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Winfred Manderly is the son of Marlon, and Belenna Manderly of which makes him a member of House Manderly. Winfred Manderly would be married to Miley Black of the Kingdom of Lucerne in one of the most influencial marriages of the entire region of Westros and despite the fighting their marriage has caused they have grown extremely close. With Wildred Manderly she has two children in the form of Jacob, and Sarah Manderly of which Jacob was sent to Forks as the threat to White Harbor by the Boltens increased, while Sarah remains with her mother in White Harbor and is very young.

Wendal, Winfred, and Marlon Manderly travelled to Lucerne in order to arrange the marriage contract between House Manderly and the Kingdom of Lucerne, and during this time Wendal would take part in the tournament of Nortburg where he listed quite well. Following the Invasion of Westbridge, the marriage of Miley Black into House Manderly and continued Lucernian expansion into Westros the Kingdom of Bolten would decide to intervene violently invading the White Knife only three months before the arrival of William Lovie III. of whom was going to formally annex the White Knife and the invasion was only one true battle as following the naval conflict the Boltens occupied the capital and the war ended in the defeat of the White Knife. Marlon Manderly was at Grey Harbor with the second White Knife Fleet when the Boltens captured the capital and when news reached him about what had happened he sent his son, and daughter in law with their children westward with the fleet to Kirchbirge while he waited at Grey Harbor to surrender the town to the victorious Boltens.


Early History

Picking Sides

White Knife Marriage

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Fall of the White Knife

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Lucernian Invasion of the White Knife

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