Chaos Undevided
Loyalty Chaos
Story Role
POV Role None
Appears In Lucernian Series
Vital statistics
Generation 5
Role None
Alias James Lovie II.
Status Destroyed
Titan Details
Form Taken Human
Created Races None
Father Emerald Arch
Mother Emerald Arch
Siblings None
Internal Family
Spouse None
Children None
Vhloraz is a fifth generation titan created at the Emerald Arch.

Vhloraz would be targeted by a desperate James Lovie II. after the murder of and this eventual led to a series of attempts to remove Vhloraz but after they all failed they attempted to kill James but this too failed when the members of his friends could not work together to kill him and Vhloraz took control defeating this attempt. Vhloraz would be killed during the peak of the Lucernian Invasion of Orleans and despite finally gaining full control over James Lovie II. for a time he was turned on by James who allowed himself to be killed by Hermione Granger and during this death Vhloraz was unable to escape and was killed as well.




Early History

James Lovie's Suicide Attempt

Main Article : James Lovie's Suicide Attempt

James Lovie's Suicide Attempt
I can't live like this anymore Esme. I need you to end this.
Esme Portmane Cover Amazing
I'm sorry James. There can be no doubting this. I watched you kill her with my own eyes.
Kieth Schwartz

Maergary would become a source of increased resistance to the corruption being suffered by her son James and in this resistance it was James that was after several months unable to stop Vhloraz from taking complete control for several minutes and during this time Vhloraz would murder Maergary in front of many onlookers before James was able to regain control. Following the realization that he had killed his mother in a blind rage he would come to the conclusion that he could no longer control whatever was happening within him, and with Lisa now nearly comatose he commanded that word be sent for Esme to be brought back to Lucerne.

Family Members


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