Valerian Empire
Empire of Valerian
Valerian Empire - Maps
Kevin Zegers5
Type of Goverment Empire
Head of State Kevin Zegers
Secondary Leaders House of Electors
Location Central Europe
Capital Munchen
Languages High Germanic
Demonym Valerian
Religion Dragon Worship. Under Kevin the worship of Slanaash has become centerpiece
Races, and Ethnicity Teutonic in the majority. Large vandal population in the south.
Population Placeholder

The Valerian Empire is a medium sized Empire ruled by House Zegers. The Capital of the Empire is the large town of Munchen, and it expands outward from Muchen to control the lands around it in this small central European Kingdom of the Kingdom of Munchen. This Valerian Empire has been attacked by both Arnor and Lorderon, and survives due to it's loyalty to The Empire who defends it each time. This loyalty has been paid for in huge shipments of gold from the Empire who is increasingly attempting to grow Valeria into a true threat to the western side of Arnor, and long term perhaps the anwser to the question of what to do with the Kingdom of Lucerne.

The Valerian Empire consists of six kingdoms ruled by the head of House Zegars from Munchen. The six kingdoms consist of the Kingdom of Munchen of which is the largest and most powerful, the Kingdom of Drousen of which controls land around the Rhine and for this reason is important, the Kingdom of Trasnet of which controls the powerful Castle Trasnet and a large army to defend itself, the Kingdom of Valeria was the first Kingdom and would name the Empire but has slumped following its capture by the Kingdom of Munchen who then took control of the empire, the Kingdom of Rosno of which is a Magi nation centered around the large town of Balmorra, and the final Kingdom of Ebonheart of which is the kingdom that borders Ebonheart. Each of the Kingdoms technically rules their own lands, and from here they are administered, and must anwser to the emperor, of whom has the right to call them to arms at any point.

The Valerian Empire was founded during the wave of Vandals that entered the region during the Great Migration. The main founder of the Empire was the members of House Zegers who were a poor family, but grew immensly powerful after they discovered the Munchen Caverns beneath the capital of the region in Munchen. Within these caverns they financed the growth of their powerbase, and then would expand to control the surrounding region, and several towns. The Valerian Empire would have positive relations with its neibors outside of Gilneas, but this changed when they begin to cause problems with Arnor, and this escaleted when they joined The Empire in attacking Arnor during the War with Arnor. The Valerian Empire following its Civil War would engage in a massive invasion of western Arnor of which would ravage the lands of Arnor and lead to a massive confrontation. No longer out of their league Kevin Zegars would massacre the Arnor army sent to defeat him and killed the prince of Arnor in Chris Hemsworth before taking control of the rest of western Arnor and facilitating the Invasion of eastern Arnor by The Empire.



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Early History

Along with most of the rest of Europe the land now part of the Valerian Empire was for a long time under the banner of the Numeron Empire . Under this time, the region was near the center of the Empire, and thus was an area that was very well situated to be prosperous.

Emperor Martivian Zegers

Valerian Peasent Revolt

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Valerian Peasent Revolt
We are filled with traitors. Surrounded by the men who murdered our mother, and father.
Leighton Zegers2
I'm not going to speak to any involvement as that is not something that you could ever prove. What I shall speak to is the cost of ending this rebellion. Return to your father and tell him to release the withheld food. Lower the taxes. Return to sanity. That is how this rebellion ends.
Albert Tonminton

