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Westros (Land) is a large region on the planet Earth within the continent of Europe, and sitting in the central area of said continent. Westros is defined by the excistence of the massive lake and the endless rivers all of which were caused by the Downfall of Numeron which ended with a massive spell explosion which rocked the land and turned it from a once endless grassland to the current state it is in. The land itself is seen as the center of Europe and throughout its history has been the sight of many historically important conflicts do to this location.

Westros could also refer too :


  • Westros (Book) : The Third book of the main New World Series, which centers on the Kingdom of Lucerne entering the region of Westros and the major Invasion of the Riverlands, Fairmarket, and Westbridge before further moving into Westros with the beggining of the Lucerne-Bolten War which showed the powerful Kingdom of Bolten.


  • Westros (Region) : A massive region of Central Europe once the home and center of the Empire of Numeron but became the centerpiece of their destruction forming a massive explosion which wrecked the land leaving it far more water dominated then the vast plains of Westros once were.
  • Great Westros Lake : A vast lake formed during the Downfall of Numeron which pinpoits the explosive center of the Downfall of Numeron and the original spot of the vast capital of the Numenorians. The Great Westros Lake is dominated by several nations with the most prominent being the Iron Islands, the Kingdom of Dole, Kingdom of Harrenhall, Kingdom of Seagard, Kingdom of Dustin, and the Kingdom of Bolten.