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Varian Anthor is the son of two members of House Anthor making him a member of House Anthor and the Lord of the house which makes him also the Lord of the State of Anthor within the Grand State of The North.

Varian Anthor would on the advise of his father Anduin join forces with William Lovie III. during the events of the Journey and would take part in both the Battle of Minus Ithil, and the relief of Tree Hill. During the Third Battle of Tree Hill his father would be killed by an Orc and following the battle he burried his father and was named Lord and Patriarch of House Anthor by William himself. Wounded during the Second Battle of Tree Hill he was given a lot of respect as he was fighting in the thick of the fighting and was deemed quite the honorable young man.


Early History

The Journey

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New Lord

I did not know your father as well as I should have Varian. The Orcs have taken so much from us, but it is the loss of these great people that darkens our hearts the most. We shall have our vengeance against these monsters. We shall have our vengeance for every conversation that goes unspoken because of these beasts. Our vengeance will brighten the sky. Our vengeance is coming.
William Lovie III.

During the Third Battle of Tree Hill as his father had been killed by an Orc the forces of House Anthor would take their men including his father off the field and they would be burried on the field where they had died. Following this he was named Lord and Patriarch of House Anthor by William himself of whom took the entire day comemerating the losses they had sustained during the battle earning himself the great respect of House Anthor.

Founding of Anthor

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Invasion of Westbridge

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Family Members


William Lovie III.

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