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The Relationships of William Lovie III. are those relationships of William Lovie III.


Alice Lovie

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He became everything to me during my life. He was both my parents, he was the best sibling I could ask for, and he was the best friend in my life. How do you gauge the importance of someone that was everything to you.
Alice Lovie

Alice even at an early age was doted on by William. After her birth Alice and William's mother Kathy became struck with depression, and became very reclusive due to this depression. This reclusiveness meant that Alice wasn't cared for as much, and would have made many young girls very sad and quiet creatures. But while her mother ignored her, and her father resented her over her relationship with William. It was William that was always by her side. William spent a large part of his early childhood feeding Alice, and rocking her when she couldnt go to sleep. In fact the neglect towards Alice got to such a level that William took her out of his mother's room and brought her basinet into his room. It was during this time that the two's unbreakable love would be formed. No matter what happened in her life she always found that William was by her side. During this time so close were the two that no maids or servents were able to enter the room without William hovering over them, for a silent fear that his father would kill his young sister. The young four year old William understood to a growing extent that his father truly despised his sister, and though during this time he had a silent affection for his father, this slowly eroded as he watched the way his sister was treated.

Alice Lovie21.jpg

She was the first person to capture my heart. I knew when I first saw her that I would do anything for her. You expect that feeling to diminish over time but the only thing I felt was an increasingly desperate desire to protect her.
William Lovie III.

As they both got older they grew even closer as they became the bedrock that formed and patterned every relationship that they would come to have in their lives. For Alice the act of making friends was something that she never seemed to grasp but through William she was able to meet many people that her shyness would never have allowed her to otherwise. Their lives would be irrecrably damaged when she was removed from the collective memory and made to live in Forks. In this new lifestyle both she and William would not truly understand why they became so sad but they felt empty without their sibling and best friend, and for William this was so painful that he entered a coma. For Alice she attempted to be strong but the relationship between the two was so strong that when they met eachother again during The Journey they would nearly instantly feel that connection again, even though that should not have been possible due to the intervention of James Lovie. Eventually though they came back together and they basically moved right back into the closeness and love that they had before the disasters caused by James Lovie. Alice would during this growth become perhaps the closest confidant to the now King of Lucerne, and in this position she joined alongside his wife Bella Swan to become the public face of House Lovie, and they became responsible for a large amount of the public outreach done by House Lovie to rebuild the shattered trust under James Lovie.

Tristan Lovie

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Sean Lovie - New.jpg
I wish we would have been closer. I could have stopped him from becoming what he has. I let rumors cloud my opinion of him, and now. Well not the rumors are true. Whether he made them true, or they were always true is something I will know.
William Lovie III.

Tristan and William were similar in age growing up, but unlike the rest of the children of James and Lisa it was Tristan and William that through circumstance never really spent a lot of time together. The first separation was when Tristan was sent to Erenfrost and unlike Sunhilda who had a lot of freedom to travel to see her brother it was William that did not visit or sent letters to Tristan during his time in Erenfrost. The death of Sunhilda would be the first moment of trouble for the two brothers as it was an angry James that told the family when he returned that Sunhilda had died in an accident but made the accident sound the fault of Tristan. The bitterness that grew within William over the belief that Tristan was responsible for the death of Sunhilda led to him to make no effort to meet with his brother as well as actively avoiding his brother. When finally, the chance came for the two to reconcile following the events of Castle Mergenthaler it was a bitter William that refused to see his brother. They were nearly brought together when Lauren Garrn and William became friends and she convinced him to meet with Tristan and hear his side of things, but this two collapsed when this potential meeting was heard by spies watching William. These spies told James -who not wanting Tristan who he viewed as a complete failure to influence William – and his response was to once again send Tristan out of Lucerne alongside Lauren leaving the two siblings once more not reconciled.

In the end I got to say goodbye to my brother. In the end whatever evil he had done, whatever hate we had for each other was gone as I held my dying brother in my arms. I forgave him for everything in that moment.
William Lovie III.