Following this news Leighton Zegers visits the capital of the Kingdom of Trasnet and its massive Trasnet Castle with her brother Scotty, his wife and children, and sister Emily of whom are to meet with the king of Trasnet in the form of King Albert Tonminton and his court about the rumors of the court of Trasnet supporting rebels in the Empire of Valeria. The King is shown to be a very kind man of whom without outright admitting his involvement admits to supporting the rebels but will stop if Scotty will promise that the food rationing put in place by his father will be stopped. Scotty understands the logic of what he says and the two agree that when he returns he will put an end to the rationing through whatever means necessary. During this meeting they are also introduced to Larenic Ornris of whom is the Numenorian Chancellor of the Kingdom of Trasnet and is shown to be just as kind a man as the King but also speaks more harshly of the situation then the king also bringing up the plight of the Atlantians in the Kingdom of Valeria to the north. With the negotiations over Scotty Zegars and his wife and children are escorted by the King into the gardens of Trasnet, and while at first wishing to go and see them Leighton sees several youth around the same age as her and leaves her brother and sister to go and meet them. Meeting the other youth she learns they are the two younger children of the King of Trasnet in the form of Edmund, and Triss Tonminton and the three spend hours together playing until finally she is found by her older sister Emily of whom brings her back to the group as they are going to head home. The chapter ends with Leighton riding with her family and looking back at the city and seeing Edmund, and Triss waving to her from the walls of the might fortress.

Frenlick Meddling

Death of the Emperor

Emily Zegers Cover54

Emily Zegers would work alongside the rebels heavily which only came out following her eventually exile.

There were just too many mother...I couldn't do what you asked of me...I couldn't stop them all.
Scott Zegers to his mothers corpse.

In the days leading up to the murder of the Emperor, and his wife the Empire of Valeria underwent serious riots due to the fact that the emperor was withholding large amount of food, and charging more and more taxes to pay for his expensive hobbies. This was quickly devolving into street warfare which Scotty was placed in charge of putting down due to his father's love for him. Scotty dealt with the rioters brutally in that he basically instigated a curfew which if broke you were deemed to be a traitor to the Kingdom. When this heavy hand didn't stop the day time riots he brought the elite palace gaurd of Munchen to the fray and massacred a crowd of two hundred people rioting at the local market. This massacre was the last straw and the rioters launched themselves into a frenzy in which brought them to the steps of the palace. There were so many rioters that the forces under Scotty's command were not enough to hold them back so they begin breaking inside the palace itself. During this chaotic time the rioters managed to get inside the throne room of Trance Zegers and proceeded to cut his head off and carry his lifeless body through the streets.

Emperor Scotty Zegers

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Lorderon-Valerian-Arnor War

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Lorderon-Valerian-Arnor War
It was like this constant ache in my head the entire time I was in Forks. Something felt wrong but I could just never place my finger on the reason behind it. While I lived this fake life I just kept living within my dreams.
Leighton Zegers Cover1
If we could arrange ourselves closer to the southern people then we would finally have a pathway away from the Teutons grasp.
Leighton Zegers

The Empire of Valeria had for generations fallen under the sphere of influence of The Empire and under King Trance Zegers they had sought a way out of this and thus had worked diplomatically to move closer to the Kingdom of Arnor forging relationships through marriage with the Arnorians including most notably Martivian Zegers III., and Illiana Hemsworth of whom were married creating an alliance between Arnor and Valeria of which led to many other ideas for alliances including the one that would change the entire region when Leighton Zegers would plan a marriage between House Zegers and House Menathil from the Numenorian Kingdom of Lorderon. Following the secret agreement of betrothal between Calia Menathil and Kevin Zegers it would be Arturas Zegg who would leave the capital of Valeria in order to accompany his younger half brother Kevin of whom is planning to travel southward in order to fufill this betrothal and in this journey Kevin is planning to become a true man, and thus on the begging of his brother's departure he is going to travel by boat to Lorderon leaving Kevin to travel alone on the road. His departure from Munchen is met by great sadness by his family outside of his father of whom is shown to have little love for him, but his fathers wife Nycissisa is shown to be very loving towards him. Following his and Kevin's departure from Munchen they are escorted to the Goet capital port city of Tilmeer where Kevin will take a boat to Noveria and then make his way southward on his own while Arturas will go by boat straight to Lorderon. Saying goodbye to his brother Kevin it is shown that Kevin continues to be a funny young man with a strong sense of loyalty to his family and the two siblings depart as best friends. Remaining in Tilmeer for several weeks knowing how long it will take for Kevin to reach Lorderon trying to get there by land all the way to Riverun he grows close to several members of the Goet noble family in the form of House Tinglestad.

