The Treaty of Radin was a diplomatic treaty signed between the Kingdom of Aran and the Kingdom of Lucerne which made the Kingdom of Aran a protectorate under the Kingdom of Lucerne and due to this it also led to the end of the Invasion of Radin due to the Empire of Frey being forced to end the conflict lest bringing the Kingdom of Lucerne into the war.


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The Frey's were a monstrous people, and you don't really realize how deep the tain goes until you finally meet them in person. All the rumors and talk can barely do justice to the corruption that is in their hearts.
Meera Osnard

When William Lovie III. became the king of Lucerne and following the diplomatic fallout of the meeting in the Port of Stormwind it was the decision of the Freys that neutral parties needed to be removed near them or else the Lucernians were going to take them over and give them more of a power base near them. The largest of the neutrals near the Empire of Frey was the Kingdom of Aran that was based north of them on the island of Radin. Jared Frey would lead a group to Radin where he attempted to create a union between Aran, and Frey and he was met with great kindness by the members of House Osnard of whom wanted peace with the Freys. As the meetings though continued Jared's drunkenness came through and he was increasingly rude towards the leadership of House Osnard, and this created arguments during the meetings which drastically undermined the conversation.




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