Tristan would eventually upon the return of William from his journey leave with James Lovie, and found and lead the True Sons of Lucerne. His and William's conflict would finally end with William's victory in the battle of Berne, and with this in place the two dueled, and William killed him.

James Lovie

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Mickey 682 1300673a.jpg

William was the golden child. The moment James layed his eye on him he knew that he had found his heir. Everything for James was going perfectly. He now had his heir to the throne, and the construction of Berne was well underway. It was only after the birth of his second son Tristan that things began to take a turn for the worse. The failure of Tristan made James angry and he began to take this anger out on everyone around him including his wife Kathy. When William saw the way his father treated his mother, his opinion of James changed. James noticed the change. No longer did William look at his with respect, there was hate in his eyes now. Unfortunatly for Alice it was at this time that she was born.

The hate that James showed Alice was the final straw for William and their relationship was forever destroyed.

"I hate him so much it makes my blood boil. He has been responsible for all the immoral actions that have happened in this Kingdom in the entire time he's been alive. He deserves death, and I only hope I'm King enough to do it."

-William Lovie

Catherine Lovie

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With the extreme depression of Kathy Lovie she was the primary motherly figure in William's life, and this relationship has only grown stronger through the years. This relationship has come to somewhat define Catherine as during the increasingly eratic reign of James Lovie she became basically the moral compass of the remainder of the House that didn't want to follow the behavior of the Patriarch in James Lovie. This role caused her a lot of problems with James Lovie and on many occasions he threatened to have her killed but she believed in her heart that what little humanity remained in James wouldn't allow him to harm her, as even in his madness he showed a remarkable care for his internal family outside of Tristan, and Alice.

Einhard Rosler

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Dallia Lovie

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Bella Swan

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Bella swan breaking dawn by harra009-d2zbmca.jpg

My life could be defined as the life I lived before I met William, and the life I have now that I know him. Everything in life was just darker and more lonely before he came to me. After I met him it was like the confidence I never had just overflowed from me.
Bella Swan

Bella Swan and William Lovie III. should have met much earlier then they did but when the school year was beginning for the Lucernian Academy Bella Swan would be kept behind and became one of the first Swan's not to go to the Lcernian Academy. In the case of James Lovie Bella Swan was one of the noble girls that he had been looking at early in William's life in order to find a good heir, but the decline in his relationship with Charlie Swan had led to him attempting to insult Charlie by not even asking for his daughter's hand. William was never allowed to go any further south then Nortburg, and because of this he never traveled to Forks, and the relationship between Bella Swan, and William Lovie III. was never allowed to even start. They would finally meet during the Journey though, after William deciding to go on the journey the whole Kingdom was overflowing with excitement over the possibility of seeing one of the reclusive Royal family members. Bella had joined the sad Alice Lovie in watching the nobles arrive from Lucerne, but unlike Alice she became too nervous to try and actually meet them, and thus she left Alice and went to hide away in the House Black Blacksmiths.

He took my breathe away the first time I saw him walk into that blacksmith's house. I felt more in that five minute conversation then I had in any other conversation I'd ever had. I needed him right there, and it was only my shyness that stopped me.
Bella Swan

It was only a chance encounter in the House Swan armory that led to the two meeting and they then spent the entire night talking, and laughing about things that neither thought anyone else had ever found funny. The next day and final day of William's in Forks she lost her virginity to him, and later on this would be the moment she became pregnant with her first son. As she grew into the role of Queen the two remained steadfast in their love, and this continued even as Bella Swan discovered the existence of Brooke Scott and an affair between William and her. This affair caused a period where they were not as close as before but following the birth of their daughter Ashley Lovie she returned to him and they regained themselves in the same way that they were before. During the end of the Brooke Sage she became aware of the threat against herself by Brooke, and despite this she knew that William had her in his heart and she would push him to see her again, of which he did briefly before she died. 