The entire time I was riding I was just so excited about the possibilities. Before I left Valeria it seemed the entire world was open to me. I loved life, and it was only after returning that I came to understand that my ride to Lorderon was the best moment of my life
Kevin Zegers

Kevin would travel by horse on his own as his first test, and he would be tested many times on the road. He made his first stop in Westbridge, and during his brief stop there he made notes about the harshness of the leading House Malfoy, and planned to address this when he had the chance one day. He would go further south into the Riverlands, and while he was crossing a bridge he was stopped by Highwaymen who wanted him to pay a toll. The leader would try and stop the hustle when he noticed the powerful sword carried by the young man and feared he was some kind of noble, but his men saw it differently and wanted the sword for themselves. A scuffle would break out and after a brief fight Kevin killed the bandits two men, and took the bandit as his prisoner. He and the bandit would travel together and reached the port of Riverrun where Kevin prepared to let the bandit go, but instead he said that his name was Tanden Snow a bastard from Lucerne and he wanted to remain under Kevin`s service until he wasn`t needed anymore. Kevin would accept the offer and together they traveled to Lorderon together.

Natalie Portmane3
He didn`t care a thing about who I was, and I guess that was the first time someone had ever just ignored me being lowborn. I knew he was a highborn, and he knew I wasn`t. I could never understand why he cared so much, but I wasn`t going to question too much why a handsome prince wanted me.
Natalie Portmane

Kevin Zegars arrival in Lorderon was greeted by the entire royal court of Lorderon as they wanted a strong marriage between Kevin and one of their daughters to cement a relationship between House Zegars, and House Menathil. While he was getting introduced to the noble family he was escorted by Natalie Portmane to his room, and they would talk for some time becoming friends. As he knew noone outside of Arturas Flowers he and Natalie grew very close, and she came to love the kindness that Kevin showed her and the fact that he didn`t look down on her for her lowborn status. Her relationship with Kevin was one that quickly grew into love, and through this love her family and his saw lots of oppurtunities.

Natalie knew I loved her but that didn`t seem to matter to any of my family. I could feel her slipping away from me each day and it made me scared beyond anything I had ever felt before.
Kevin Zegars

Natalie and Kevin grew so much in love that they together begin discussing the possibility of marriage, and Kevin at first saw little hope after sending a raven to his brother and hearing back that their was little chance the marriage would be approved of. When he told Natalie about this she was beyond sad, and they drifted apart for a time. Without Natalie he didn't feel like himself and thus he left the city and went home where he hoped to convince his parents and brother about the logic of his decision. Despite the fact that she was a lowborn Kevin had talked his parents into ignoring this and allowing him to marry her a feat that was difficult due to how stubborn his family was. When he returned to Lorderon he was so excited to tell Natalie about what he had accomplished for them but he found that she had changed somewhat in his time gone from loving him to caring little about his presence. It would take time but he would follow her and discover her meeting with Chris Hemsworth and in that moment he knew what had changed.

Natalie Portmane7
As so many wars before it the war in Munchen was started over a beautiful women.
Arthas Menathil

It was during this time that fate would have it Natalie began to see Chris Hemsworth the Prince of Arnor and a man of incredible importance. Chris had taken to the role of traveling with the major trading envoys between Arnor, and on one of these trips he met up with Natalie. Eventually the two fell in love which caused Keven Zegers to slowly become overcome with hatred towards Natalie. Where once there was affection, there was now only malice. Natalie was alone in her room one night when Kevin who she barely thought of anymore with the same lust and love as before entered silently into her room. Kevin begged to know what she was doing, and why she would hurt him in this manner. She knew she couldn't give him the anwsers that he wanted so she attempted to appease the situation by delaying the inevitable and she denied that their was anything romantic between herself and Chris. When the next day he followed her when she went to meet with Chris he watched as the two had sex, and thus he knew that she was a liar. Eventually after numerous confrontations with Natalie, and Chris the situation boiled over. At first Kevin attempted to find ways to have Chris removed but he quickly realized that he couldn't beat him in a fight and he was also constantly gaurded by his personal gaurd. With this out of the way of possibility his anger now completely focused on Natalie Portmane of whome he begin to have increasingly violent, and sadistic dreams about.

