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Westros is the third story of the New World series, and continues the story line of the world and is one of the core stories inside the overall Valley of Lucerne Series. The story describes the Kingdom of Lucerne's rise in the region of Westros, and the conflict that brews because of this and the rise of House Targaryan. Also this story will deal heavily with the Kingdom of Arnor who is threatened immensely by The Empire.

In the preview chapter the POV character of Marcel Lovie II. is laying in the ruins of Frostmore while he discusses in his last minutes how the city fell, and what transpired to leave him broken and near death in some Arnor City. As he nears death he is found by Arthas Menathil who at first appears to help him, before stabbing him in the chest and then moving his forces onwards.

The story also deals heavily with the changes in the life of House Lovie as they are forced to watch as the death of Brooke Scott changes things for them in many ways, and also the drifting of William away from Bella Swan and towards Leven Martell.

Westros begins with a council meeting held by William Lovie where the details of the collapsing situation in Arnor are revealed but William and the council are unsure just how bad things have gotten. Western Arnor collapses underneath a massive demonic invasion by Kevin Zegars and Chris Hemsworth falls in battle leading to The Empire invading the remaining eastern Arnor. Lucerne sends forces under the command of Marcel Lovie who are to meet with the army of Lorderon who are going to try and defend Fornost. The defence fails and Marcel retreats to Frostmore where he is fatally wounded and then killed when Arthas's force arrives and shows its true colors by revelaing the massive skeletal armies of Arthas. Following the fall of Arnor the situation switches to Saiden Scarlet of whom details the beggining of the First Bolten War with Luceren of which begins with the attack against the Divine Lands.

POV Characters

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POV Character Chapters
William Lovie III.
Edward Cullen
Alice Lovie
Leven Martell
Jon Snow
Domeric Bolten
Marcel Lovie II.

Births and Deaths

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Plot Summary

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Preview Chapter

In the preview chapter the POV character of Marcel Lovie II. is laying in the ruins of Frostmore while he discusses in his last minutes how the city fell, and what transpired to leave him broken and near death in some Arnor City. As he nears death he is found by Arthas Menathil who at first appears to help him, before stabbing him in the chest and then moving his forces onwards.

Prologue Chapter

Part One

Brooke Scott is the POV Character of the second half of the prologue chapter and during this she rides the watches from afar the changes in her beloved William and then as she returns from flying above Lucerne to her cottage that she has built in the mountains she sences people inside the cottage and prepares to see her mother of sorts in Flemeth. Entering the cottage she does not find her mother but instead finds her sister she is visited by Odin of whom removes much of her coruption and then when commanded to kill William she resists and instead meets him on his way to the mountains. Following William she sees through his mind as the POV switches to a William centric chapter but it is being seen through her eyes.

Part Two

Chapter One

Leven Martell is the POV Character of Chapter One and she, William, and Jasper make their way back from the Mountains of Lucerne and they see a new happiness to William as he had recieved the good news from Lornax that perhaps reconsilitation would be possible at some point. Jasper goes ahead while William makes an excuse and stays with Leven where he grabs her hand and lays down in the snow getting her to join him. The two hold hands for some time and as he stares at her smiling the two kiss for the first time in years, and after kissing her he pulls back smiling and then gets up taking her with him as they fly back to Lucerne. Returning to Lucerne they are met by Emma Bell, Bella Swan, and Alice Lovie of whom tell him that they have recieved word from Arnor that the Valerians have attacked the west and there will be an assault by the Empire at any point. Leven joins the meeting hosted with the Arch Lords and the Grand Lords of Lucerne where William discusses the collapsing situation in Arnor. Leven Martell and the rest of the Shadow Council at this point deals with the fact that at the same time this is happening they have not heard back from Edward of whom travelled into Lorderon on a search to find coruption in House Menathil, and they fear the worst. William during this meeting commands Leven, and Emmett lead a force to Lorderon to find out what has happened and they will be supported heavily by the Riverlands.

Chapter Two

Domeric Bolten is the POV Character of Chapter Two and he travels to Hornwood to meet with Halys of whom warns him that the tides are turning and that Ramsey is gaining more and more influence at court. The begginning talks of the Invasion of the Divine Lands begins when Domeric returns to the Dreadfort with Halys Hornwood and some of his vassals. During their time in the Dreadfort a giant meeting is held with all the Bolten lords, and Ramsey bullies the council into attacking the Divine Lands. As they leave Domeric and Josh Cole discuss the fact that the Coles are not willing to die for the madness of Ramsey, and Domeric begs Josh to trust that he can protect them all.

Chapter Three

Hermione Granger is the POV Character of Chapter Three and during this chapter she arrives in Fornost where she meets with Chris Hemsworth of whom knows the location of the Dagger of Lost Souls and for this reason she needed him to try and find it. After convinsing him of why she needed the dagger it was Chris that was prepared to give her the location but they were interrupted the arrival of Er-Lokian Hemsworth, and Is-Rillion Vensworth of which causes Hermione to be taken out of the room by several guards and followed out by Rillion. Standing in the hallway with rillion he sences her magi abilities and discussing why she is here he tells her how dire the sitation in western Arnor truly is. Her conversation with Rillion ends when Lokian and Christoph come into the hallway and Chris tells her that he would give her the scroll showing its location but before he could do this he needed her help in dealing with the forces of Chaos that were attacking western Arnor under the banner of Valeria. Hermione with no choice and also wanting to help these people who she can clearly see are good people would follow the Arnor army into the west and she would witness the destruction the Valerians did on western Arnor, and she would during this time attempt to make Chris see reason and turn back. As the fighting got more desperate it was Hermione that was grabbed by Rillion who pointed at the massive demon that was butchering their troops and asking her to follow him she did but with great fear and together the two confronted the demon N'kari. After several minutes of fighting the demon knocked Hermione to the ground and without her magi support Rillion was destroyed by the Fade as it overwhelmed him sucking him inside the fade itself, but Hermione overcome with rage at his death got back to her feet and fought against the demon. As the two fought to a standstill Hermione talked with the demon who revealed herself as a titan named N'kari and as they fought and talked Hermione was painfully aware that the Arnor forces around her had all but collapsed and eventually she became surrounded by demons and mortal cultists and as they pushed in on her she released her guards sundering the ground around her killing hundreds of cultists and demons but knocking herself out. Hermione would wake tied to a tree with a man sitting on a stool beside her who told her that she was a hostage and the man revealed himself to be a Dark Magi in the service of Keven Zegars in the form of Kieth Schwartz and the two talked briefly before she was shocked to see Kevin Zegers the man that Christoph had come to stop come towards her. Kevin wanted to have her executed but for some reason Kieth Schwartz lied to Kevin telling him that she was a member of the Circle of Magi and could be trusted. Saving her life the two would talk, and Kieth told her that he did this because Bill had told him that she was worthy of protection, and it was his best friends final command to him.

Chapter Four

Lucie Lovie is the POV Character of Chapter Four and she is at Dun Garak with her mother where they are still not talking after Lucie discovered that Britney had not sent any of the letters to William her father and despite Britney attempting to talk to her Lucie doesn't respond. Her silence ends with the arrival of the Lucernian army alongside the accompanying forces of the Kingdom of Lollard both of whom have sent forces to assist Arnor in the defense of their land from the Empire and Valerians. Lucie follows with her mother as they travel down the steps of Dun Garak to where the Dwarves are assisting the Lucernian/Lolland forces in entering the gatehouse and as Natalie approaches the Lucernians she without words hands Lucie little Jane and then rushes to the Lucernian lines where she embraces one of the men who from his position and armor must be the leader of the Lucernian army. As they watch the embrace Britney leans into Lucie and whispers that the man being hugged is Lucie's father William's cousin Marcel Lovie, and promises to introduce the two. Lucie Lovie bonds briefly with Marcel Lovie II. of whom she confides in that she is in fact the daughter of William Lovie III., and Marcel promices her that when he leaves Arnor he will take her with him if she wishes and have her see her father.

Chapter Five

Edward Cullen is the POV Character of Chapter Five and during this chapter we learn the consequences of his search in Lorderon. Edward, Hilary, and Gemma make their way back from the caves they had been trapped inside, and reach their destinating finding themselves back in Lorderon and Edward and the group would enter to a city in termoil. The city was fighting itself as the cultists left behind by Arthas were very well organzied and were operating like they were royalists trying to restart the Kingdom of Lorderon of which was a very popular idea for the people of Lorderon. Working alongside the remaining Menathils of whom liked the way things were now they would unite the Lucernian forces in the city, from there would call for assistence from the Scarlets that were nearbye, as well as the Kul Tiras forces of whom were also nearbye. During the end of the chapter Edward finally is able to get one of the Magi stones of which was brought by the Kirin Tor, and using this he tells William about Arthas's betrayal. Ordered to make Talia Menathil the new lord of the grand state of Lorderon he does this but during the crowning of her near the end of the ceremony the site is attacked by cultists and a large fight breaks out in the area.