Brooke Scott

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William Lovie111.jpg

It was over the moment I saw him. He waded through the crowd with such grace and beauty I couldn't tear my eyes away. When he stood talking to my father, it took everything in me not to reach out and touch him. I should feel bad about the two of us now that I know about Bella, but in truth I don't care about her. It's not about her. He's mine. He will always be mine.
Brooke Scott

When William liberated Tree Hill, there was a part of Brooke that had given up, and for William he was jst seeing the world through the truth of what his father had done. Almost everyone she knew was dead, and there was very little reason she could see to continue. But the moment she saw him, she knew she had found her reason to move forward. William had already proposed to Bella Swan in Forks as he had felt he had fallen in lvoe with her, but seeing Brooke he knew he had been wrong about Bella and because of that he wanted to end things with Bella but after talking with Jasper, Edward, Emmet, and Leven he came to the conclusion that this wouldn't be possible. Despite plans to end things with her the two would continue an affair for many years and during this time they would parent two children, but eventually at Bella's 26th birthday William became overwhelmed with guilt over what he was doing and ended the relationship with Brooke so that he could attempt to be the honorable man he knew he was supposed to be. Eventually Alice's guilt over what was happening spilled out and Bella convinsed William in uncertain words to start things with Brooke again, and it was in these final moments that she was corupted by Flemeth unkowningly in a death that would shock the Kingdom of Lucerne and bring William to a moral collapse.

William in that moment was torn greatly. He knew that he loved Bella but he found himself unable to resist the temptation that was Brooke Scott. The two after meeting would be overcome by their feelings and had sex in a barn. This wouldn't stop there as that night Brooke would come to his place in Tree Hill and they would continue on that night. Following this William would return to Lucerne though and while there he would marry Bella Swan after discovering that she was pregnant with his child. It would be months before William was able to reconect with Brooke and by this point she was far along in her pregnancy and now William and Brooke's relationship would be put to the most extreme of tests.

Leven Martell

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Leven Martell5.jpg

There was just something about him that draws you in. It was past the appearances and the standing life. It was just that you looked in his eyes and saw hope. Where so often life was filled with dispair and a feeling that nothing would work out. He managed to make you forget all your problems and just believe in something. I continued to believe in that feeling long after I realized it wasn't going to be us in the end.
Leven Martell

Leven Martell attended the Lucernian Academy and when she arrived there her sister was in her last year which meant the two close sisters were very similar when they both were at school together. This mean that for her first year Leven was a determined student and was constantly attempting to get better at fighting, and during the last months of her fist year in the academy she grew close to William Lovie, and Jasper Hale. This closeness at first was mainly with Jasper but after he became entranced by a number of other girls Leven and William became closer. She was drawn in by his kindness, and looks but eventually she came to be driven closer by a feeling she got when she was around him. She had never felt safer then when she was with him, and in her loneliness he gave her a constant reprieve. What started as the two simply training together in fencing became a sexual relationship that spilled into every fabric of their lives. Before long they were barely even fencing, as she was becoming more obsessed with the way that he made her feel, and for him her innocence and kindness made him forget a moment the person he was becoming.

She was intrigeuing and so innocent. She was just like Amber was in so many ways. A girl with a beautiful heart that I never even took a second to look at.
William Lovie III.

This was during the time when Britney Hemsworth was still in the picture and thus William was a very wild young man with little control over himself, and when he met Leven he was quickly able to seduce the buaetiful and intelligent but still naive young girl into his bed. During this period she was one of the main girls that he was with and she when her sister left she became even more emotionally involved with William, and this continued even during the chaotic days that came about when Britney Hemsworth lost the affection of William. Britney and Leven came to fight eachother on several occasions at school as the two girls fought over the affection of William who was at this point moving on to Amber Heard II. of whome he would become actually emotionally involved.

Amber Heard II.