Natalie Portmane LARGE
I could no longer justify why she remained his. He was a lesser man, and everyone knew that. They all whispered to me that he was tricking her in some way. I knew not what sort of Magi he controlled but I would save her from her torment if it killed me.
Kevin Zegars

Kevin in his desperation was tricked by many of the nobles of Lorderon of whom told him lies that Natalie was in fact not interested in Chris but was infact being tricked into the action by some kind of Magi. At first not belieing this and being lost in sadness, he became so depressed that the lies begin to ring true to him. He started watching her during the night while she was intimate with Chris, and as the madness of his depression grew he came to create many signs that she did in fact hate Chris and longed for him to save her. He would wait weeks until Chris left to return to Arnor where he was getting permission to marry Natalie, and he prepared his plan to rescue Natalie from the prison he now truly believed she was living in. The night finally came for Kevin and he tried to sneak out but Arturas was awoken by Kevin sneaking out of their room and following him he sees he is returning to Natalie's room where he watches from the window as Kevin has already got inside the room and is hiding in the closest and he watches Natalie speak to her brother Jaime about her love for Chris Hemsworth and then following Jaime leaving Kevin comes out of the closest and while at first begging her to love him. She was so shocked that he was there and the madness that he was spewing that she called out for Chris to save her, and this tore away at much of the lies that Kevin had built up causing him to lash out at Natalie, and following this everything devolves very quickly and Kevin tries to rape her but before he can, and before Arturas is forced to shoot his own brother with a crossbow to stop him Jaime returns and the two fight nearly killing Kevin before Arturas comes in and saves Kevin dragging him away after locking Jaime in the closet. Kevin would be carried by Arturas into the canals beneath the city where he would recuperate his strength and together the two would leave the city. Back with Natalie the situation was chaotic with Lianna Menathil convinsing the King that this was an act of war and thus triggering the war between Lorderon and Valeria.

Running Away

At 19 she ran away from Lorderon following the attack by Kevin Zegers. She arrived in Arnor nearly two weeks after she left and when she arrived she was greeted at the gates by the pained face of Chris Hemsworth who on one hand was thrilled that she had come to him but on the other knew that the reason behind it wasn't going to be a good one.

When Kevin arrived back in Munchen he was absolutely covered in blood, and was clasping the ruined pieces of Natalie's clothes. He went on a long tirade about what happened, and realizing what he had atleast attempted to do, and hearing him laugh about how he was going to get away with it was too much for Emily.

The War Begins

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KEVINS Crossbow

Kevin's Crossbow would set off war between Valeria and its two powerful neighbors.

Madness brought us to the brink of destruction. Two nations fighting eachother over the madness of a single boy. A boy who remained silent and pathetic throughout the entire conflict.
Chris Hemsworth

Following the attempted rape of Natalie Portmane, and the blaten assault on the citizens of Lorderon it was the position of both Arnor, and Lorderon that the Empire of Valeria owed an apology to them. When diplomats from Lorderon, and Arnor arrived in Munchen in order to hear the apology of the Empire of Valeria everything went according to plan as Scot Zegars would meet with them and attempted to smooth things over. Promises of financial restitutions were made, and the diplomats were prepared to leave when Kevin Zegars stormed into the room and shot the Lorderon diplomat through the chest with a crossbow before several of his cronies stepped in as well and killed the remainder of the diplomatic envoy. Scotty would repremand his brother and the cronies of Kevin were arrested, but the damage was completely too much for talk. The moment news reached Lorderon, and Arnor of the massacre they would mass their troops and call upon their allies to assist them in liberating Valeria from the madness of Kevin Zegars. 

