House Cullen

Valena Cullen is the daughter of Jonah, and Jergy Cullen making her a member of House Cullen. Forder Braxton was married to Valena Cullen of whom he loved at first but after he was corrupted by Bill Lovie the relationship would end with his rape and murder of his once beloved wife. With Valena he would have four children in the form of Forder, Markus, Adellia, and Grisella Braxton of which his son Forder II. is the current heir of House Braxton and was knighted during the events of the Invasion of Westbridge, his son Markus was a troubled young man and died during the fighting of the Battle of Berne, his daughter Adellia died at an early age and her death allowed Bill Lovie and easy way into his heart, while his final daughter Grisella is married to (find a man for her) and thus a member of House (whatever house he is from).




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