is a Mwi'Lek born of the Kingdom of Lethan, and born of the Sinsilia Sect of the Kingdom.

Treli'viri was born in the capital of the Empire of Lethan where she would grow up a member of the Sinsilia Sect and because of this she would have a constantly feeling of seclusion as she was from one of the more rare of the Twi'Lek sects, but she grew close to Koti'ri of whom was also from a rare sect bringing them a sense of contact.


Early History

First Lethan-Iroquois-Cree War with Druchii

Skah'Siox would travel to the capital of the Iroquois Empire with his father, sister, and wife where they would volunteer him and his sister to join a large force of the empire in assisting the forces of the Twi'Lek of whom were attacking the Dark Elves. Skah'Siox traveled with his sister away from the main forces on the insistence of the Iroquois General and would go to the Numenorian city of Ondosto where he would take a boat to the Twi'Lek capital. Moving with the Twi'Lek forces he would be placed in command of the Sioux forces after the drowing of the Iroquois commander with him and thus gained his first command leading the thousand mixed Iroquois troops into the coming conflict.

Family Members


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