Chapter Six

Alice Lovie is the POV Character of this chapter and during this chapter she. The chapter ends with Alice sitting at the dinner table eating with William, and the children when she feels the need to touch her stone and the moment she does she is overcome with pain and falls unconscious. While unconscious the link between her and Marcel leads to her feeling his final moments from his point of view as at the moment he was dying at Fornost, and feeling this is a horrifying moment for Alice as she realizes this is no dream and what is actually happening, and after he dies she wakes telling everyone around her that Marcel is dead.

Chapter Seven

William Lovie III. is the POV Character of Chapter Seven and he deals with the consequences of the death of Marcel Lovie, and the ruination of the northern army that advanced there, but before he is to leave for Westros he meets with Morrigan of whom talks with him briefly before she leaves again for the west she tells him. Following this conversation he has a feeling about where Brooke is and taking Keenclaw he travels into the mountains where he finds her at a small cottage built into mountain side. For nearly an entire day he stays with her together with his beloved finally once more, but is forced to leave when she reveals to him that he needs to return and he only leaves when she promices that she will still be there when he gets back from where he needs to go. Following his return to the city it is agreed that he will travel to Westbridge, and thus he travels to Westridge where he meets with Christopher Bell of whom had traveled to Arnor and gathered the fallen Lucernians including Marcel Lovie. The fate of Natalie Portmane, Lucie Lovie, Liam and Britney Hemsworth are left unknown at this point, but William makes their rescue and whereabouts top priority for his agents. Discussing with the agents he sends several groups but one main group he sends led by Karl Donovan a knight in the service of Lorderon of whom has been shown to be quite loyal but more importantly knows Natalie from her days in Lorderon. Sending Karl Donovan to Arnor under the lie that he was nothing more then a diplomatic attache he would be the main man on the ground who would be responsible for looking for Natalie. Taking the body of Marcel south by fleet they arrive at the Port of Stormwind stopping briefly when they are alerted by Lord Vanduin Lonar of the serious situation in Bolten that the William communicates with Karl Franz one last time and comes to truly believe that Karl had nothing to do with this attack, and that worries him because the Troy's of Austria are a dangerous group clearly not responding to their own Emperor.

Chapter Eight

Jon Snow is the POV Character during Chapter EIght and arrives in Koenisburg with his northern swords of Winterfell and some ninety men at arms from Stormwind. Arriving at the port they are met inside the city before their arrival at the keep by Britt Lancave of whom continues to show herself as an extremely kind girl of whom makes a point of adressing Jon as Jon Starke instead of the bastard name. Talking with Britt they enter the Keep where they join several other figures including Tyrion Lannister and during his time there he continues to talk to Britt Lancave, of whom despite his continued attempts to get her to stop refuses the name Jon Snow and calls him Jon Starke the entire time he is around her. During the end of the chapter he recieves another letter from Jeorh Mormont of which is more dire then the last letter, but details the fact that he is running out of time to go north and do what needs to be done.

Chapter Nine

Saiden Scarlet is the POV Character of this chapter, and he is forced to deal with a letter sent to him by Josh Cole conserning joining the Lucernians. Reading the letter openly with his commanders he gains the most advise from his niece Maera Scarlet of whom finally having revealed herself as a fighter following the Invasion of Westbridge has found herself named a General in his army following her excellent work at Westbridge. Meeting eventually with Josh Cole he is able to agree to the idea of marrying off Taimen Scarlet to a Cole girl and this leads to the final sealing of an alliance between the two forces. Saiden Scarlet following this is forced to turn many of his forces alongside House Clegane northward as a cult has become large in Lorderon and must be dealt with. Arriving at Lorderon he meets with a large army of Kul Tiras, and the Riverlands of whom met at the southern edge of Lorderon city as it was besieged from within by the Chaotic Cult of Arthas.

Chapter Ten

Domeric Bolten is the POV Character of this chapter and during this chapter he meets with Daryn Hornwood of whom is leading the Hornwood forces, and tells him in no uncertain terms that what is coming in Jeutenburg is going to be a massacre, and he will not be able to do much to stop it, but Daryn should do everything in his power to stop the coming monsters. Domeric will from this moment forward feign illness, and use his cousin Jordin Bolten to cover for him as he takes on a helmet and shield and joins the forces of House Hornwood. Not even Daryn knows his identity but he stays nearbye Daryn at the execution and could see the look on his friends eyes when he looked at Corina Banner and knew how this would end. As Daryn turned on House Urnet Domeric did nothing, and helped Daryn during the fighting that took place when Daryn didn't kill the Lord of Jeutenburg and turned completely on House Urnet. Leaving after this he would quickly make by horse to the outskirts of Koenisburg of which he reached hours before they were to meet with the Lucernians. Domeric learned from Jordin that Ramsey had spent two days stopped south of Jeutenburg hunting several women, and then spent another day torching several villages, and had failed to continue the momentum of the Jeutenburg attack.

Chapter Eleven

Leven Martell is the POV Character of this chapter and she leaves Fairmarket with Emmett McCarty from a ship in order to deal with the collapsing situation in Lorderon, and make sure everything goes well. Arriving on the outskirts days before Saiden and the others are prepared to assault the walls she and Emmett infiltrate the city and make their way to the keep where they meet with the Menathils that all remained loyal to Lucerne and are able to lead the defence of the keep as the cultists attempt to assault the walls. Driving their leadership back the cultists are then assaulted from behind by the invading Scarlet, and Riverlands forces of whom shatter the cultists driving them to the death and ending the threat to Lorderon.

Chapter Twelve

Hedrik Clegane III. is the POV Character of this chapter and during this chapter he alongside the other commanders in Koenisburg deal with the sacking of the Divine Lands by the forces of Bolten, and towards the end of the chapter deal with the confrontation with Ramsey Bolten.

Chapter Thirteen

Alice Lovie is the POV Character of this chapter and during this chapter she is talking with Emmett when Blake Cullen enters the room and proceeds to break into tears which Alice doesn't believe are real but Emmett quickly comforts her as she tells them that Michael Faraday is up to no good in his home. Going with Blake for a time she sees darkness in the girl, and looking into it she discovers that there are rumors that she has engaged in an affair with Emmett behind the back of Alice's friend Rosalie Hale. Emmett returns after killing Michael Faraday and Alice confronts him on the affair, and Blake walks in during this and attacks Rosalie for her failure to produce a child for Emmett, and Alice is shocked when Emmett doesn't come to her defence. Alice joins William at the funeral of Marcel Lovie II. where the two siblings share an emotional moment with his wife of whom blames William and threatens him before Jasper steps in and removes her despite William wanting to hear more from her. Towards the end of the chapter Alice is walking with several gaurds when they pass out for seemingly no reason, and seconds after she finds a bolt in one of their necks, and before she can do anything else a man grabs her by the neck and pulls her down an alleyway. Threatening her, and dragging her through a doorway into a tunnel he meets with several other men all carrying a sigil of a dark raven, and once they meet with a dark skinned man none of the men say another word to her. Just as they reach a large room in the tunnel one of the men is struck in the face with a crossbow bolt, and a fight breaks out which ends when Ezio, Sophia Lovie, and Edward Shephard alongside several other Violet Dragons kill the remaining men who captured her but leave the dark skinned man alive.

Chapter Fourteen

Tyrek Lannister is the POV Character of this chapter and during this chapter he and Jamie Lannister land at the Port of Grandlen where they meet with Lord Ancel Grandlen and Nicoli Machiavelli but as they are unloading their Lannister force they can see that the Grandlen troops have already rallied and are prepared to move. Jamie becomes the leader of the Grandlen/Lannister force and places Hanzal Reyne, and Dale Grandlen as his top generals and with this in place they begin marching towards the north east where information they have says that Ramsey Bolten has retreated towards. As the move forward the chapter ends with Tyrek, and Jamie Lannister realizing that their insider in the form of Jordin Bolten has indeed led Ramsey Bolten into a trap, and they have camped themselves onto a dead end path on the edge of a river. At the end of the chapter Tyrek, Jamie, and Daven Lannister sit in their personal tent and discuss the goings on back home as Jamie reads a letter from Cersei. Discusted with what he read he hands the letter to Tyrek before walking out of the tent saying how he wish Tyrek had been his son and not Joefrey. Tyrek and Daven discuss how he too has heard how Joefrey has begun to once again threaten the Rhunians and Daven has heard that Bran Starke is being commanded to lead a force alongside Tommen Lannister to deal with the situation.

