Previous Conflict Fall of Kent (Eternity War)
Trolloc Invasion of Albion
White Walker-Numeron War
Location Albion
Start of Conflict Placeholder
End of Conflict Placeholder
Result Albion Victory
Khorne Albion Pantheon
Trolloc Empire Prutan Empire
Trolloc Empire Prutan Empire
Trolloc Empire Prutan Empire
The Trolloc Invasion of Albion was a large invasion launched by the forces of Khorne and his Trolloc Empire during the Eternity War against the Noble Titan aligned Albion Pantheon in order to either corupt them or destroy them if corruption failed.

Following the departure of Khorne it was Ailpean that was left in charge but after he had a realization that he was following evil he would betray the Trollocs destroying their remaining leadership and then allowing himself to be mercy killed basically leading to the end of the Trolloc Invasion with the remainder of their forces wiped out in two subsequent battles.



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The Trollocs would make their initial landing in Kent where they were resisted by Ugret of whom commanded a desperate defense of the shore hoping to hold them off long enough for the rest of the Albion Pantheon to gather their forces for the real battle to come. Despite Ugrets best attempts she would be defeated at the Battle of Kent and despite surrendering she would be brutally executed and all her forces killed by the insanity of Khorne who no longer truly existed as he once did.

The War

Ailpeans Decision

Following Khorne abandoning the fight it was Ailpean that took control, but the conflicted recently corupted Chaos Titan was unwilling to totally turn against his family in the Albion Pantheon, and his conflicted leadership would come to ahead following the arrival of the Khorne luietenant Khaz'Kul. Khaz'Kul would leave the fighting in the Fade to return to Albion at the behest of Khorne and returning to Helms Deep he joined Ailpean in continuing the assault on the fortress. After Khaz'Kul begin to summon demons to support the war it was Ailpean that had a break from his coruption and would lead his own forces in a massacre of the Trollocs at Helms Deep and during this massacre Khaz'Kul and Ailpean would fight with Ailpean killing Khaz'Kul. Now having turned on Chaos Ailpean would approach the defenders and realizing that his coruption had changed him permently he would convinse his family to kill him which his son Lylr would be the one to mercy kill him.


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