The campaign was filled with piss and vigor, and noone seemed to notice that there was a really dangerous element in the form of what side The Empire took. If The Empire decided they wanted to support their ally even though they were wrong, then this could get out of hand really quickly.
Jonas Hemsworth

Chris Hemsworth would lead the army of western Arnor into the conflict, and they would quickly put the city of Munchen under siege as they bypassed the other villages and forts of the Empire of Valeria. As this happened the forces of Lorderon moved up the Rhine and would land on the southern side of Munchen where they too would join the siege. The two forces laid down heavy artillery against the defenders, and Scotty realized very quickly they were going down if things kept moving in this direction.

The Goet Betrayal
Ludgera Tinglestad Cover1
I understand completely the decision I am making here son. I have chosen your survival over your love. I could not sleep at night if I made the decision to join your family in what is most likely going to be death. If my decision to side with those who will keep your life means that I lose your love, then honestly I can sleep softly at night.
Erwin Tinglestad

Having returned to Valeria through Goet it is Arturas Zegg that is forced to deal with the reprecutions of the arrival of the Kingdom of Lorderon in the southern region of Goet and this forces him to begin planning for the defence of the Kingdom. His planning comes to an end when he summoned to the council room of the King of Goet and told by the King that the Kingdom of Goet will not be marshaling its troops for the defence of Munchen, and will allow the Lordeorn forces to cross their lands without stopping them. Unwilling to let his family languish without helping them he goes to leave the room but is arrested by the Goet Palace Guard in order to make sure that he doesn't leave the capital and travel to Munchen where members of House Tinglestad worry that he will die alongside the remainder of his family. Shocked over what is happening Erwin Tinglestad enters the room and reveals that he has sided against the Kevin Zegers forces and for this has chosen to imprison Arturas in order to protect him from death. Getting very angry over being restrained he is eventually knocked out by the guards, and then wakes up in a cell with Ludgera holding his hand.

Leighton Versus the Rebels
Leighton Zegers Wide
This cannot. This will not end here. You turn on my brother and this will only lead to madness and death.
Leighton Zegers

Arriving at Ebonheart she meets with the royal family of Ebonheart in the form of king Ilrin-Endrian Ghoellion, and prince Tar-Edrian Ghoellion of whom are very nice to her in their meeting but are vague in their decision on who they shall support, but invite her to a dinner that night where they will be making there decision, and as she is shown to her quarters she spots several guards of House Tinglested of whom she approaches seeing prince Adelhard Tinglestad of whom she goes to. Speaking with Adelhard she is unable to get him come right and say anything but he does reveal that he will be sadly her enemy at the dinner, and hearing this Leighton realizes that there is a resistence afoot to turn against the Kingdom of Munchen and more importantly against her brother Scott.

Frenlick Assault of Valeria
Er-Lhossia Iallril Cover
This is what centuries of hatred looks like. We have never forgotten. We have never stopped looking for our vengeance. Its taken years upon years, but here it is.
Robin Farrin

Sencing the weakness of the Valerian Empire it would be Tari-Frenlin Farrin the Monarch of the Republic of Frenlick that would go before the Senate of Frenlick and put forth the plan of action to attack the Kingdom of Valeria and free the Atlantians of the Kingdom as well as take control of the coasts of the Kingdom. Following the agreement of the Senate of Frenlick it would Robin Farrin would follow his fathers command when he joined his older brother Tur-Grondlin in invading the Kingdom of Valeria of which was the northern element of the Empire of Valeria. The Frenlick made landfill around the Atlantian cultural capital of Ae'lehn where it would be joined by the rebellious Atlantians of the region who were extremely supportive of the Frenlick invasion. During this initial invasion one of the most important of the early battles was the Battle of Castle Ventellia where the forces of the Frenlick Elur Er-Neithril Iallril of whom alongside her daughter Er-Lhossia Iallril would lead a dozen Elur and sixty Frenlick Knights and a thousand men at arms into a sneak assault on the castle which allowed the only land route movement north into Valeria. during the events of the Lorderon-Arnor-Valerian War, and during the fighting they would take the Valerian capital of Thornstall.

