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There is only Magi. In the end I would do anything, kill anyone to get more power. Never forget that my young apprentice. Never forget that you are only as important as the moment I'm thinking of what to do with your head.

W'soran is the child of unknown Lahmians during the age of the Neferata Dynasty. If W'Soran once had siblings, a wife, or children these are all gone in his constant search for more Magi power and there is noone close to him that he wouldn't sacrifice. W'soran is a Duke ofWeerhousen, and the leader of the Nechrarch Bloodline of which is the Bloodline most known for its Magi skill, and dark experiments. A Duke of Weerhousen, he could be deemed the least loyal of any of the Dukes perhaps only behind Ushoran in that regard. His importance, and the things that drive him are his own personal advancement, and for the time being he is most assisted by being ruled by Queen Neferata, but he is of no illusions that when the day comes she no longer advances his power, she will die.

First of the Necrarch Bloodline, was once a High Priest inLahmia when he received the elixir of Life from Neferata which turned him in a Vampire. He would be one of the first turned into a Vampire and he was the first besides Katia that threw himself fully into this new lifestyle. He was at first extremely loyal to Angelica Neferata but as time went on he became more and more obsessed with his growing Magi powers brought on by his improved ability to do whatever he wanted. He would form the Nechrarch Bloodline during his time in Lahmia making it the first named and organized Bloodline of all the Vampire Bloodlines, and he would lead it for its short time in Lahmia with a brutal fist. As in his life, in undead he continued to study Necromancy and became not only a potent vampire but a mighty Magi as well.


Early History

In that distant time, he was a High Priest in the court of Queen Neferata in Lahmia, which is a large Kingdom to the west of Nehekhara. He was served the elixir of life by Neferata, Queen of Lahmia and first of the vampires, and turned upon drinking in a first line or master vampire. Eleven were so blessed, forming the Deathles Court who ruled over Lahmia as gods, preying upon its inhabitants and possibly even the population of neighbouring kingdoms.

Rise of the Vampire Queen

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Decline of W`soran

Wsoran, like the other master vampires, gradually changed to fit his sinister lifestyle: he grew fangs, sharp teeth, gained an extremely pale complexion and became intolerant towards the sunlight. He also created many lesser vampires through the Blood Kiss. Of W`soran's life in that age is not much known, but it is hinted at that the Great Library had more than normal significance to him and his minions and that they studied the black arts or necromancy within.

Vampire Court in Greece

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The Founding of Weerhousen

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Magi Growth

Arnor Invasion of Weerhousen

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