Noble Titans
Loyalty Noble Titans
Story Role
POV Role None
Appears In Major Role
Vital statistics
Generation 1
Role God of Beasts
Alias None
Status Dead
Titan Details
Form Taken Furbolg
Created Races Furbolg
Father Heritage of Broken Nebula
Mother Heritage of Broken Nebula
Siblings First Generation
Internal Family
Spouse Misha
Children Second Generation

Through Misha

  • Vogun

Ursonoc was a first generation Noble Titan created by the Old One Heritage of Broken Nebula in order to become the God of Beasts and he held this role until he was destroyed during the Titan Civil War. Ursonoc would create and become the progenitor of the Furbolg Species, and the role of leader of the Furbolg was the task he came to take the most seriously and his love for the Furbolg would become the thing of legend.

Ursonoc at the start of the Titan Civil War would become the target of the Chaos Gods attempt to convert him to their side, but he would completely resist this and then prepared to lead the forces of Kalimdor into the Fade to battle for the Noble Titans. Before he could bring the forces of Kalimdor into the Fade and turn the tide against Chaos he was forced to deal with the turning of the Charr and led the Furbolg against the Charr destroying their power base and scattering them before returning to Kalimdor to briefly pray before travelling into the Fade. While praying Ursonoc was betrayed by his son Vogun who attacked him while at prayer killing him, and then lying about what had happened Vogun was able to bring the Furbolg to the side of Chaos and greatly damaged the Furbolg race through this.


Coming of the Old Ones

The Eternity War

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Titan Civil War

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