Tyrek Lannister
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Prince of Castamere

Alias The Young Lion
Race Ostrogoth German
Status Alive
Allegiance House Lannister
Father Tygett Lannister
Mother † Darlessa Lannister
Siblings None
Internal Family
Spouse None
Children None

Tyrek Lannister is the son of Tyget, and Darlessa Lannister making him a member of House Lannister through his father, and a member of House Marbrand through his mother. Tyrek Lannister would become romantically linked to Ellesandra Hayford of whom took special care of him while he was injured in the fighting moving eastward.

The early history of Tyrek Lannister was defined by the distance between himself and his father following the death of his mother when he was four to gout. His father withdrew from parenting leaving his rearing to the servents and retainers while he drove towards attempting to gain more influence in House Lannister. Tyrek lived this way until twelve when he was made the squire of Stafford Lannister of whom he came to live with during this period. While living with Stafford Lannister he would grow extremely close to his bastard cousin Joy Hill of whom he loved very deeply. Tyrek Lannister would take part in the conflict with Gondor, and it was during this that he first met and got close to his cousin Jamie Lannister of whom he joined the cavalry force of alongside his friend Derrin Prester. Jamie took him under his wing once more when he took him on as one of his men at arms during the Journey, and Tyrek impressed many of the nobles during his fighting in that conflict. Following this he was assigned by his current Lord Stafford Lannister to join Jamie Lannister of whom would become his new master until he was deemed fit for being knighted. Tyrek Lannister grew extremely close to Jamie Lannister of whom treated him as a son, and the second in command behind him. Tyrek Lannister would join Jamie during the Invasion of Westbridge and fought valiently beside his master Jamie during the pivital moments of the battle. Returning to Castamere with Jamie he would be with Jamie when he learned that it was Tywin responsible for the attempted murder of Tommen Lannister, and Tyrek became one of the few to know about Jamie and Cersei when Jamie confided in him. Tyrek would stop Jamie when he was a second away from killing Tywin and convinsed him to gather forces to go eastward and deal with his son Joffrey Lannister. Tyrek Lannister would join Jamie when he travelled to Grandlen for the ambush of the Bolten forces, and he would stand by side with him when they arrived and were planning in Grandlen. Tyrek would be at the forefront of the battle when they massacred the Bolten army at Green Creek, and this would be a splitting of the two as Jamie placed him in charge of a section of the army and knighted him as a Dragon Knight. The two would return to eachother for the Battle of Whispering Winds where they would once again menipulate the Bolten forces so that they turned on eachotehr and this resulted in another crushing defeat of the Bolten forces. During that battle Tyrek was struck in the leg with an arrow and refused medical attention and continued to join the army hiding his limp,and injury. Arriving at Hayford he would be present when the castle surrendered, and when this happened he finally succumbed to his wounds and the fever overtook him, and he was brought into the castle to heal. Nearly dying in the night he was saved by Ellesandra Hayford of whom stayed with him the entire night, and after days he begin to get better and was able to limp around the castle and regained command.


Early History

The early history of Tyrek Lannister was defined by the distance between himself and his father following the death of his mother when he was four to gout.

Raised by Servents

His father withdrew from parenting leaving his rearing to the servents and retainers while he drove towards attempting to gain more influence in House Lannister.

Stafford Lannister

Tyrek lived this way until twelve when he was made the squire of Stafford Lannister of whom he came to live with during this period. While living with Stafford Lannister he would grow extremely close to his bastard cousin Joy Hill of whom he loved very deeply.

Lucernian Invasion of Gondor

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The Journey

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Founding of Anthor

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Civil War in Rhunian

Joffrey Lannister Gif2
It was a land of peace since the Lucernians had taken us under their control during the war with Lucerne.
Eldon Beyne

Joffrey Lannister would come to marry Kate Denali in a strange ceremony that led to the meeting of Joffrey and a corupt merchant named Stranden of Langstrand. Stranden had been banished from being able to trade north of the province of South Rhunian on the orders of Eldon Beyne the heir to House Beyne, and he saw the madness of Joffrey as a tool that he could use to gain the upper hand on House Beyne and give himself more options. Meeting Joffrey at the wedding had been part of this plan, and he would gain influence through the gifting of many evil things to the prince of Lannistane, and from there he became Joffrey's most powerful advisor.

Langstrand was long the capital of the south, but it was drained by refugees and Gondor loyalists leaving behind a skeleton of the former town.
Eldon Beyne

Joffrey and Stranden would begin planning the taking of Castle Beyne only shortly after their union, and this grew to become an obsession of which grew into an actual plot when they moved against Langstrand. Langstrand following the war between Lucerne and Gondor had lost a significant portion of its population of whom went east into Gondor, and because of this the new powerbase was weaker and under the control of House Terrick a relatively young Atlantian household. It was the imprisonment of Jaeden Terrick by House Beyne for crimes of killing villagers north of Langstrand that would turn House Terrick to the side of Stranden and with their support the rich man had his southern support. 

