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The Waffen Red Dragon Army is the largest of the four sections of the Order of the Red Dragon and it constitutes all elements of lands based military in the Order. The Waffen are heavily equipped as the entire army is meant to be the most elite sections of the armies of the Kingdom Of Lucerne, and as such are heavily financed. The Waffen gain the majority of their budget form the state itself making it perhaps the most professional of the Kingdom of Lucerne's different military orders.

The Waffen Army stood before the rise of the Order of the Red Dragon and was created by James Lovie I. as the start of the standing army of the Kingdom of Lucerne, and then expanded under James Lovie II.

The Waffen Red Dragon Army was the first section of the Order of the Red Dragon that was founded, and its founding was the brainchild of William Lovie III. who envisioned a state run military order that would be the first line of defense, and offense for the Kingdom of Lucerne. Under the guidelines set out by William Lovie III. several men went about organizing the actual army itself, and these men would spend nearly a year recruiting and arming thousands of the poorest of the Kingdom Of Lucerne, as this was in the mandate of the Order to recruit heavily from those that had the least.


The Waffen Red Dragon Army is organized underneath the Order of the Red Dragon, but is generally quite independant from the overall order in how it handles itself outside of direct commands from the Order itself. The Waffen Red Dragon Army begins with a small leadership caste at the top led by the Reich Marshall, to his council, and then beneath these lie the different units within the Army of whom are led in much the way of a regular state army. The Waffen Red Dragon Army is structured along the following lines :

Waffen Reich Marshal

Waffen Generals

Waffen Majors

Waffen Captains

The Waffen Reich Marshal

The Waffen Reich Marshal is the most powerful of the three Marshals within the Order of the Red Dragon, and this is due to the fact that he controls the Waffen forces of whom are the ground forces of the Order of the Red Dragon.

Name Seat Reign
William Swift Lucerne

Waffen General

The Waffen Generals are the commanders of the individual Divisions of the Waffen Red Dragon Army, and while acting underneath the command of the Waffen Reich Marshal they control their personal divisions. There are nine divisions in the Waffen Red Dragon Army leaving a general in charge of each of these divisions.

Waffen General Divisional Command Command Timeline
1st Waffen Lucernian Division
2nd Waffen Lucernian Division
3rd Waffen Garrnvale Division
Dylan Steinmare 7th Waffen Steinmare Division 5125 - Current

Waffen Major

The Waffen Major is the commander of a brigade within a Waffen Division and anwser to their personal Waffen General but have independant command absent overall command by a Waffen General or the Reich Marshall.

Name Brigade Command Command Timeline
Mathew Clegane 11th Lole Brigade
Alester Floren 3rd Brightwater Brigade

Waffen Captain

The Waffen Captain is the commander of a company within a brigade, and dvision of the Waffen Red Dragon Army and anwser directly to the Waffen Major of their company.

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