Wolfenberg is a city in the Empire in the province of Denmark. The city is the highest northern city in the Empire, and because of this is attacked nearly yearly by the raiding parties of Norseman. Wolfenburg is the second largest city in Denmark, and for this reason, it has a large military population that remains their all year long.

Built originally by Teutons migrating northword in search of more land, the town gained a lot of infamy for being the source and center of the tolls being placed on the migrating Germanic tribes from Norway, and Swedan. Due to these high tolls the once completely Teutonic city is now home to a massive population of Vandals, and Goths. During the upcoming Westros story the city of Wolfenburg is described as the scene of a very important moment, and this will mark the first time that Wolfenburg is actually in the story, and the mayor of the town is said to be a principle character in the scenes.


Early History

Originally founded and settled by Teutons heading northward in search of more land. The village of Foor'Estter as it was orginally known was nothing more then a small farming village. It would be with the Empire's northern expansion that the village would join the Empire, and through this slowly turn itself into the modern Wolfenberg.

Great Migrartion

As the Andals moved south they pushed the Vandals, and Goths southward, and into Denmark. With this movement there was at first great care taken to ensuring the protection of these tribes who were cousins to the Teutons. But at a certain point this kindness turned to greed, and when that happened the cities in Denmark begin making Tolls in order for the Germans to travel south. As the largest city, and located on the only travellable route south out of Denmark, they were the second largest user of this behind the port city of Malmo where the Germans were forced to enter through.

Second Bright Wolf Warriors War

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City Layout

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