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Tristen of Feastfires is a commoner of whom has risen to the position of hedge knight in the ranks of House Prester.

Tristen would join with his liege lord in House Prester as a man at arms during the Gondor War with Stormwind and after being ordered to serve under Philip Prester he followed the heir to House Prester and assisting Philip he would save his life after a brief skirmish in the forests he took an arrow to the shoulder blocking what would have struck Philip and then allowed himself to be captured to allow Philip and Liana to escape the Gondorian pursuit.


Early History

Liana Beyne would be born the second of the children of her parents and during her youth her mother was constantly sick which led to her becoming a mother of sorts at the age of six to her baby sister.

Young Love

Liana's life would change when she would be joined in Castle Beyne by Philip Prester of whom was squiring for her father, and during the time he was there they grew extremely close.

Lucernian Invasion of Gondor

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Remaining in Stormwind

Liana Beyne would remain a lady of the Starke's when the war between Gondor and Lucerne was over, and it would be in Stormwind that she would grow up away from her family in Beyne alongside her beloved in Philip Prester after she and Philip moved there instead of Winterfell.

The Journey

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Civil War in Rhunian

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