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is a large region located in central Europe, that was once a flat and fertile plainsland but was torn asunder by the Downfall of Numeron which created a massive lake that has jutted out numerous rivers and mountains.

Westros once sat as the center of the Empire of Numeron and was the most prosperous, and populated place in all of Europe. This all ended when at the apex of the Downfall of Numeron the Black Numenorians destroyed the capital city and the destruction created the Lake of Westros and the Iron Islands while also destroying massive pieces of the land.

Regions of Westros

The Riverlands

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Plains of Vetera

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Demographics of Westros

Political Westros

Major Kingdoms


Name Type
Empire of Numeron Absolute Monarchy

Current Nations

Name Government Type Dominant Ethnicity Dominant Religion
Kingdom of Bolten Absolute Monarchy Gothic German Dragonoph
Iron Islands Monarchy Ironborn German Drowned God
Kingdom of Seagard Absolute Monarchy Dolisians Dragonoph
Kingdom of Storr Monarchy Dolisians Dragonoph
Kingdom of Lucerne Monarchy Vandal Germans Dragonoph
Kingdom of Lolland Absolute Monarchy Atlantians Dragonoph
Empire of Frey Absolute Monarchy Andals Dragonoph


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