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Amber Heard 5.jpg

I watched him from afar, and I saw the person he truly was. I could see he was trying so hard to be a bad guy, but underneath it all it was clear who he was.
Amber Heard II.

Amber and WIlliam would first come to meet when Amber was sent to the Lucernian Academy by her parents of whom were attempting to have her betrothed to William. Amber and William became very close following Amber coming to stay in Lucerne due to the menipulations of James Lovie at first but as time went on it just became natural. This closeness led to Amber coming to stay in William's bed on many an occasion. The both of them were completely inexperienced and so the relationship moved at a slow pace. When it eventually did become sexual Amber spent basically every night in William's bed. This relationship was abruptly ended when the events following Alice's departure caused James to remove her from the city. So lost in his own mind for the days following the loss of Alice, that William wasn't able to protect Amber when James came to the orphanage and attacked Amber. The attack wasn't sexual but it led to Amber being beaten quite badly. Edward took her to William's bed where he lied in a semi-coma.

He just lied there. I held him for hours just crying and begging him to wake up, but he didn't wake up. That was the worst moment of my life. Nothing comes close to seeing William in that much pain.
Amber Heard II.

So broken by how hurt William was that Amber allowed James to get in her head. James told Amber that he would kill William unless Amber lied about what happened and then left the city. So in love with William was Amber that she couldn't risk him being hurt. James threat caused her to lie, and so she went along with the story that she was beaten by a homeless man. Amber Heard II. and William would would together face the final conflict in the Battle of Berne in which after William exhausted all attempts he knew of to get Tristan to spare his first love Amber he came to realize that Tristan was going to kill Amber no matter what happened and in this moment said goodbye to the girl that he had loved with his entire heart but wasn't able to show her her truly how much he had loved her.

I'm so sorry Amber. This shouldn't be how it ends. It should end on some beautiful note. Our story should end in happiness. It shouldn't end this way...I know now what I didn't understand then. I know now that the world I saw what nothing more then an illusion. I became obsessed with all the things in life that didn't matter and I forgot to tell you how much I love you. Because I still love you. I love you with everything I am, and this end doesn't sit right with me, and I fear I will be haunted by the memories of all the things I never said.
William Lovie III.

Britney Hemsworth

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She and William were for William nothing more then an extremely sexual relationship, and for their time together he was also with numerous other girls and was under no illusions about his poor morals. For Britney this was her lover for life, and though she discovered his infidelity she forgave him in her mind because she believed herself to be failing him sexually. This unhealthy relationship would eventually end when William became withdrawn due to an argument he had with Alice about his playboy way of living.

Britney Hemsworth 7.png

This caused James to give up on Britney, and she was returned to Arnor. Unknown to everyone was the fact that she did not return to Arnor immediatly after James sent her away, and since James cared so little about her he didn't even check to make sure she had gotten back to Arnor.

"Her appeal was obvious. She was so tempting that there would be times that I had no interest whatsoever and her body would make me change my mind. It ended because I hated what I became with her. It ended the moment our sex turned violent. I guess it ended the moment her body caused me to lose myself."

-William Lovie

In truth this lack of oversight would hide the fact that while William believed the relationship over he had left Britney pregnant and she silently carried the child to term while remaining hidden in Arnor. During this time she made her family believe she was still in Lucerne and they had no reason to doubt her so noone was worried about her absence. When she finally gave birth to the baby she would attempt to return to Lucerne but when she did she found William was depressed over the loss of Alice who Britney remembered but didn't say anything as she discussed the princes unhappiness with the people. As she was going to meet with William she was stopped by Jasper Hale of whome knew what she represented and made a judgement call that she needed to go and she needed to go quickly. Seeing the baby in her hands Jasper knew immediatly whose child that was and thus he quickly shuffled her out of the city through the use of his House Hale soilders. When she arrived back in Arnor she continued to love William and this would come to define her as she attempted to gain power with the single minded goal of returning to William in a position that would be one he found honorable. She believed that in her mind she was the one for William but how could he ever have accepted her while she was so weak.