Coming of The Empire

Malflovia Cover1
The City was in ruins as we had been rocked by catapult fire for nearly a month before we were relieved. The worst part was that he didn't even care. No apology no nothing. He proved to me that day that he was useless.
Scotty Zegars

Following her failure to gain the support of both Ebonheart, and Trasnet it would be Leighton riding out of the walls of Trasnet Castle with tears in her eyes over her failure, but as she rides down the road with her personal guards she realizes that she cannot return to Munchen with failure as if she does they will lose the war and her brother will die, and thus she makes a decision to find assistance even if it means going outside of Valeria. Leighton having left Trasnet made her way down the road when her guard says they stop as they are almost at the city, and riding slowing over the hill she spots the massive city stretched out in front of them. Riding through the gates of the city it is revealed to be Nuln the capital of Austria and as they ride they make their way to the palace where they reach and upon reaching she demands to see the elector count. The chapter ends with Leighton woken in her room by a knock at the door and opening the door she is met by Fulco Troy of whom leads her to the palace chamber where meeting with Priam Troy they discuss that Austria will support Valeria if the Arnor-Lorderon alliance attacks them, and hearing this Leighton realizes that she has saved her brother and as Priam discusses the rallying of the army of Austria she leaves the palace re-joining her guards as they make there way back to Munchen. Two weeks into the siege though a messenger arrived at the camp of the army of Arnor from The Empire that dictated that in two days they would arrive and clear the battlefield if necessary. Chris's scouts reported that the force incoming was far larger then theirs and that news was coming in that Thedas, Tevinter, and other Kingdoms of Thedas were moving to mobilize as well. Realizing that the alliance had no hope of defeating those forces in this manner he ordered the general retreat and sent word to Lorderon's forces to retreat as well. Before he left he approached the walls and attempted to get Kevin to fight him in a duel but when that proved hopeless he simply threatened Kevin Zegars before leaving the young prince horribly embarrassed. 

Valeria Dungeon
The City was in ruins as we had been rocked by catapult fire for nearly a month before we were relieved. The worst part was that he didn't even care. No apology no nothing. He proved to me that day that he was useless.
Scotty Zegars

Inside Munchen the damage was extensive and the forces of Valeria were badly damaged emotionally by the weakeness shown by Kevin Zegars. Scotty Zegars over the incident was forced to exile his brother Kevin - of whom he would not speak to again after this day - to the eastern side of Valeria in the form of the fort of Valeria. On top of exiling his brother he rounded up much of Kevin's friends and supporters from the capital of Munchen and throughout Valeria and had them judged on their guilt. Many of them were found guilty and sent to the dungeons of Munchen where they would toil till they were dead. It was this last act that burned Kevin the most as he didn't particularly care about Munchen, and wanted to get away from his siblings anyway but it was the loss of his servents that sent him over the edge. Despite the peace treaty between the forces of Valeria, and Lorderon the war would continue in the north of Valeria as a part of the agreement had been that the Valerian-Frenlick conflict would be left to be resolved by the two combatants.

Second Arnor War

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Within the Empire of Valeria stand two distinct elements of power in the form of the House of Zegars of which is the Dynastic Monarchy that rules over the Empire of Valeria, while the second being the House of Electors of which is the representatives of the different Kingdoms of the Empire of Valeria.

The House of Zegars

Emperor of Valeria

The Emperor is the most powerful position in the entire Valerian Empire, and he has the authority (handed down through House Zegers) to make anyone removed or added to any position he wants, and has the ultimate power in regards to all punishments.

Name Reign
Trance Zegars
Scotty Zegers
Kevin Zegars

Supreme Commander

The Supreme commander is the second most powerful position in the Valerian Empire and it is this postion that controls the army of Valeria, and also the defences of Fort Valeria. This position has most often been held by the Emperor of Valeria and in this way he doubles his power, but it is not unheard of to have an outsider in this position.

Name Reign
Scotty Zegers
Kevin Zegers

House of Electors

The House of Electors is the secondary element of power within the top echolon of the Empire of Valeria and is made up of the different powerbrokers within the Valerian Empire of which the number of votes held by the Elector of choice is determined by their power base.

