House Aldrech

Ulrich Aldrech is the son of Ferdinand, and Agnete Aldrech making him a member of House Aldrech and was the Lord of the house, and also the Elector Count of Solland through this birthright until his death. Ulrich Aldrech has two siblings in the form of Konrad, and Alexandra of which his Konrad would survive the Coup of Solland led the loyalist forces to a victory against the rebels and now lies as the Elector Count of Solland, while his sister Alexandra is a beautiful girl of whom was scarred horribly by an assassination attempt against her but during and following her recovery she would become her brothers greatest supporter. Regina Lechner, and Ulrich Aldrech would be married in a marriage that would cause extreme problems among the nobles of Solland as the larger houses felt very scorned by the marrying of the Elector Counts heir to such a middling house and while there marriage was one of love it would end in blood as they both were killed during the Solland Coup.

Ulrich Aldrech would survive the Coup of Solland but found himself surrounded in the capital without allies as those loyalists left had fled the capital and fought on for several weeks before he was finally defeated and executed in an extremely public hanging.


Early History

 Marriage to Ulrich

Lena Lechner would travel to Ahlbeck as a young girl with her older sister Regina Lechner for the wedding of her sister Regina to Ulrich Aldrech of which would lead to her sister becoming the wife of the heir to the Elector Count of Solland greatly increasing her families standing in Solland, but alongside this it was a marriage bound of love and caused a lot of problems in Solland especially among the nobles who felt scorned by this marriage.

Solland Civil War

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Family Members


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