Elsa Hosk

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Seri-Relisia Terrick

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Ellia Targaryan

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Hanna Arryn2.jpg

Hanna Arryn

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Hanna Arryn became very close with William and Alice during her stay in Lucerne. The three formed a very close bond, that became only stronger as the months went by of her staying there.

William grew almost as protective of Hanna while she stayed in Lucerne as he did for Alice, and she joined them in staying in William's room only a month into her staying in Lucerne.

"Edward and the guys used to always give me shit about having Hanna staying in my bed all the time, and I could never truly make them understand that it wasn't sexual. She was like my sister."

-William Lovie

Robb Starke

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Robb Starke.jpg
"He was a braver young man then I think anyone gave him credit for, but the main thing that struck me about him was his beliefs. He cared so much about Lucernian society that I couldn't believe he was the son of James Lovie."
-Robb Starke

William Lovie III. and Robb Starke would first meet eachother when William first travelled to Stormwind during the events of The Journey. When they first met they got along well enough, and Robb Starke was kept close to William during the overal Journey as Eddard believed that William would get along better with someone around his age, and thus bring him closer to House Starke then House Lannister. This strategy worked well as Robb grew to become friends with both William and his carefree friend Emmett McCarty. While Robb was perhaps closer with Emmett during this time he still was quite close with the young prince who during this time was having trouble with the constant fake personalities that he met on the trip.

"It was a nice thing to meet someone while we were on the road that I felt like I had something truly in common with. So many during that time just wanted something from me, and to have him appear to genuinly care about the conversation was something I wouldn't quickly forget."
-William Lovie III.

This friendship would continue as the forces of House Lovie would move closer to House Starke when they constructed the Port of Stormwind, and it was Robb Starke that was the main communicater between William and House Starke. The two became close enough that following the death of Brooke Scott it was Robb Starke that was one of the few people that William confided in over how depressed he was about her death. While Robb was never privy to the extent of the relationship between William and Brooke he was very much aware of how much William felt for her.

Emmett McCarty.jpg

Emmett McCarty

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Emmett McCarty and William the aristocrat children that were training there.

It wasn't until William spoke to Emmett that he was truly a part of anything happy during his time in Lucerne. The two bonded quickly and before Emmett knew what was happening William had introduced him to Jasper, and Edward and these three friends would go on to define Emmett his whole life

"He was so tall. With his size he should have been confident, but when I looked at him he looked completely scared. Ten years later and sometimes I still get that same feeling when I look at him. I dont think it'll matter what he accomplishes, or becomes he'll just always be Emmett."

-William Lovie


Karl Franz

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"A lot of people prayed that the two of us would somehow breach the gap between the Empire and the rest of Europe. To those people I say from the bottom of my heart that I'm sorry. I cannot cross a gap that is constantly widened by the arrogance, and blind supremisist beliefs of the Empire."

-William Lovie III.

William Lovie and Karl Franz had started their relationship in a generally positive way. When William was crowned the two sent letters back and forth, and so this led to a lot of positive thoughts for what their first meeting would be like. When the two did meet it was a month before the Invasion of Westbridge, and it was in the southern part of Westbridge.

When the two met they nearly immediatly didn't get along, and past the customary kindness to a fellow leader the two were trading insults, and threats throughout the entire conversation. This eventually led to William Lovie storming out, and threatening that any attack on Arnor would be counted as a direct attack on Lucerne.

Jasper Hale5.jpg

Jasper Hale

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"Before Edward had left I would have easily said that he was my best friend but when he did leave us and I got a chance to expand I realized who Jasper really was. He was loyal to a fault. He was devoted to his friends and you never had to guess who, or what he actually cared for as he wore his emotions on his sleeve. He became my best friend out of happenchance but I wouldn't have it any other way."

-William Lovie III.

