Previous Conflict None
Weerhousen Civil War
Weerhousen Civil War
Location Weerhousen
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Result Ongoing
Kingdom of Weerhousen Weerhousen Rebellion
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The Weerhousen Civil War is a large Civil War fought within the Kingdom of Weerhousen between the two morally divergent factions of the Kingdom with the conflict expanding through the involvment of several large external kingdoms in support of the rebels.



Davina Denn

Davina Denn is introduced and she explains her role as the heir to House Denn of which is one of the largest human houses that form the human aristocracy within Weerhousen to her guardians young daughter. It is explained that despite currently being in the Kingdom of Gilneas Davina Denn makes her home within the largest Weerhousen town of Ravensburg where she says her brother rules nominally since her father became sick with illness. Davina would take young Marie Strom to the gates the city of Gilneas where they would meet the returning army of Gilneas who was returning from the Kingdom of Ostrenlia where they had successfully changed the king of the nation leading to the union of the Kingdom of Gilneas and Kingdom of Ostrenlia and the beggining of the Empire of Gilneas. She also looks for Arthur Strom at the gates of the city but is told by Pepin that Arthur is further behind and most likely wont be home for a few more weeks. Following this she returns to her home with Pepin where she watches the emotional reuinion of Pepin and his beloved Lisette before they all go inside to eat dinner and talk of his time in Ostrenlia. Leaving her meeting with her guardian in the form of Pepin Ostrov she travels into the Gilneas Palace where she is shown to be very well known and met at the gates of the palace by Arthur Strom the youngest prince of Gilneas and only a year younger then herself the two are shown to be flirtatious and attracted to each other, and he holds he hand leading her up the massive steps of the Palace towards the throne where she is to meet with the king.


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