Chapter Fifteen

Lucie Lovie is the POV Character of this chapter and during this chapter she and her mother are retreating southward from Fornost with the army of Marcel Lovie when Britney recieves news from one of her agents that Lorderon has had a brief civil war after it was discovered that Arthas was a chaos supporter, and despite Lucie begging her mother to tell Marcel Britney would refuse this and took her daughter alongside nearly all of her supporters and travelled eastward away from the Lucerne army and away from where she knew Arthas and his force would be coming. Arriving in Dun Garek Lucie and Britney would have a blow up as Lucie was horrified at what her mother had done, and this would perhaps break them as a relationship as Britney was unable to lie her out of what she had done to Marcel. Still a child and at the mercy of her mother Lucie would be taken with her mother as they travelled through the Dwarven Tunnels and made their way south and into Westros.

Chapter Sixteen

Edward Cullen is the POV Character of this chapter and during this chapter he returns to Lucerne to little applause and other then his sister and William he is barely noticed. He and Gemma meet with the Order of the Blue in Lucerne and more information is given about the strength of Tevinter in the north, and the fact that the conflict is becoming a slug fest against their enemies. Edward meets briefly with Morrigan of whom tells him about things and advises that he goes to see Tanya of whom is moving on without him, and if he truly loves her then he needs to atleast make one more effort towards her. Following this advise from Morrigan he goes and sees Tanya about their divorse, but as they talk he felt the distance between the two and despite wanting them to get closer together everything he seems to try fails and she insults him by talking about her being with Radlet Scarlet and how much better a person and a lover Radlet is. Edward attempts to fix things despite this revelation with her not in order to save their marriage but who they used to be, but she is unwilling to accept his words and tells him she is leaving with their children for Hearthglen with Radlet and he stands and watches as she leaves. Standing alone in a place that once was his home and seeing in that moment that nothing was left for him in the life he had before, he decides in his mind to leave the world of Lucerne where he feels he has lost everything. Going to see William in this he finds William with Leven and notices very quickly that things between those two are changing but this isn't something he cares about in the moment and just tells William that he wants to take a party, and join the war effort in Tevinter. William knew the reason behind this and advised him not to go with the mindset of dying, but Edward refused to listen to William despite a lengthy conversation and would depart with his party for Tevinter.

Chapter Seventeen

Domeric Bolten

Chapter Details

Domeric Bolten is the POV Character of this chapter and during this chapter he and Ramsey finally blow up at each other as Ramsey commands the army to retreat eastward away from Koenisburg, and Domeric attempts to take control demanding for a meeting of the armies leadership of which happens in an event known as the Bolten Meeting Outside Koenisburg. At the meeting it becomes clear early on that Domeric does not have the support of the armies leaders with only House Hornwood giving him major backing while the two most powerful in the form of House Karstarke and House Urnet both are very agressive in their support of Ramsey. Having failed completely in regaining control of the army he is forced to accept this new direction, and as the army shifts eastward he goes to his cousin Jordin Bolten and after speaking with him for a brief time he forces Jordin to follow Ramsey and make sure he doesn't do anything stupid. After Jordin reluctantly leaves him he attempts to meet with Lord Yohn Urnet and after waiting for almost an hour for Yohn to see him he is finally taken into the Urnet camp and meets with the Urnet leadership. Yohn is shown to be reliant upon his son Theomore, and his brother Hygon for advise and throughout their conversation it becomes clear that Ramsey has already made a deal with the Urnet's and nothing Domeric says is able to sway them to his side forcing him to leave without anything gained. Following his failure with the Urnet's he moves next to meet with the Karstark's and is given quick access to meet with the leader of the Karstark's but he discovers that after the meeting Lord Rickard Karstark had left the camp and had placed his son Harrion in charge of the remaining Karstark men and the meeting with Harrion goes horribly as Harrion is a cruel man with little respect for Domeric leading to a near fight which only is averted by the intervention of several of Domeric's knights.

Chapter 18

William Lovie III. is the POV Character of this chapter and during this chapter he meets through Magi stone with the Elector Count of Austria of whom he is forced to discuss the terms of the surrender of the remaining forces of Arnor including the members of his family that have been supposedly captured. William having finally found peace at court for the moment tucks his children into bed, says good night to his wife and leaves for the mountains on Keenclaw where he finds Brooke true to her word waiting for him at the cottage again. Engaging into an affair he refuses to accept she is truly dead or that anything is wrong with her despite her constant attempts to get him to see the truth. William also at the end of the chapter greets Leven Martell of whom has returned from Lorderon, and the two share a kiss of which he apologizes to her for, and they continue to walk together but things have changed between the two.

Chapter 19

Ezio Ederiz is the POV Character of this chapter and during this chapter he interrogates his old friend from Ravenholdt and learns the depths of what has come to pass over the Ravenholdt Order and knows that they will be doing more things like this as the time moves forward. Ezio Ederiz ends his interogation when William Lovie commands him to go to Dole with an elite force and capture a Dolish family related to Karl Franz's wife in order to add further bartering to the negotiations.

Chapter 20

Jon Snow is the POV Character of this chapter and during this chapter he returns within Koenisburg alongside Hedrik Clegane III., Tyrion Lannister, and Britt Lancave where they discuss the detioration of the conversation they had and all return very worried by what the clearly made man Ramsey Bolten will do. While the situation in Koenisburg and the Boltens is seeming to fall apart Jon Snow is increasingly overcome with the need to go north and save Ygritte from he now knows is an almost assured death at the hands of the White Walkers, and in this way he confides in Britt Lancave on her opinion of the matter. Britt Lancave is unwilling to tell him to leave the city as the danger to the city is so high and she knows if he leaves now he would be wanted for treason as would all of his friends who would surely follow him north, and with this in mind he reluctantly rejects going north.

Chapter 21 

Leven Martell is the POV Character of this chapter and during this chapter she has returned to Lucerne where she is becoming increasingly aware of the romantic nature that is taking over her relationship with William, and also the significantly happier status he appears to be in.

Chapter 22 

Hermione Granger is the POV Character of this chapter and during this chapter she follows with Kieth Schwartz trying to find her chance to escape as the army of Valeria travels eastward and hits the Lucernians and Arnor forces from the western side, and then she retreats alongside the Valerians after they sense the incoming army of Arthas Menathil.

Chapter 23 

Saiden Scarlet is the POV Character of this chapter and during this chapter the fate of Bolten is somewhat sealed as the alliance between House Cole, and Lucerne is cemented during a massive meeting on a boat between the two forces. Saiden is forced to marry of many people into House Cole as well Diane Portmane the sister of the king goes to the Cole lands as collateral.

Chapter 24

Lucie Lovie is the POV Character of this chapter and during this chapter she and her mother spends several weeks in the Arnor protectorate of the Kingdom of Lolland where she organizes her forces for her next move which is her plan to take control of the Kingdom of Stor and then make an alliance with William and finally showing him her strength.

Chapter 25

Edward Cullen is the POV Character of this chapter and during this chapter he and his party arrive in Westbridge where they meet with the Starke's of whom are leaving for the south and there is being a handover of command in the north. Edward Cullen talks with Robb Starke about the war in the north, and he details the violence of it all, and also the fact that reinforcements will be coming in extreme numbers from the south as the forces of the Darkmore's have been commanded following the end of their troubles to send forces into the north. During the end of the chapter as there boat rolls into the port of Noveria Edward and Brandon Yesten discuss his life, and Edward sits back and realizes how much Brandon has grown since he was the small boy who held his supplies for him from time to time.

Chapter 26 

William Lovie III. is the POV Character of this chapter and during this chapter he travels to Forks with the Shadow Council, and his family alongside also sending a letter inviting Riley Scott and Sigmund Scott to come to Forks with Lucas. Arriving in Forks they meet with Aria Arryn of whom's father has died and she is named Arch Dutchess of Berne while Hanna Arryn is named to the council and returns to Lucerne with the rest of them and her husband. William Lovie III. also recieves a visitor in the form of Grace Starke of whom tells William that Bran, and Tommen have crossed into Rhunian but there attempts to reason with Joefrey have met with failure. William commands that Gulian Swann lead some fifty Swann men and travel eastward to make sure that Joefrey understands that if he does not listen to the commands of the crown they he will be dealt with most harshly.

Chapter 27

Hedrik Clegane III. is the POV Character of this chapter and during thsi chapter Hedrik Clegane prepares to follow Jon Snow to retake Jeutenburg, but hours before they are to leave a raven arrives from Lorderon for him and the contents of the letter cause him to take his Northern Swords of Winterfell as well as Britt Lancave northward basically abandoning the Bolten front. Following the departure of Jon Snow Hedrik Clegane III. is placed in overall command of the army and in this way moves the army quickly eastward with the goal of retaking Jeutenburg and engaging the retreating forces of Bolten with his increasingly expansive forces. Retaking Jeutenburg they make delaying actions against the forces of Bolten in order to further delay the forces of Bolten from escaping the trap that is incoming against them from the Lannisters.

