to his poor military skills to fight a two front war with his main army fighting the forces of the Dwarves and their Pantheon in the north, while his other forces were slowly pushed back inch by inch by the forces of Valhalla. Finally the forces attacking the Dwarves were defeated and as they retreated back to Olympus they were caught between the avenging Dwarves and the forces of Valhalla and the were massacred in their thousands. Following this disaster Slanaash sent one of his brightest luitenents to the battle in the form of Helester who took control of the forces of Vendriel and begin to lead a skilled defence of the mountains of Olympus. As the Titan Civil War ended in victory for Chaos the leadership caste that had been built by Helester returned to the Fade so that they could recieve reinforcements to reengage their attack on the Dwarves and Valhalla. While they left Vendriel made a play to recontrol Olympus through the creation of a group of Olympians called the Vanir. The Vanir would be utterly loyal to him, and when Helester returned with a massive army he once again moved north and put Vedriel in command of the defence of his rear which should have been easy with the huge forces he had at his disposal. Instead of doing this Vendriel silently engaged Valhalla in battle, and would be destroyed on the steps of Valhalla by Odin and his commanders. With Vendriel defeated the forces of Valhalla pushed south and sacked Olympus putting it under their control, and it was in this moment that Helester realized he had failed to destroy the Dwarves and turned his forces around and split the army into two with his side attacking Valhalla, and a smaller force attacking Olympus. Helester was much reduced and was defeated and killed by the forces of Valhalla while his army attacking Olympus was also destroyed meaning the end of the attackers.

Attack on Diamond Gate

Diamond Gate.png

Neru brought his forces to fortress capital of Olympas where all the Titans had been born, and by this point the fortress of Tarterus had fallen and all that was left was Olympas and a few other fortresses, and Khorne had been fighting over and over in attempts to break the siege but each time the defenders were saved by the intervention of Poseidan, Ares, and Zeus of whom stood resolute on the walls of Olympas, and its magical Diamond Gate. At this point with stalemate setting in Slanaash went to Neru one more time and decided to have Neru move against the Diamond Gate with his massive forces, and use the Magi of his people to break the Diamond Gates. It's unknown if Slanaash believed this was possible but Kargoth now believes that he did this as a means of killing another of the Chaos Gods for his enjoyment, and hates him because of it. Neru would listen and alongside several other Demi-Titans would move against the Diamond Gate. Kargoth, Neru, and the Djinn would wipe out the defenders outside the gate and begin summoning spells to destroy the Gate all the while taking huge losses from the defenders all across the Gate, and the wall. As the spell though reached its zenith the Titan Ares and the Angiris Council summoned out front of the Diamond Gate and battled the Djinn. Seeing his force dying around him Neru would challenge Ares to battle, but in an act of great insult Ares would reject the offer and continue massacring the Djinn summoning the spell.

Imperius at the Diamond Gate

The End

"I believed him to be invisible for my entire excistence so seeing him fall was a moment of incredible horror. He turned around as the blade sliced through his chest, and his eyes looked full of regret, and horror, and I made a full bee line towards in the hopes I could save him. As I moved forward as if it was happening in slow motion his body begin to move away like sand blowing in the wind. By the time I reached him grabbed for him but nothing remained of him except the dust from him."


As neru chased him around the battlefield the Archangel Imperius would step forward and duel him. Neru must have believed him a joke, but after only a few minutes of fighting Imperius layed him low, and destroyed Neru forever. With the death of Neru the force of Djinn became overcome with fear, and Ares, and the Angiris Council made their retreat throough the Diamond Gate leaving the rest of the force to be slowly destroyed by the defenders on the walls. In a moment of leadership Kargoth would gather the leadership across the battlefield of the Djinn and lead them off the field of battle towards their old home in the Fade. As they fled the battlefield they were harassed by the forces of Chaos of whom did not want them to retreat as they were close to breaking the Diamond Gate and basically wanted them to die for a little more damage on the gate. Either way Kargoth managed to get the rest of the Djinn out, and they would make their way to their home in the Fade. When they reached it Kargoth knew they couldn't remain so they made their way to the Earth where he planned to hide his people in the same way his father had hid inside the Fade. Kargoth and the Djinn would decide quickly that they would take no part in the First War on Earth because they were rebuilding their strength in the lands now known as the Kizlev.

Victory and Defeat

With the siege dragging on but not fully capable of being won due to the overwhelming defences the other Chaos Gods attempted to make the Titans leave the safety of their fortress by overwhelming entire corners of the Fade and in this way taunting the Titans to stop them from unleashing hell on the planet. With the threat completely real the Titans mobilized all their strength and attempted to break the seige, but discovered that the Chaos Gods completely outnumbered them and they were swiftly beaten back into Olympas with heavy losses.

With the Titans beaten thourghally but still holding the inpenatrable Olympas the Chaos Gods moved their plans to unleashing their massive armies on the planet Earth.


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Following the Titan Civil War and the First War with Chaos it was the remaining Noble Titans who begin to exert their control over the High Heavens and through this they begin the most important change with the retaking of the Fade. While more then half of the High Heavens had fallen to Chaos during the events of the civil war it was the most important areas in the form of Olypmus and Tarterus meaning that Tzeeneech the master of the Fade had lost control of the Olympus controlled technology known as the Harp of Dissonance. The Harp of Dissonance allowed the Titan named as the Lord of the Fade a vast control over the fade and its movement, and with chaos reining supreme over large swathes of the fade it was spreading into the real world allowing monsters, and demons to merge in the real world, and for this reason in a rushed ceremony it was Myspeth the wife of Tzeneech that was given control of the harp of Dissonance and begin working the devise to regain control of the Fade. Having at first worked to reign in the fade's out of control nature she moved on to what she believed was the real crux of the issue when she went about sparking the event known as the Dampening where she planned to use the Harp to dramatically weaken the Magi abilities and Fade control of the Titans outside of the Fade.

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