Electors of Valeria

Name Title  Seat Votes
Kevin Zegers
  • King of Munchen
  • Emperor of Valeria
Johan Rosno
  • King of Rosno

Nations of Valeria

The Valerian Empire at its core consists of six nations ruled by the head of House Zegars from Munchen. The six kingdoms consist of the Kingdom of Munchen of which is the largest and most powerful, the Kingdom of Goet of which controls land around the Rhine and for this reason is important, the Kingdom of Trasnet of which controls the powerful Castle Trasnet and a large army to defend itself, the Kingdom of Valeria was the first Kingdom and would name the Empire but has slumped following its capture by the Kingdom of Munchen who then took control of the empire, the Kingdom of Rosno of which is a Magi nation centered around the large town of Balmorra, and the final Kingdom of Ebonheart of which is the kingdom that borders Ebonheart. Each of the Kingdoms technically rules their own lands, and from here they are administered, and must anwser to the emperor, of whom has the right to call them to arms at any point.

The Kingdom of Frenlick would be formed from the pieces of the Republic of Frenlick taken during the Second Valerian-Frenlick War, but the control of the Valerians is slight and only really able to operate around their garrisons.

Name Type of Kingdom Ruler Capital
Kingdom of Munchen
Kingdom of Goet Absolute Monarchy Erwin Tinglestad Tilmeer
Kingdom of Trasnet Absolute Monarchy Albert Tonminton Trasnet Castle
Kingdom of Rosno Johan Rosno
Kingdom of Ebonheart Abolsute Monarchy Ebonheart
Kingdom of Valeria
Republic of Frenlick Republican Monarchy

Former Nations

Name Type of Kingdom Ruler Capital
Kingdom of Noveria Absolute Monarchy Florian Orlais Montfort




Houses of Valeria

House Zegers

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House Zegersaaa
House Zegers
is the royal house of the small but growing Empire of Valeria, in Central Europe. House Zegers has controlled the Empire of Valeria since the founding of the Empire, and this control has led to their continues amount of power in the region. House Zegers are a rare breed in that they are Vandals of which are a rare finding group this far north into Europe, and they have made significant efforts to Vandalize the Empire of Valeria so that they have people who hold more loyalty to them then non-Vandals would have for them. House Zegers has a bad reputation in the region, and this has a lot to do with Emperor Martivian Zegers of whom is not spoken of kindly in basically any circle he has been discussed.

House Zegers first started out in the region of Norway, and most like other Vandals during the time they were a grazing tribe that survived on the backs of their agriculture. This changed when they abandoned Norway like most other Vandals during the coming of the Andals and fled south through the Empire. The house has for its time since leaving Norway been in control of the city of munchen, and in this way they have become fixtures in the town. The House itself has grown steadily in wealth during its control of Valeria, and this growth benifted the people of the region for the most part of the history of the House, but under the previous Emperor Martivian Zegers the wealth gap got out of control due to his greed, and this has caused some ill feelings towards House Zegers.


The capital city of Munchen was once the only real center of population in Valeria. But with the influx of gold from The Empire, Valeria has created and greatly expanded a number of other locations

Centers of Population

Name Liege Population
Tilmeer Erwin Tinglestad 87,000



The Zhevra has become a major center of the cultural pieces of the Valerian Empire as its cultivation and cultural importance has led to the people of Valeria mainly riding Zevra instead of the horses of nearly the entire continent.

The Zhevra have a primary usage within the Valerian military forces with the mounted troops of the Valerian army riding Zhevra into battle over the horses of the other regions. The lower fertility rate and thus lower level of Zhevra then horses of other regions means the Valerian Empire fields a lower amount of cavalry then most other European Kingdoms.

The hunting of Zhevra is completely outlawed in the Valerian Empire following their near extinction and their breeding is something handled by several noble houses of whom have specialized and profited from this for nearly the entire history of the Valerian Empire.

Originally the Zhevra were from the foothills of eastern Africanas but during the peak of the Numenorian Empire and their morality decline the exchange of animals reached levels that led to many becoming numerous in Europe of which one included the Zhevra a cross breeding of the Numenorian unicorns, and Zebra from Africanas.

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