Chapter 28

Alice Lovie is the POV Character of this this chapter and during this chapter she discovers she is pregnant but before she can abort the child with poison the pregnancy is discovered by Emma Bell of whom tells Jasper who is walking into the room. Alice feels guilty after this and instead of poisoning the child she begins working herself to the bone silently attempting to have a miscarriage, and even intentionally falls of a horse attempting to cause the baby to abort, but instead of this happening she injures her leg and William has her on bed rest without removal until pregnancy. William has her write several important letters for him of which they spend hours discussing the matters, and she is awoken by Bella of whom pulls a blanket over her, and then wakes William to take him with her to their bed. Alice watches her best friend Bella take William and realizes that she is jelous, and that is the last thing she thinks as the chapter ends.

Chapter 29 

Tyrek Lannister is the POV Character of this chapter and during this chapter the forces of House Lannister smash into the forces of Ramsey Bolten in the Battle of Green Creek. The destruction is complete and Tyrek watches as Jamie finds the body of the man they believe to be Ramsey Bolten, and not even Jordin Bolten is able to see that the bloody corpse is not Ramsey but Ramsey is hidden as Reek, and escapes the battle.

Chapter 30

Ezio Ederiz is the POV Character of this chapter and during this chapter he travels to Westbridge with the family of Karl Franz's wife, and this causes a serious negotiation that leads to many prisoners being freed from the Empire. Ezio meets with Shia Labouef of whom lends him the use of the Magi stone of Westbridge, and a three way conversation grows between the two of them and William of whom contends that Karl Franz will make trades because of the kidnapping.

Chapter 31

Jon Snow is the POV Character of this chapter and during this chapter he is riding outside of Koenisburg alongside Samwell and Britt Lancave preparing to lead the large army arrayed outside the walls eastward towards the forces of Bolten. A raven arrives and a Koenisburg guard finds him telling him the raven was directed to him, and was said to be extremely urgent leading Jon Snow to return to the Keep where he is stopped by Tucker of whom tells him that the letter was from Jeor Mormont. 

Chapter 32 

Lucie Lovie is the POV Character of this chapter and during this chapter she arrives in Stor alongside her mother, and despite wanting to tell the kind Roslin Stor of her mothers plan she believes her mother when Britney tells her that she changed her mind and simply wishes to remain in Stor for a brief time before travelling to Lucerne and reuniting with William. Shortly after their arrival her mother begins to isolate herself in her quarters and refused to speak to Lucie only crying and in this way Lucie would seek out Roslin of whom knew Britney from Britney's earlier trip to Stor, and Roslin would go to Britney of which was seen by Lucie when she would hide herself in the closet. Roslin would go to Britney Hemsworth and attempt to help her but found Britney crying in her room and Britney would beg the supremely intelligent Roslin to take Lucie away from the capital for a time and show her the sights of Stor. Despite not wanting to leave the capital while so much important things were happening she and Britney had become friends over all the years Britney had visited the land, and from that Roslin trusted her. Lucie would following this be approached by Roslin of whom told her she planned to travel Stor for a time, and she wanted Lucie to come with her and her family, and after discovering her mother had allowed this she would steadily agree with travelling with Roslin.

Chapter 33

Domeric Bolten

Chapter Details

Domeric Bolten is the POV Character of this chapter and during this chapter he is in command of a splinter force that he is using to block the Lucernians from moving towards Karhold from the north, and joined in this command by Daryn Hornwood he struggles against the seemingly endless number of Lucernian forces that are arrayed against them. Domeric is planning there next move when a messenger arrives telling him that the Targonian's have abandoned their spot on the front and are moving towards Isselheim a town just west of their capital of Dellbrough. Realizing that the Targonians are attempting to join the Lucernians and while talking with his commanders they guess that the Targonians plan to take Isselheim in order to shatter the entire front as Isselheim stands at the edge of the Dellbrough River and blocks access north. Domeric leads the army towards Isselheim sending word to House Stormrain to move their forces as well towards Isselheim, but with how silent the Stormrain have been he cannot trust they will arrive. of continues to travel in retreat with much of the loyalist elements of the Bolten army, when he learns of the destruction of his brothers force at the Green River. Wishing to rescue his brothers remains he nearly travels to Green River with the Bolten army but is convinced not too by Rickard Karstarke of whom pitited and respected the honor of Domeric Bolten. Domeric Bolten during this time receives a letter from his cousin Jordin saying he has joined Lucerne, and that he has learned the plot against Domeric is quite extensive and that Domeric needs to surrender himself or face betrayal.

Chapter 34

Leven Martell is the POV Character of this chapter and during this chapter she spends time with Ashley, Thomas, and William Lovie as William is busy meeting with the council, and Bella has become sick, of which blamed on her pregnancy. As she takes them around the palace grounds of Lucerne the children all go and play together except for Thomas of whom remains behind and tells her that he fears Riley Scott. Leven discovers that Riley threatened his life years previous and he believes that Riley still poses a threat to them. When William meets them in the palace grounds he sits with Leven and they talk as the children play together, and they discuss how William, and Thomas will be going to the Lucernian Academy soon. As they sit the two hold hands, and once again things have changed between the two of them. William tells her of how Karl Franz had agreed to ransom the remaining members of House Lovie in a trade for his wives family, and Leven is once again amazed that William was able to pull of that kind of operation, and she kisses him on the cheek when Nicoli Machiavelli arrives and wishes to discuss with William the issues he had asked about in the lands of the Empire of Nehekhara. At first Leven believes she would be required to leave but William asks her to stay and she listens in as they discuss his plans to send for mercenaries from Nehekhara in order to further boost their military forces.

Chapter 35

Hermione Granger is the POV Character of this chapter and during this chapter she remains with the Valerian army as it ravages and destroys the lands of western Arnor capturing thousands and sending them back to Valeria where Kieth tells her the Slanaash followers in the army are preparing a massive escalation of their violent excesses. Hermione Granger witnesses Keven Zegars mask his appearance to diplomats sent from The Empire making them believe he is honorable and because of this the Empire does not intervene against his chaos forces allowing him the ability to return to Valeria and deal with his sister and her rebels. Hermione at the end of the chapter witnesses Keven make a deal with Austrian diplomats that give much of western Arnor to Austria in return for not revealing the chaos elements within the Valerian army. Moing further westward Hermione is silently warned by Kieth Schwartz that things are going to get very violent once they get back to the core Valerian lands and if she wishes to leave then the time is nearly up for her to get away. The next day she is woken in the middle of the night byb Keith Schwartz of whom commands her to follow him and she does follow him into the forest where they ride for an hour before coming upon a grove where she sees Kevin Zegars and his command structure all standing around seemingly waiting for something. They wait there for another hour watching Kevin Zegards group and while there they eventually discover a group of Empire soldiers enter the grove and they escort a small group of chained and hooded figures of which when Kevin begins laughing maniacly they discover that one of the victoms is Natalie Portmane the Queen of Arnor. Seeing Natalie Portmane and remembering the kindess that she had been shown by William Lovie III. what seemed so long ago she almost goes to try and fight but is stopped by Kieth Schwartz of whom tells her that she won't survive and needs to escape so the Lucernians truly discover where Natalie is. Forced to leave lest they be caught she follows Kieth of whom takes her not back to the Valerian camp but instead to a small hidden camp where he tells her they will be parting for the final time revealing the camp is held by Lucernians following the trail of Natalie Portmane. After seeing this Hermionesays goodbye to Kieth Schwartz of whom she had grown to like as a person who she knew regretted everything in his life, and then makes her way into the camp where she is met by several guards including their leader in Karl Donovan. Letting Karl know who she is he allows her to join him as they make there move towards 

Chapter 36

Edward Cullen is the POV Character of this chapter and he arrives in Noveria where he meets with their leadership and continues to organize the Lucernian operations of which are devesating the untrained and ill disciplined forces of Tevinter. During this chapter and during a battle at the end of the chapter he sees Lord Voldermorte and watches the man stare him down across the battlefield. The Lucernians and Thedas forces move against the Tevinter army situated outside of Serlinia of which is led by several very prominent Death eaters including several very close to the Dark Lord himself. Edward now in command of the force alongside several other Lucernians sends a large cavalry force to outflank the Tevinter army causing them to stop retreating and this leads to the two forces to fight outside of the town of Serlinia. During the fighting Edward is able to alongside the rest of his party counter the Magi of Lord Voldermorte and this forces deliver a crushing defeat on the Tevinter army and Lord Voldermorte retreats as well.

Chapter 37

Tyrek Lannister is the POV Character of this chapter and during this chapter the Lannister army rampages across central Bolten completely destroying the resistence they find and taking castle after castle. As they have success Tyrek watches Jamie become enraged and sack a castle after he receives a letter from Cersei of which details that Joefrey has refused to listen to the commands of the royal family and because of this Bran, and Tommen are sieging him at his fort at Koenisburg, and it cannot hold for long before it falls. Following this Jamie plans a massive trap at Whisperwind Castle and Tyrek witnesses as they blackmail House Whisperwind into becoming a partner in this trap.