Jasper Hale and William Lovie would first come to meet eachother after their parents placed them on a list of children that should become friends. For their parents a relationship between the two was good for both sides and thus when they got along during their first time together both parents were happy. During their growth as friends they would at first come to be defined by their loyalty to the foursome group they assembled, but with the departure of Edward Cullen the two of them would become known for a different sort of behavior. When Edward left the two of them became closer to eachtoher and through this they begin to emulate the mistakes of the other, and this led to them becoming quite premisquious with the women of the Lucernian Academy. They would grow out of this though and after a brief period where they argued they were the closest of the foursome to eachtoher, and this would only grow when during the Journey Jasper would begin to formulate the idea of being the leader of a gaurd unit that would be responsible for defending William.

Edward Cullen2.jpg

Edward Cullen

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"People always called him my moral compass and I guess that always kind of irked me because it made a statement that I was some headstrong child. The worst part is that they were right about his effect on me and the group, and it took me years to accept that truth. I no longer think his control over our morals is a weakeness because I know that he is loyal to us, and would never let anything happen to the group."

-William Lovie III.

Edward Cullen and William Lovie III. would first meet eachtoher on the first day of their respective entries into the Lucernian Academy. When they first met Edward was a shy and strange young boy who felt extremely intimidated by the popular William. This didn't last long as William was drawn to the silent kindness of Edward and the two grew into strong friends despite the fact that his best friend Jasper Hale did not particularly like him. Edward and William would grow to be extremely close and this bond would lead to a serious event when Edward was forced to leave Lucerne for Hogwarts after the four friends discovered his Magi powers. After trying to stop Edward from leaving William felt betrayed that Edward had left, and this only escalated as during his departure the three remaining friends deteriated morally.


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"Keenclaw was a loyal friend, that I never had to worry about. So loyal and so loving was he that I became almost ignorant of how much he did for me."
-William Lovie III.

Keenclaw and William Lovie III. have been together since William was first given him as an egg for his fifth birthday. Keenclaw would be raised by William Lovie in the Sky Tower, and would take the nest of the ancient Stragnarax which lay barren since the departure of the Dragons from Lucerne. In his role as the Griffon of the prince of Lucerne he became fanatical loyal to the young prince, and was present during nearly every important thing in the young prince's life. Keenclaw would became especially close as well to Alice Lovie and her griffon Slyclaw of whom they would fly together many times once Alice learned how to comfortably fly Slyclaw. Keenclaw would accompany William on the journey, and during his fight against the Orc during the Battle of Minas Ithil Keenclaw would land beside his master and fight beside the young prince before William mounted him and together they chased the retreating forces of the Orcs. More recently Keenclaw has taken William for his meetings with Brooke Scott in the mountains of Lucerne and loyally flies overhead constantly searching for threats to his master.


Dan Scott

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You listened to that mad man Riley. You listened to a man who allowed his people to die just in the hopes he could somehow gain more power. You listened to him, and now...and now your just like him.
William Lovie III.

Dan Scott and William Lovie III. would originally meet during the Relief of Tree Hill and the two at that moment had a somewhat positive relationship, but the rumors that William had been told about Dan Scott clung to his thoughts of the Arch Lord and led to him leaving Dan Scott behind when he went back to Lucerne to take control of the city. Dan Scott for his part took this as an extreme insult, and would begin to in his own mind at least plan for rising above William in this new world that he was seeing grow in front of him.

Julian Baker

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William Lovie was unable to be the person for Brooke that he wanted, and this caused him much hardship emotionally. Despite his love for Bella Swan, his true love remained with Brooke Scott.

This created the conflict, when for William it appeared that Julian was attempting to move in on Brooke. For Brooke this was all a game to get William's attention, and although William didn't know he proved Brooke's point.

Arthas Menathil

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I'm sorry that I killed your cousin. He was a casualty that was necessary for my final end game to come to pass. He died doing something good.
Arthas Menathil

Teri-Eithedir Crithor

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