Cersei Lannister, Jamie Lannister, Tyrion Lannister
Knowing his child was growing inside me tore away at my insides, but the child was innocent. I could have killed myself and saved the child a lifetime with Joffrey, but I was weak. I was weak with love for this child born so innocently from violence and evil.
Kate Denali

The news of Langstrand's joining to Joffrey was only increased in joy by the plotters then when Kate Denali was discovered to be pregnant with Joffrey's child. This news delayed the plot though due to the fact that the news broke into Castamere and brought about the arrival of many Lannisters to Kraegstill of which was the site of huge construction as the wealth of Stranden poured into the personal haven of Joffrey. Cersei and Tyrion would arrive together as there was already enough talk of Jamie, and Jamie wouldn't arrive till later accompanied by Tommen, and Tyrek Lannister. Tyrion would arrive with Cersei and from this the meeting's begin brilliantly at first but Tyrion stumbled upon Kate Denali during the night and found her weeping with cuts all across her arms. Not able to get the complete truth out of her Tyrion did learn it was Joffrey's doing, and he would bring this to his sister's attention. Cersei would refuse to believe this and would command Tyrion leave immediatly. Leaving as his sister wished he passed Jamie on the road but refused to tell him what had happened after seeing Tommen at Jamie's side and not wanting to ruin what he knew was a family reunion of a different kind. The rest of the time nothing happened of great consequence and Jamie and Tyrek were forced to leave as news of the Invasion of Westbridge and its gathering was coming upon them.

He was especially angry when Jamie left, and it took me years to understand why. I had always assumed that nothing mattered to Joffrey but seeing Tommen hugging Jamie as he left was clearly too much for even Joffrey's corupt mind to take.
Kate Denali

As the Lucernian forces begin to gather for the assault in the north Joffrey did not respond to the summonings and niether did the forces of Langstrand, while in the north House Beyne sent some six hundred soilders from its own army and another thousand from its vassals in central Rhunian and, finally eight hundred from its loyalists in northern Rhunian. With the defences of Rhunian drained it was Joffrey Lannister who would begin massing his troops of whom now outnumbered the Lord House Beyne's forces, and begin moving them into positions around Castle Beyne. In Castle Beyne Eldon Beyne and his other family members prepared a final send off to the commander of their forces in Haegon Beyne of whom left Castle Beyne with the final segment of the Beyne forces.

Game of Rivers

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Invasion of Westbridge

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First Bolten-Lucerne War

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Domeric Bolten1
"The Kingdom of Bolten was the first time we were ever met agressively by an oponent, and at first we were shocked at their actions. I determined quickly that they had to be stopped at any cost, and this led to our promise to defend our two major allies in the region, and a massive influx of our troops into the region."
-William Lovie III.

With the taking of Westbrige the region of Bolten became more interested in its own growth and in particular they really wanted to get the Lucernian army involved in pitch battles which they had the numbers to survive. In order to do this they begin threatening several allies of Lucerne in western Westros in the form of Koenisburg, and the town of Jeutenburg. While these threats rancheted up the Kingdom of Lucerne did exactly what the Boltens hoped they would do when they brought huge forces to bear on the defences of the Westros river crossing of Levin. The Lucernians also made it known that any action taken against their allies in Koenisburg, or Jeutenburg would be deemed a decleration of war against Lucerne itself. This promice to defend meant a lot to the two towns, and most believed that with that the conflict would be ended before any blood was spilled. This idea changed quickly when the Kingdom of Bolten sacked Jeutenburg in a massive siege that took place in the guise of a peace mission.

Massacre at Green Creek

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"The fool camped for an entire day on the words of a man he hated. He deserved what came on him that night."
-Jordin Bolten

What Ramsey did not anticipate was the fact that the moment that Jon Snow, Tyrion Lannister, Britt Lancave and Hedrik Clegane III. returned to Koenisburg they sent a raven to Jamie Lannister telling him to move against the Boltens. Ramsey had not realized that Jordin Bolten had joined his army but discovered his presence and begin to plot to kill Jordin. Before he could do this Ramsey was fed falce information by Jordin Bolten about a scouting party from Grandlen nearbye which caused Ramsey to camp for an entire day and gave Jamie Lannister enough time to catch Ramsey's force on the bed of the River Creek. Jamie Lannister and his three thousand cavalry would smash into the camp of Ramsey Bolten and in less then twenty minutes nearly the entire force was massacred. It was as everything was falling apart that Ramsey Bolten would switch clothes with his servent Reek of whom he would smash the face of beyond any recegnition so that he could not be found to be not him. When Jamie entered the tent of Ramsey attempting to kill Ramsey or take him prisoner he found nothing but the supposed Reek standing over the destroyed body of "Ramsey Bolten". In that moment Jamie went to kill Reek but was stopped by Jordin Bolten who said to let Reek go as he was nothing but a slave they had captured from the Greyjoy's years past. Trusting Jordin Jamie would let "Reek" go and thus Ramsey Bolten escape the battle and made his way back to the Dreadfort.

Fall of Hayford

Mordor Invasion of Bolten

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