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Whellia is a very large castle that has become a small town within the Kingdom of Lucerne and inside the state of Fairmarket. Whellia is surrounded by three rings of walls, and two keeps along these walls making it one of the more fortified castles in the kingdom, as well as containing a large population within the walls which greatly supplements its garrison. Whellia is under the domination of House Wilde of whom has controlled the castle/town since its creation, and has used it for everything that it has ever gained.

Whellia now stands as the capital of the Kingdom of Lucerne state of Fairmarket following the rise of House Wilde, and this has led to a larger increase in its population but it still remains mainly a fortress.


Early History



House Wilde

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House Wilde is a large Brannish House located in the Kingdom of Lucerne, and dominating the province of northern Fairmarket, while living within the town of Whellia. House Wilde was the vassal of House Jennett for generations, but when things turned against House Jennett they went to the side of Lucerne and betrayed their former masters massacring them in Fairmarket and supplementing them as ruler of the land. House Wilde controls the town of Whellia of which is a medium sized town that is more a very large castle then a regular town, but it is now the capital of the State of Fairmarket giving them a high lordly position in Lucerne.

House Wilde would become very important during the capture of Fairmarket by Lucerne when they turned against House Jennett believing they were going to lose. Pretending to send a large force to assist in the defence of the capital they would enter Fairmarket and ravage the town killing all the members of House Jennett that they could find, and then when the larger House Jennett came they executed the remaining members thus destroying the house and giving them control of Fairmarket which they used to surrender to Lucerne.