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Wintefell Map.png
Vital statistics
Type of Goverment State Capital
Allegiance Kingdom Of Lucerne
Ruling House House Starke
Population Placeholder
Location Eastern Lucerne
Language Germanic
Religion Dragonoph
Races, and Ethnicity Vandal Germans

Winterfell is a large Lucernian town that stands as the capital of the dutchy of Winterfell, and it is the personal seat of House Starke marking it as an extremely influencial fortress within the Kingdom of Lucerne.

The city of Winterfell would be founded by the Dragonoph prophet Ysgramor and the town of Winterfell during his reign would become the capital of the Dragon Empire of Lucerne and one of the richest towns of the region. Winterfell would be conquered by House Starke member Jorin Starke of whom established the castle as the western edge of the Kingdom of Winter, but following the House Starke Civil War Winterfell became its own nation breaking off from the Kingdom of Winter.


Winterfell is a huge castle complex spanning several acres and protected by two massive walls. There is a village just outside, the winter town. Winterfell has been built around an ancient godswood and over natural hot springs. The water is piped through walls and chambers to heat them, making Winterfell more comfortable than other castles during the harsh northern winters.

Inside the walls, the complex is composed of dozens of courtyards and small open spaces. Weapons training and practice take place in those yards. The inner ward is a second, much older open space in the castle where archery practice takes place. It is located next to the broken tower. Inside Winterfell stands the inner castle, which contains the Great Keep and the Great Hall.


Early History

The city of Winterfell would be founded by the Dragonoph prophet Ysgramor and the town of Winterfell during his reign would become the capital of the Dragon Empire of Lucerne and one of the richest towns of the region.

Fall of the Kingdom of Winter

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Brenten Starke

Once my son, there were four sons, and a single daughter all born your great ancestor Brenten Starke. The first son was a noble knight, and the destined heir. The second son was a scared, evil young man that was hated by many, and loved by none. The third son was the spitting image of the first son, and he followed at his brother's heels. The final son was a quiet by educated man that made strong friends, and was beloved by many, and hated by none. The daughter was a sweet girl loved deeply by her siblings, and it was only the dark love of the second son that would tarnish her.
Eddard Starke to Robb, and Brann Starke

In the trailing days of the Kingdom of Winter, the Lord of House Starke in Brenten Starke would sit and look at his family. He had four sons, and one daughter of which his oldest son Brenten the second was his heir and beloved by the people of the land. His second son Artolf was a twisted man, that had spent too much time in the hands of the Urnet's, and Boltens and had been twisted by that influence. The third son Eddard had spent his life as a squire for the Hornwoods, and had the love of the east. The final son Rodrik was a quiet young man that while skilled with horse, and sword was more apt to be found reading then he was to be found fighting. The final child in the form of his daughter Lyanna Starke I. was beloved by all of the Starke's, but the love her brother Artolf had for her was a dark taboo that she kept secret for fear of his wrath. This peace would end in a most tragic way, as following an attempt by a northern house to leave the Kingdom of Winter the King of Winter would send his son Brenten to end the rebellion, and during the attempt he was accidently killed by an arrow from his own men. The death of Brenten Starke II. would send the entire house into a tailspin as everyone agreed tht in no way should Artolf be named heir, and when Brenten told Artolf that he was being passed over in favor of Eddard, it was with great rage that Artolf fled Karhold, and made his way to the Dreadfort with his sister Lyanna as a silent captive.

When Brenten died the whole thing just fell apart I suppose. It was his unquestionable right to the throne that held all from even thinking treasonous thoughts, and then with him gone every coward, and evil man in the land came of the woods to spin their webs.
Eddard Starke to Robb, and Brann Starke.

The fleeing of Artolf, and the kidnapping of Lyanna Starke caused Brenten great sadness, and despite the ability to storm the Dreadfort he feared the death of Lyanna and thus continued for the rest of his sickness shortened life to get his son to return to Karhold. Upon the death of Brenten Starke the Winter Kingdom would fall to Eddard Starke I., and Eddard sent another letter to his brother and this time his brother would send word that he wished to return to Karhold and be forgiven by his family. Rodrik Starke would plead with his brother not to allow him to return, and when Eddard rejected his please Rodrik would flee the Winter Kingdom with his family for the Moonset Islands. When Artolf Starke arrived he arrived with the heir to House Bolten, and House Urnet, and after a happy meeting the city would awake to news that Eddard Starke had been killed in his sleep. Outside the city the armies of the Urnets, and Boltens had arrived and the search begin for Eddard's family, but they could not be found because Rodrik had arrived in the night and taken them out of the city and moved them by boat westward into the Divine Lands where the Goths of the Winter Kingdom had no reach. Following this Artolf Starke would rename himself Artolf Karstark and alongside the children he had fathered with his sister Lyanna his family became known as the Karstarks after the city they had taken. Artolf would be shocked though when instead of ruling the Winter Kingdom he found himself pushed aside as the Boltens set up a council of which quickly became the Boltens ruling the land, and despite his attempts to resist this he watched the name of the Kingdom change, and the Winter Crown was forgotten.



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