Vlarenix Cover Amazing Front
Taken on the form of Elsa Guthburn
Dragon Dovah White
Vital statistics
Spawned By Stragnarax
Alias Visedor Valtigar
Dovah White Dovah
Status Alive
Size 145 Feet Wing Span
Vlarenix is the egg spawn of Lornax, and was born during the years following the Driving Tide making him an extremely young White Dovah in comparison to the other White Dovah.

Vlarenix would heavily menipulate Anna Kendrick during the Nightmares of Anna, while she also menipulated Taylor Swift during the Dream Affair with both of these events showing the casual nature that Vlarenix held the menipulation of humans. These menipulations followed Vlarenix attempting to help the Dragonborn Eleonore Scarlet and failing at this miserbly she would decide to not get so emotionally attatched to those involved outside of William.

Kieth would in an attempt to save James work alongside the Dovah Vlarenix who he discovered moving inside the capital and together the two fashioned the device known as the Pendant of Cleansing which they hoped would remove the demon from James, but the devise failed to save James and only managed to discover the Dragonborn Eleonore Scarlet. Having discovered Eleonore Scarlet it was Vlarenix who worked through Catherine Lovie to attempt to connect Eleonore and William Lovie III.Elsa Guthburn would die during an accident while on a pilgrimage to High Hrothgar and was discovered first by Vlarenix and finding her dead body Vlarenix would take on her form in order to shield her family from the pain of her death. Vlarenix would begin to run a plot through High Hrothgar where Vlarenix would have people take part in a ritual where she could find out whether they were Dragonborn as she was attempting to find a Dragonborn to use for her her mother Lornax's plans for Lucerne.



Vlarenix has like her mother Lornax been single minded in her persuit of the rebirth of the White Dovah of Lucerne and while this has meant in general Vlarenix is a kind and protective Dovah she is also capable of some extreme acts of evil. In her attempt to create a true Dragonborn child she would menipulate Taylor Swift into engaging in a long term sexual relationship with William Lovie III. and to make sure that no one got in the way of this goal she would sterilize several men along the way to make sure that Taylor was not at risk of pregnancy from anyone but William.


Early History

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