The Tournament of Roses is a yearly tournament held in the city of Forks inside the Kingdom of Lucerne and is known for being the most prestigious of the different Lucernian tournaments with the winner gaining the most fame of all the tournaments outside of maybe the Tournament of Blades to the east.

The Tournament of Roses was hosted by House Tyrell when they controlled Forks during the time of the Kingdom of Tyrell. They would host several over the course of their controlling in power, and then when they fell from power following the Driving Tide it was House Swan that became the power broker for the Tournament of Roses. 

Noteable Tournaments

Tournament of 5093

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The Tournament of 5093 would be noteable for the fact that it would be the moment that Bill Lovie, and Lisa Tyrell would become married and thus he married a member of House Tyrell creating another bond between the two houses. As she got older many became shocked by the beauty she became and this culminated at the Tournament of Roses. At the tournament of Roses in 5093 it was Bill Lovie and Lisa Tyrell the long time betrothed that would meet for the first time and despite attempts by some of the other houses to win the tournament it was BIll Lovie that won and named his betrothed the Queen of Love and Beauty and then the two were married in a small ceremony outside of Nortburg a few weeks after this.

Round One

  • Draco Highmore defeats Gred Ordos
  • Frank Brent defeats Hayden of Forks
  • Kieth Darkwood defeats Garrison Prester
  • Baelor Mountain defeats Brandon Starke
  • Sabastian of Winterfell defeats Garth Mountain
  • Gerion Lannister defeats Dan Scott
  • Liam Greymane defeats Veryl Reyne
  • Talbot of Lucerne defeats Kieth Scott
  • Roland Tarbeck defeats Reyne Fossoway
  • Oberyn Martell II. defeats Maron Scorpian
  • Bill Lovie defeats David Kendrick
  • Laiden Rivers defeats Tirion Fraizen
  • Charlie Swan defeats John Shephard
  • Carlisle Cullen defeats Skarloc Mannover
  • Robert Baratheon defeats Rupert Clegane
  • Tarnide Hale II. defeats Gulian Swann

Round Two

  • Draco Highmore defeats Frank Brent
  • Gerion Lannister defeats Kieth Darkwood
  • Sabastian of Winterfell defeats Liam Greymane
  • Baelor Mountain defeats Talbot of Lucerne
  • Bill Lovie defeats Roland Tarbeck
  • Oberyn Martell II. defeats Laiden Rivers
  • Charlie Swan defeats Carlisle Cullen
  • Robert Baratheon defeats Tarnide Hale II.

Round Three

  • Gerion Lannister defeats Draco Highmore
  • Baelor Mountain defeats Sabastian of Winterfell
  • Bill Lovie defeats Oberyn Martell II.
  • Robert Baratheon defeats Charlie Swan

Round Four

  • Gerion Lannister defeats Baelor Mountain
  • Bill Lovie defeats Robert Baratheon

Final Round

  • Bill Lovie defeats Gerion Lannister
  • Bill names Lisa Tyrell the Queen of Love and Beauty

Tournament of 5116

  • Jacob Swan wins the youth tournament and is knighted as his reward for the victory.
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