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The Worlds Edge Mountains are a mighty range of mountains that run continuously along the eastern edge of Europe, stretching from the Southern Border of Kizlev all the way south to the near border of Africanas . The range is rich with rare ores and minerals, and are home to numerous communities of Dwarfs, Greenskins and Skaven who have burrowed deep into the roots of the mountains. All manner of dangerous beasts have also established their lairs in the mountains.

The World Edge Mountains have been the home of the Dwarves for centuries but now they are vastly outnumbered by Greenskins, and Skaven who have burrowed up from far beneath their Holds. The war between the three has been going on for centuries and is far more bloody then basically any other war that has been in the modern age.

World Edge Mountains


Going as far as the mountains do go they stretch through two continents, and are a huge source of resources for all Kingdoms in the path.

The Mountain range is densest and most concentrated in the Ukraine region of Croatia . In this region is the center of the ancient Dwarven Kingdom of Karak Ankor, as well as many large Night Goblin holds.

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Karak Ankor

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The Dwarves of Karak Ankor have made their homes in the World Edge mountains since the times of the Great Dwarven migration. Since that day they have burrowed deep into the mountains and at their peak they controlled the entire stretch of the mountains and had even constructed a massive underground toad within the mountains which made them the envy of the world. This came crashing down when after the War of Vengeance their armies were at their lowest strength and it was in this moment that disasters struck. First a series of devestating earthquakes ravaged the mountain range, and weakened greatly their Holds. Following this the Skaven caused the migration of massive number of Goblins into the mountains and this led to the eventual fall of nearly all the Dwaven Holds in the Mountain.


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The Southern part of the World Edge Mountains stretches through the center of Nehekhara and during the rise of Jesus he went for guidence from the ancient Dwarven Hold in Syria named Barak Kilt, and it was here that he was able to convert the Dwarves of this Hold to christianity and from Barak Kilt Christianity spread to the Dwarves of Karak Matron.

Byzantine Empire

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The Byzantine Empire has land that connects with a small amount of the southern World Edge Mountains, and in the Golden Age of the Roman Empire they traded with the Dwarven Hold of Karak Yune which has since those days fallen to the forces of the Skaven.


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