Chapter 38

Saiden Scarlet is the POV Character of this chapter and during this chapter he crosses the bridge into the lands of the Kingdom of Bolten with the forces of Lucerne of whom meet with their now allies in House Cole, and during this they make their way eastward in order to cut off the Boltens from assistence from the northern lands of Bolten. A negotion begins with House Mortling of whom controls the vast Mortling Stronghold of which controls the route southward from the northern lands, and after much negotiation the Mortlings agree, and the Cole, and Lucernian army gain the Mortlings, but stay in Mortling Stronghold for a night. The contingent led by Andrik, and Olivia Wilde continue to hold sway and despite Saiden's attempts to resist her advances he would sleep with Olivia Wilde at the end of the chapter.

Chapter 39

Hedrik Clegane III. is the POV Character of this chapter and during this chapter he continues fighting in Jeutenburg where a stiff resistence from the defenders has caused the siege to drag on longer then they had wanted. Hedrik meets with the leadership of House Banner, as well as a large troop of forces from Toenisburg arrive in order to assist in the rebuilding of Jeutenburg alongside garrisoning it once they are forced to leave for the east. Hedrik Clegane III. at the end of the chapter fights his way through the final segment of the defences and kills Willen Flayed of which ends the resistence of the Boltens in the city.

Chapter 40

Ezio Ederiz is the POV Character of this chapter and during this chapter Ezio travels northward to Tyke where he meets with representatives of The Empire in order to finalize the trade of people between the two sides, and during the conversations there he and the Empire men are attacked by Order of the Raven men of whom are only killed after Hermione Granger kills the remaining attackers, and then collapses of exhaustion. Ezio Ederiz following this returns to Lucerne where he meets with William, and they come to the conclusion alongside several other high ranking officials that he should take a detatchment and kill Ramsey Bolten so that their two front war could end. Realizing that this will be an extremely hard mission and most likely result in his own death he brings a large contingent of Violet Dragons with him, but unknown to everyone going with him he plans to have them stay in the Dreadfort and not follow him wherever Ramsey runs too.

Chapter 41

Alice Lovie is the POV Character of this chapter and during this chapter she forces William to let her out of bed for a short time to spend some time with him, and after finally relenting she joins as William, Nicoli Machiavelli and she is suprised when Leven is also there but either way they all meet with Cersei Lannister, Clarke Greymane, Isilian Scarlet, and several other high nobles of whom they discuss their plans with about gathering mercenaries from Nehekhara and after much debate they decide on sending Nathan Scott, Arya Starke, Anduin Anthor, and several other retainers in order to meet with the Syrian leadership so that they could arrange the purchases. Alice tells William that with the flare up of issues in the Stormlands that the removal for a time of Nathan Scott would give Lucas Scott ample time to work alongside his uncle Kieth in order to cement his control, but also they worry about the backlash from Dan Scott of whom they already know has been pushing for Riley Scott to become a recegnized son of William Lovie III. along the lines of Thomas Lovie. Alice at the end of the chapter has her water break, and William carries her to the Lovie estates where they need to find a wet nurse.

Chapter 42

Jon Snow is the POV Character of this chapter and during this chapter he arrives in Westbridge where the other members of his party will be leaving from, and as he waits for his brother and father to arrive he and Sam discuss the coming journey they have ahead of them. Jon meets with Shia Laboef of whom compliments him on his actions in Bolten, and the two discuss where Jon Snow plans to go, and Shia is so impressed about his honesty and story that he reveals how he had fallen in love with someone as well that was terrible for him, and made him want to do terrible things to keep her safe. Shia Labaouef would give Jon Snow a ship to use, as well several prisoners from the jails to augment his forces. Robb, and Eddard arrive alongside several other Starke's and they give Jon a fond farewell, but Robb forces him to promice that they will see eachother again, and Jon promices. After Robb is pulled away by Shia Labouef it is Eddard Starke of whom speaks to his bastard son, and once again the two talk in length, and this time Eddard reveals the true story of him and his mother. Eddard begs his son to take his surname and become a Starke, but Jon reveals that he will only take the surname of Starke after he returns with Ygritte. At the end of the chapter Jon Snow, and Samwell Tarly are making there way onto the boat when they are approached by Randyll Tarly of whom insults Samwell and is extremely cruel to his son before leaving and Samwell's brother Dickon, and sister Sasha Tarly comes by and Dickon showing a similar martial presence but is kind to his brother, while his sister is very happy to see her brother again who had always been kind to her. Leaving finally Samwell comes to terms that his father is nothing to him, but at the very least he was able to say goodbye to his brother and sister for a time.

Chapter 43

Leven Martell is the POV Character of this chapter and during this chapter she spends time with William, and Morrigan of whom all wait outside the doors as Alice gives birth to her son, and Bella assists her inside. During this William, Morrigan, and Leven discuss Morrigan's past, and she finally reveals the full truth to him, and also reveals that Brooke can never truly come back no matter what it may feel like at the time.

Chapter 44

Lucie Lovie is the POV Character of this chapter and during this chapter she continues travelling with Roslin Stor and everything is going very well until they went to see a waterfall and were ambushed by bandits. After losses initially they are able to push back the bandits until they are hit from the rear by heavy cavalry that kill all the guards and Jasper and his family. The one that killed Jasper pulls back their hood revealing their identity as Britney Hemsworth and Lucie is horrified, and despite Britney explaining she no longer knows her mother and refuses to leave Roslin's side in the cell. With Jasper dead and Britney approaching the wagon Jasper`s wife finally got loose of Roslin`s hold and ran out of the wagon where she attempted to get to Jasper but Britney stuck her down killing her before opening the wagon door and waving her daughter away with a hand, before talking with Roslin. Britney planned to use Roslin and her children as blackmail in case they ran into any kind of trouble when they arrived in Stor and begin the coup. Roslin told her that she would not be used as a bargaining chip and that she might as well kill her now because she was going to ruin Britney`s entire plan, but Britney needed Roslin and thus simply put her in chains and led her to another wagon which was barred. As Britney commanded her men to move the caravan back towards Stor she was attacked by her daughter Lucie of whom finally was finished with Britney and begin raining her little fists at her mother, and Britney and her would have a massive argument which ended with Lucie being locked in the main wagon with Roslin`s children, and Britney getting back on a horse and leading the caravan towards Stor.

Chapter 45

Domeric Bolten is the POV Character of this chapter and during this chapter he fights against a force of Lannister men, and manages to defeat a large force of which he discovers later is only a vanguard of some small scouting force they had sent. Injured somewhat in the fighting he awakes to find (His love interest)

Chapter 46

Hermione Granger is the POV Character of this chapter and during this chapter she

Chapter 47

Tyrek Lannister is the POV Character for this chapter and during this chapter he takes part in the massacre at Whisperwind, where in the main remaining Bolten army in the field is utterly defeated, and what few are able to escape move east past Hayford, where Tyrek at the end of the chapter is congratualed on the victory by Jamie Lannister but as he goes to hug Jamie he is struck by an arrow to his leg. Jamie kills the shooter of the arrow, and Tyrek believes he is fine, and refuses to have anyone look at it deciding he doesn't want to be apart from the fighting.

Chapter 48

Alice Lovie is the POV Character of this chapter and during this chapter she has given birth to her child a son of whom she names Tavlian in honor of Sophia Lovie's ancient ancestor that was killed by John Lovie. She says goodbye to William of whom must leave in order to meet with Robb Starke of whom is heading southward and will make a brief stop in in Fairmarket so that he can meet with William. William and Alice sit together before he leaves and she watches the way he watches Leven walk away and Alice knows that it is only a matter of time until William engages in some sort of affair with Leven.

Chapter 49

William Lovie III. is the POV Character of this chapter and during this chapter he arrives in Fairmarket with Leven Martell, and Morrigan where he meets with Robb Starke of whom tells him of the happenings in Tevinter before he left, and sadly remarks that Jon Snow has left for the northlands and will probably never be seen again. William sends Robb Starke with nearly six hundred Fairmarket men, and another two thousand troops he had brought with him from the west in the form of House Shephard of whom are led by Jack Shephard. William commands him to take Karhold, and when asked what measure of taking he wishes William tells him that if revenge is what the Starke's want then he won't tell them otherwise. William kisses Leven during the end of the chapter, and this is seen by his son Thomas of whom questions him on why he would do this to Bella Swan, and William does his best to explain that he falls easily in love, and he has a hard time seperating the things he loves.

