Empire of Nippon

ukita Hidemune is the daughter of two members of Clan Hidemune making her a member of Clan Hidemune.

Ukita would travel with the party sent by the Order of Raijin to Europe for the Euro Cup and during this time she watched the European magi with interest as they held none of the tenants of her order, and this lack of discipline led to much curiosity for her. Following her time in Europe for the Euro Cup she was selected by the Raijin Inner Circle to travel once more to Europe and become their contestant in the Triwizard Tourament, and she would be one of ten students and thus when the goblet got to their school all ten of the students would kneel before the goblet waiting for their response, and when Ukita Hidemune won the nomination the rest of the students chanted for her victory. Ukita would be one of the higher ranked coming into the third task but she was brought to fight by Hamilcar and after losing the duel after she made the mistake of misjudging his intention and while letting down his guard Hamilcar would kill him with a killing curse, but after releasing the killing curse it was Cerin Menathil that came upon him and watched this happen and Cerin would in return kill Hamilcar.



Ukita Hidemune was defined by his devotion to the Code of Raijin and while this made him a kind and honorable young man it also led to him being naive to the goals and intentions of others which would come back to end his life when he was unwilling to foresee the dishonor of Hamilcar breaking the rules of a Magi duel.


Early History

In Europe


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