Chapyer 50

Saiden Scarlet is the POV Character of this chapter and during this chapter he and the combined Scarlet, and Cole forces move into the lands south of Stoney Shore, and Cerwyn and are able to cut of the ability of these northern powers to move southward. Moving north towards the Stoney Shore they are met by a small force led by a northern force of House Haryen, and House Rurwell of which were dramatically outnumbered, and defeated without much difficulty. Moving further north with many captured members of these houses they are able to force Odenplain to surrender, while Castle Haryen refuses and is put under siege, while Saiden leaves that siege and moves towards the capital of Stoneyshore. Arriving at the Stoneyshore they meet with the Rodrik Ryswell of whom tells them in all honesty the reason he has refused is because he needed the siege to use as an excuse to travel to the Dreadfort where he planned to get his child back from the hostage situation that was going on in the capital.

Chapter 51

Domeric Bolten is the POV Character of this chapter and during this chapter he leads the army of Bolten into the lands of the north where he intends to intercept the forces of House Lannister but as he travels he hears news of the Hornwood siege, and realizes he must deal with that situation, and hands command over the main army to Paul Holmgren of whom he believed would act conservatively because he was in his own lands and his cousins family in the Whisperwinds was nearbye and he would not do anything rash. Domeric made his way southward but on the road south towards Hornwood he was met by Roose Bolten of whom had believed that Domeric might go south and thus had headed him off leading to Roose attempting to convinse his son not to leave. Arriving with several hostages his father begs him not to go south as noone had heard word from Ramsey in weeks since his return, and Roose believed that Ramsey had called on the siege. Domeric told him that if he had done this then his time was at an end, and he would punish his brother, but Roose told him that he should return to the main army and leave the Hornwood problem to the Hornwoods as they had the significantly larger forces and Daryn Hornwood was being sent word and would then no with no doubt move all the Hornwood forces back to Hornwood. Revealing also that the remaining hostages at the Dreadfort were under great threat he asked that Domeric take several with his forces including Wylla Manderly of whom Domeric barely recegnized as the same laughing girl he had first met at the White Knife. Domeric would give his father a hug of whom was emotionally unable to return it, and then Domeric said goodbye and made his way with the vangaud to the besieged city of Hornwood.

Chapter 52

Hedrik Clegane III. is the POV Character of this chapter and during this chapter he receives word from Robb Starke that he and his forces are but a days march away, and that Hedrik is to surround the western side of Karhold and begin pretending to siege Castle Saltwood where the Karholds had been fed poor information about the direction of the Starke forces. Hedrik would move half the army south of the river and fiegn and attack on Saltwood Castle, and while this was happening his scouts reported that the Karstarks were moving out of Karhold on mass towards Saltwood Castle. The Karstarke's are betrayed on several fronts during the following battle, and the forces of Hedrik are completely victorious and move towards Karhold of which is already being attacked by Robb Starke.

Chapter 53

Leven Martell is the POV Character of this chapter and during this chapter she and William travel to Forks on their way back to Lucerne from Fairmarket. On the boat ride back after a long talk with Morrigan, she takes matters into her own hands and finally reveals to William that she wants him in what ever way she can have him, and despite his marriage he sleeps with Leven. Arriving in Forks they are met on the docks by Charles Swan of whom they talk with for a time, and Charles tells William that many lords from the south are arriving in Forks in order to meet with him briefly in regards to the issue of the deteroiting situation in northern Italy and how they wish to handle that. Waiting for the meeting he discusses matters with Charles of whom is extactic over the pregnency of Bella of whom has written to him about how happy she and William are which pains William as he knows he is basically in the middle of two affairs. Talking with Charles ends when Riley Scott arrives alone on horseback, and wishes to return with them to Lucerne for a time. Riley reveals to him that Dan Scott is conspiring to make him and heir and he loves his family and doesn't want to see them come to harm through the menipulations of Dan Scott. Leven goes with William as he talks with Riley, and after Riley leaves with Thomas for a while he tells her that he is amazed at the changes in his son, and as they watch as he spends time with Thomas, and longs to see his three oldest sons become friends. Leven once again talks to Morrigan of whom congratulates her on gaining William in the way she did, and Leven shocked to know Morrigan knew begins to take Morrigan into her confidence revealing the arrangement she offered William and he seemingly agreed to.

Chapter 54

Edward Cullen is the POV Character of this chapter and seeing the defeat of the Tevinter Army during the last battle he gets reports of the same successes on the western front, and seeing this he makes a bold decision to infiltrate the Tevinter Empire and sow chaos behind their lines and further weaken them. Infiltrating Antiva he founds a movement under an alias of The Voice, and recruits hundreds into his forces using the idea of breaking free of the monsterous Lord Voldermote. During the end of the chapter they ambush a supply convoy from Tevinter massacring the entire force while being joined during the fighting by a single girl of whom used Magi to kill many of the Tevinter men. After the fighting the girl introduces herself as Clary Folwyn, and tells Edward that she has been estranged from her family for quite a long time, but she wants to make them proud of her and she wants to help Edward which she believes will accomplish this.

Chapter 55

Tyrek Lannister is the POV Character of this chapter and during this chapter he and the Lannisters arrive at Hayford where they put it under siege, and they learn that a force from Cerywn is north of the city making its way towards Hayford, but at such a pace that it is clear from the reports from the north and the Scarlet forces that the Cerwyn's are simply playing at being Bolten loyalists and are not actually. Tyrek's leg gets worse, and while he doesn't see infection he knows he needs to slow, but refuses to stop until Hayford is taken, and thus the Dreadfort Peninsula is sealed to Bolten. After days of siege the Hayford's surrender the castle, and Jamie Lannister leaves Tyrek in charge of the castle with a small force of men, while he travels further east to engage the Dreadfort itself. Tyrek becomes deliours with sickness, and in this he is helped by Ellesandra Hayford of whom is the beautiful lady of House Hayford.

Chapter 56

Lucie Lovie is the POV Character of this chapter and during this chapter she 

Chapter 57

Domeric Bolten is the POV Character of this chapter and during this chapter he arrives on the outskirts of Hornwood where he believes he will meet with the leadership of House Locke but is ambushed by his brother Ramsey Bolten and many of his supporters. Domeric is tortured and then killed by the members of Ramsey's entourage, and following this Ramsey retreats the field and makes his way northward after desecrating Domeric's body.

Chapter 58

Daryn Hornwood is the POV Character of this chapter and during this chapter he arrives at Hornwood with the forces of House Hornwood following the massacre of Domeric Bolten, and learns his father has switched swides and has joined with Lucerne after the massacre of Domeric.

Chapter 59

Lucie Lovie is the POV Character of this chapter and during this chapter she is taken to Stor where she meets with the Council of Stor and they are are told that she is the oldest child of William Lovie III. of whom they all had wanted to get into a closer relationship with. Many argue to try and bargain her back to the Lucernians, but Roslin refuses any of this and simply states they will send her home with all the love they can give her, and that she is not a hostage to be bargained. After saying goodbye to Roslin she travels to Storhold where she stays for a night. During the night she is nearly taken by several of Britney's men, but she is saved from capture by Jon Snow and his men of whom kill Britney's men, and tell her they are Lucernians. Telling them who she is they bow before the girl who is very high up on the line of succession.

Chapter 60

Edward Cullen is the POV Character of this chapter and during the beggining of this chapter he walks through the ruins of another Tevinter patrol convoy before calling a council meeting where he tells his commanders to gather the men as they are going to ambush a large Tevinter force and win a pitched battle to truly inspire the people. After this meeting he is apporached by Coldhands of whom warns him about Clary Folwyn of whom Coldhands says will be the end of him, and that she is not actually here to help them. Disregarding Coldhands due to his attraction to her he spends the next part of the this chapter alongside his forces who continue to ambush the Tevinter men that are moving into the area and his persona of the Voice becomes extremely popular in Antiva to the point that the local Tevinter commanders put a huge price on his head. The group is able to capture the village of Hettina, and hold it briefly after the people living there turned against the Tevinter Garrison and gave them control of the village. Fortifying the village while hiding his forces throughout the forests nearbye he sent out word to the Tevinter garrisons through his spies that he was in the village inciting them to come after him. It was as this was all going on that Edward would be introduced to Aldric Folwyn, his best friend Elsa Croken, and her husband Jack Croken of whom took on the role as normal rebels but in fact were prominent members of the royals in Bastion. Edward following their arrival finds Clary takes sick and stays in his personal tent, and while this is happenening his relationship with Clary Folwyn becomes increasingly strong, and they sleep together during the end of the chapter, and she declares to him that she believes in him.

Chapter 61

Hedrik Clegane III. is the POV Character of this chapter and during this chapter he meets with Robb Starke in the now contested city of Karhold, and while in a tavern they discuss Robb's part of the battle, and several other important characters come into the picture telling more of a picture of the Battle of Karhold.

Chapter 62

Ezio Ederiz is the POV Character of this chapter and during this chapter he arrives at the White Knife where

Chapter 63

Hermione Granger is the POV Character of this chapter and during this chapter she wakes up, and is told by Shia Labouef that she has been asleep for nearly a week following her arrival in Westbridge. Left alone in her room she remembers back to her time with Karl Donovan of whom she had followed for some time until they were unable to follow Natalie's path after she entered the Valierian capital of Munchen where Karl had asked her to go to Westbridge and let the high command know what was going on. Waking to learn this knowledge Hermione Granger would be confronted in her bed by Selina Surion of whom Hermione recegnized as the girl that had saved her back in the ruins of Orleans, and thus she listened to Selina when she said she knew the location of the Dagger. Before she could leave she would discuss with Shia Labouef what she had learned and the fact that Karl Donovan was still in Valeria attempting to find a way to get to Natalie Portmane. Knowing that Shia would move with all speed as possible she would mvoe forward with Selina and in this Hermione would follow her out of Westbridge where they made there way towards the Riverlands where Selina told her the dagger was now located. Travelling by boat from Riverrun to Fairmarket they would make there way from there to Hearthglen where Selina told Hermione that the dagger had made its way to a man named Kren Scarlet. Hermione and Selina would watch Kren, and after days of watching him they discovered that he did indeed have the dagger, but they also discovered he wasn't using it for the mind control that it had as a part of its capability. The two would prepare to confront him and take the dagger the next day, and Selina would tell Hermione she had a bad feeling about it.

Chapter 64

Edward Cullen is the POV Character of this chapter and during this chapter he awakes in the arms of Clary Folwyn and leaving her sleeping he goes into the village where he finds Loghair bowing before Aldric Folwyn and this led to the discussing how he had been sent there to begin a relationship between the Kingdom of Lucerne, and the Kingdom of Antiva of whom he told him the royal family was behind the rebellion in terms of support. When Edward questioned their loyalty and the fact that the royal family had not sent anything until now it was Loghain that stood forward and admitted that he had been commanded to do everything he had done not only by his own beliefs, but also due to a royal command from Jase Folwyn. Elsa Croken, and her husband Jack Croken would also admit there families loyalty to the rebellion, and would promice that once the time came they would support the rebellion, and until then they would remain by Edward's side as assistance but also as a hostage of sorts is contacted by the King of Antiva of whom wants to arrange an alliance with Lucerne, and while at first skeptical the King sends one of his sons to deliver the message, and remain as a hostage of the Lucernians if he is lying.

Chapter 65

Daryn Hornwood is the POV Character of this chapter and during this chapter Daryn Hornwood arrives at the town of Lotten where he begins the siege of the Locke forces.

Chapter 66

Tyrek Lannister is the POV Character of this chapter and during this chapter he is on the mend in Hayford and he and Ellesandra Hayford begin a romance as he gets better. During this time as he and Ellesandra Hayford grow closer they are greeted by the arrival of Tyrion Lannister of whom has been sent by William in order to assist in the fortification of the Stormwall of which they plan to use to defend their taken lands in Westros against the eventual invasion of the Mordor army.

Chapter 67

Jon Snow is the POV Character of this chapter and during this chapter he arrives in Storhold and awaits the arrival of the rest of his part before they move north to the lands of the White Watch and what that will mean for their future. He recieves a letter from Jeor Mormont of which details that an attempted coup has occured in Stor and that the rumors are that the Stor's will be moving against several of their neighbors, and this tells Jon that he has time to deal with the White Watch without the Stor's intervening.

Chapter 68

William Lovie III. is the POV Character of this chapter and during this chapter he continues sleeping with Leven Martell, and despite this his wife Bella's pregnancy continues, and he and she continue to get along. He reveals to Morrigan of whom he meets following being with Leven his affair with Morrigan as his trust in her only continues to grow, and she is able to reveal to him the excistence of Flemeth of which shocks her to no end, but trying to reveal herself she is only able to use a fake persona of whom she calls Andrea Korcani after her true name and the name of the home of Flemeth, and telling her story she is able to warn William of her own commands to try and kill Bella Swan which leads to the completion of the Magi defences of the capital well ahead of time. During the end of the chapter William recieves a letter from Stor where he is told by Roslin Stor that they discovered he has a daughter kept secret from him by Britney Hemsworth, and that they are sending her by boat to Westbridge.

Chapter 69

Alice Lovie is the POV Character of this chapter and during this chapter she remains behind with Bella Swan as William, Leven, Morrigan, Jasper, and many others travel to Fairmarket where they will meet this Lucie Lovie of whom if true is the oldest of the children of William Lovie III. William is shown to speak through Magi stones to several commanders of both Westbridge and Kul Tiras and commands them to send a large naval presence there, as well he also asks for naval support from the Lucernian allies in the region. During the end of the chapter Bella gets very sick, but quick work by Wynne leads to her getting better, and they believe it is food poisoning at first, but then Alice finds evidence that someone poisoned Bella.

Chapter 70

Lucie Lovie is the POV Character of this chapter and during this chapter Lucie spends a breif amount of time with Jon Snow the man who protected her, and he tells her of where he is going and she is able to tell him somewhat of what she went through but feels the first pull to hide things fearing what people will think of the things that her mother did while they were in Arnor. Jon Snow escorts her to the ship led by Derek Proudmoore of whom had a brought a very large Galley of which was the largest of the ships of House Proudmoore a fact that Jon Snow describes to Lucie telling her that is the largest ship he has ever seen, and following a brief goodbye with Jon Snow she leaves with Derek Proudmoore for the Kingdom of Lucerne. Along the way they are joined by several other ships all of which are meant to be gaurds for her on her return route, but despite the belief that perhaps someone might attack her trip back is without delay or problem. Arriving first at Westbridge she is met on the docks - as they fill supplies and gather nearly a dozen more ships from the navy of Westbridge - by many of the nobility of Westbridge including House Lovie loyalists of whom all wish to see the royal daughter of whom it is difficult for anyone to ignore the fact that she is unmararied and quite the beautiful young girl as well as the oldest child of the king.  At the end of the chapter she is woken by Derek Proudmoore of whom takes her to the deck where he shows her the approaching city of Fairmarket, and as they close she can see the King of Lucerne standing on the dock with his family awaiting her.

Chapter 71

Saiden Scarlet is the POV Character of this chapter and during this chapter he continues to play his part pretending to beiege the Stoney Shore, and during this time he and Olivia become closer, and closer until they begin discussing the ending of Saiden's marrige and their own marriage.

Chapter 72

Leven Martell is the POV Character of this chapter and during this chapter Leven and William await with many of his children as the boat of Lucie Lovie pulls into the Fairmarket dock, and she consoles him as he gets nervous about seeing her. As she arrives before he can say anything of any real substance she is taken into a hug by Ashley Lovie of whom is followed by Thomas, and William also hugging her but Riley stands back beside William and is unwilling to hug this new claim to the throne. William decides on the advise of Lucie that they will return to Lucerne as quickly as possible and Leven and William stay the night together, where despite the situation he continues his affair with Leven and it becomes basically just something known as he barely even hides his affections for her anymore. During the night Leven wakes as William is walking out of the tent and as he is followed by Ellia Snow, and Jasper he walks into the forest with Lucie Lovie of whom she sneaks into the forests and listens as the father and daughter talk alone for the first time. Following this time between William and Lucie he returns his daughter to her tent with the other members of her family and then returns to Leven who stands out front the tent smiling at him.

  • The second half of the chapter is their journey back to Lucerne.

Chapter 73

Edward Cullen is the POV Character of this chapter and during this chapter he plans to travel to Bastion to meet with the King of Antiva but as he camps the night before Coldhands warns him that Clary cannot be trusted and that Edward should not go. Unlike all the other advise Coldhands has given him Edward does not heed this and the next day Coldhands is gone and despite attempts to find him his trail disapears. Edward presses on with Hilary Swift, Clary Folwyn, and Vonder to the capital where they are allowed in by Folwyn gaurds of whom several recegnize Clary but she brushes it off saying they are mistaken. Entering the keep they find that the halls inside the keep are utterly silent without guard, or servent and it is at this point that Clary disapears, and unable to find her they make their way to the keep where they discover the King dead with several members of his family and dozens of gaurds. With this discovery they attempt to flee the way they come and find the same guards who let them in now fighting heavily in the courtyard as the courtyard is a battle scene, and Vonder pushes the two back inside the keep locking the door behind them, and despite their best efforts they are unable to get through and make their way back to the keep where they plan to use the tunnel beneath to escape. Reaching the tunnel they are able to get through outside the walls of the keep and make their way to through the city which now sees a spreading violence as the coup spreads outside of the keep, but reaching the outer walls they attempt to cross them but Edward is stabbed through the side and watches as Hilary is knocked out. His last thoughts are wondering where Clary is.

Chapter 74

Daryn Hornwood is the POV Character of this chapter and during this chapter he is woken by Varen Stout of whom brings him to the edge of the camp where they meet a surrendering Donnell Locke of whom tells him what has happened, and Daryn pardons him after Varen Stout and several others speak of his honor. Daryn sends his uncle Helman Tallhart - of whom has recently arrived - into Lotten where he will hold the castle with a force while Daryn moves southwest of Lotten towards the sole remaining independants in the form of the Stormrain.

Chapter 75

Hedrik Clegane III. is the POV Character of this chapter and during this chapter he arrives on the edge of the Stormrain lands with Robb Starke on their way to the Kingdom of Dustin, and meets with Orys Stormrain, and Visenya Stormrain with Hedrik overcome with the beauty of Visenya and seeing Hedrik's reaction it is Daryn Hornwood that takes over the conversation. As the group marches up the mountains into the lands of House Stormrain its Visenya that joins Hedrik and Daryn as they ride and Visenya is openly flirtatious towards hedrik who for the first time since Accia he forgets about rachel and flirts back leading to Visenya suggesting they go riding down a small path into the forests and as he shares a look with Daryn he agrees despite knowing what he believes the offer means. Riding behind her he thinks on rachel and the betral he is preparing to make but after riding for some time she stops and the two talk for some time about his life back in Lucerne and Visenya tells him that they will be having sex, but first he needs to see something. Overcome by his attraction to her he follows her for twenty minutes as they ride through the path and dense forest but after the twenty minutes the path becomes more settled and the trees disappear exposing a large open valley with stone castle in the center of it. Traveling to the castle as they get closer its Hedrik that sees the castle is heavily garrisoned and in pristine condition and upon entering they go through hallways eventually reaching a door which when she opens reveals a massive open room with a domed roof and a women standing in the middle of the room. Walking closer to the women Hedrik sees that the women is a beautiful elf and the two have a conversation but after a time she reveals the dome can open and Visenya has several guards enter and pull levers which open the dome and then the women reveals she is nothing but a spectral illusion when she puts her hand right through Hedrik. Watching the sky Hedrik watches as a dragon flies into the room and then he talks with the dragon in his mind discovering the dragon is named Yellanix and the dragon asks Visenya to explain to Hedrik the Last Will of William Lovie I. which is a series of massive scrolls on the wall of the room written in Draknoid. Following being told that the Stormrain are loyal Lucernian servents having remained in hiding here out of duty to William Lovie I. its Hedrik that begins discussion to bring them back to the Valley but Visenya indicates that while she will return to the Valely with Yellanix this is due to her connection with Hedrik and the remainder of House Stormrain will remain in the mountains of Stormrain to defend the land for Lucerne and hold it. The chapter ends with Hedrik, and Visenya riding on the back of Yellanix heading towards Karhold where they will use a Magi stone to tell William about Yellanix joining the Kingdom of Lucerne.

Chapter 76

Ezio Ederiz is the POV Character of this chapter and during this chapter

Chapter 77

Hermione Granger is the POV Character of this chapter and during this chapter she and Selina make there way into Kren's home and watch as Raven Assassins kill an old man and then are forced to defend Kren on the spot as he is nearly killed by the killers. FIghting them off they watch as Kren uses the dagger to mind control everyone in the room including themselves, and Kren is able to discover the plans of the Ravens as well as prove the loyalty of Hermione, and Selina.

Chapter 77

Tyrek Lannister is the POV Character of this chapter and during this chapter he recieves Jamie Lannister and the main Lucernian army of whom has arrived following their attempt to clear the Dreadfort, but they have retreated following the arrival of Mordor's vangaurd on the Peninsula. Jamie leaves soon after for the fortress of Darkdell and Tyrek, and Tyrion are forced to prepare for what may be a soon launching Mordor army against their fortress. Tyrek Lannister at the end of the chapter receives Sandor Dregane of whom is carrying the weakened form of Misha Bolten, and followed closely behind by several other children. Also as he carries them inside the fortress of Hayford he would witness alongside the rest of the fortress a massive dragon flying over the fortress and seeing the white color of the dragon the entire fortress erupts into cheers believing it a sign from Glaurung.

Chapter 78

Edward Cullen is the POV Character of this chapter and during this chapter he wakes up tied to a chair and the man across from him introduces himself as Amycus Carrow of whom is leader of the Deatheaters and demanding to know the location of the retreating rebels he is tortered, and from the shadows of his torture he believes he is saved when he sees Caryl Folwyn, but is shocked when she appears as a member of Voldermorte's forces, and while she pretends to care about him she is trying to push him morally over the line more then any actual affection. Somehow Coldhands is able to also get into his prison cell, and attempts to convince Edward to kill Clary using a dagger he gives him, and for a moment Edward thinks of it, but Coldhands leaves once more when Edward rejects the offer. Edward is once again visited by Clary of whom questions Edward on why he continues to resist, but Edward who now sees the truth of things wishes he had taken the knife from Coldhands, but breaks down as Clary lists the things she has done. Clary is removed from the room by Thomas Avery, and his son Edmund Avery of whom use Magi to abuse Edward forcing him to have halucinations about his greatest fears. The chapter ends with Edward Cullen forced to watch Vonder of Lucerne murdered in front of him when he wont join Voldermorte, and when he continues to resist joining them  Hilary Swift is brought out he finally relents but they kill her anyway despite him gaining the dark mark, and becoming a member of the Deatheaters.

Chapter 79

Ezio Ederiz is the POV Character of this chapter and during this chapter he arrives in the Dreadfort where he meets with Veseryan Ongrill of whom he gives several more Violet's too so that he can continue to plot his escape, but he also learns from Veseryan that Ramsey has been named heir of Bolten, and has left the lands of Bolten to meet with the Iron Islands. Ezio following this meets with Bowen Marsh of whom provides him and his men with a ship of which they leave the port of Dreadfort with, and make their way to the Iron Islands where they will follow the trail of Ramsey and find out what he is doing. Arriving on the Iron Islands they are nearly captured, and their boat is destroyed, and they are forced on the run, of which they are able to escape Pyke after they are saved by Dagmer of Pyke of whom then tells them of the happenings of Ramsey Bolten, and the changes in the Iron Islands.

Chapter 80

Saiden Scarlet is the POV Character of this chapter and during this chapter he 

Chapter 81

Hermione Granger is the POV Character of this chapter and during this chapter she 

Chapter 82

Edward Cullen is the POV Character of this chapter and during this chapter he wakesup in excruciating pain as his the dark mark on his arm causes him extreme pain, but this pain is nothing as he notices the body of Hilary Swift and overcome with rage he screams out in pain unleashing Magi (despite having no familiar) and obliterating the cell he is being kept in. Edward takes the body of Hilary and taking the wounded body of Edmund Avery he is fights his way out killing several guards and then puts Hilary's body on a horse riding away from the tower that he had been held within. Attempting to get back into the swing of things he he finds himself beggining to hear voices and realizes them to be Deatheaters most notably Clary Folwyn, and these voices compell him to start a fire in the Lucernian camp killing several men despite his attempts to stop himself. Realizing that his coruption leaves him basically a slave of the Deatheaters he flees the Lucernian camp making his way north where he plans to hand himself in to the Deatheaters and work to end his coruption by any means neccessary which he knows is the only way he can ever return home. Riding north he is caught by his cousin Gemma of whom attempts to stop him, but after the voices compell him to fight her the two engage in a brief fight where she is nearly killed but just barely manages to hold off Edward of whom is disarmed following this and is able to convinse Gemma to take him north and agree to spread the word that he is now a traitor to the Lucernians. The chapter ends with Edward stopping his horse outside of the walls of Dongret where he will give himself up to keep his friends and the rebels safe from the dark mark that has now infected him. During this final conversation he and Gemma Cullen discuss his life and all the things he wished he could have done better, and the two cousins break down crying but are forced to stop as guards arrive at there location and Gemma retreats, leaving the last thing Edward sees in the chapter as the beautiful sunset arrayed over the retreating from of Gemma Cullen.

Chapter 83

Ezio Ederiz is the POV Character of this chapter and during this chapter he

Chapter 84

William Lovie III. is the POV Character of this chapter and during this chapter William and his family are at the peak of their happiness, and although Alice warns William that there is basically unquestionable evidence that Bella was poisoned he doesn't allow that to damper his mood, and commands a doubling of her gaurd, and more food testers to be put in place of which he believes will protect Bella.


Stragnarax is the POV Character of this chapter and he is awoken from sleep by the feeling that John Lovie is nearing. Discovering from his child Larnax that Mordor is attacking Bolten and that John Lovie is leading that force, Stragnarax hands over the leadership of the White Dovah to Flarnax before saying goodbye to Larnax and others and then travelling to Lucerne. Burning fires all across the peak of the mountain he finally enters the vast city and lands in front of the Cloud Towers where he is met by William Lovie III. the two talk one last time before Stragnarax leaves for the east. Travelling eastward towards Bolten he remebers all the things in his life, and as he nears Bolten he thinks one last time about his great friend William Lovie.

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