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Yulia Orlov is the daughter of. Yulia Orlov and Sergey Orlov have eight children in the form of Nitali, Olya, Sergey, Sofia, Anya, Anton, Dmitri, and Alexandra of which her oldest brother Nitali would fall during the capture of Usengrad but is remembered fondly by his family, the second oldest child in the form of Olya would alongside her husband would remain in Usengrad where she led the final defence of the city and was after the city was finally taken executed for her work in the defence, her brother Sergey is the new heir to House Orlov and the Realm of Kiev where he rules over the Crimerian fortress of Yevpatoria, her sister Sofia was captured during the Fall of Usengrad and converted to chaos during her time with the Russians and now is a High Priestess of Tzeneech in Kiev, the second youngest daughter in the form of Anya of whom stands the puppet queen of the Rus Kingdom of Ukraine standing in opposition to her families ancestral Kingdom of Ukraine, her brother Dimitri survived the fall of Kiev and fled westward staying with the Visigoths in Croatia and founding his own knightly order built around the idea of retaking Kiev from Chaos, her brother Anton fell during the Battle of Kiev and his death broke the resistance of most of Kiev all the way south to Yevpatoria, while her sister Alexandra was able to escape the fall of Kiev and now lives with their father and brother in Crimeria inside the capital of Sevastopol.


Early History

The Fall of Ukraine

The Fifth Ukraine-Rus War
This conflict is not about just our survival. This conflict is a fight between what sort of world this planet becomes. We are a cog that holds the monsters at bay. If we should lose then the monsters are loose. Another notch out of there way to destroying the world. We cannot allow them through.
Anya Orlov Cover1
Usengrad was the end for us. Had I of been of healthy body and mind I would have ordered a full retreat. Saved thousands of wasted lives
Sergey Orlov

The Empire of Rus would begin their full scale invasion of the Empire of Kiev with a massive assault on the fortress city of Usengrad where led by the Chaos Lord Korotkov Makorvich they planned to rape and pillage northern Ukraine for a year before finally besieging what they believed would be a devastated Usengrad depopulated by the year long raiding. While this raiding begin early in the year led by Korotkov the leadership of Ukraine moved to Usengrad led by the King Sergey Orlov, and his prince Nitali Orlov of whom would convene with the military leadership of Ukraine in regards to planning the defense of Usengrad of which everyone in the Ukraine leadership believed would be attacked by the Rus soon. Back in the capital of Kiev Anton Orlov would amass a force of ten thousand which he led west to the Ukraine city of Donbass which he hoped to defend against the forces of Rus who under the command of Vitali Putinov were attacking the city having put it under siege. Anya Orlov would listen from the corner of the room as her father commands the entire army of Usengrad leave the fortress in order to deal with Korotkov Makorvich of whom continued to move about massacring villages throughout the north of Ukraine. Leaving the council chambers she is met in the hallway by Durova Kirur of whom attempts to convince her to force her father to not leave the defense of Usengrad as this is what Korotkov is waiting for, and Durova is successful in convincing Anya of whom waits for her father outside the council chambers. When the Councillors leave the chambers she is able to convinse her father and brother to listen to her and they all go back to the royal estate where they find the matriarch of the family in the form of Yulia Orlov, two of her sisters in Sofia and Olya, as well as there cousin Milenka Orlov also there, and together the group discusses the situation but the headstrong Sergey is unable to be convinsed to not lead the army out of Usengrad and Nitali who was convinsed is forced to relent and join his father.

Battle of Usengrad

Sofia Orlov Cover
Father we cannot leave the safety of the city. I know that leaving will lead to our defeat. Please do not play into the Rus hands by failing out there.
Anya Orlov

Sofia Orlov as a secret member of the Tzeneech Cult would begin spreading information to the Rus forces through her intimate knowledge of what was happening in Ukraine's leadership through her father the King and this would completely come to a head when she passed the battle plans for the Battle of Usengrad to the Rus forces leading to the Rus forces being completely aware that Sergey and the Ukraine forces were going to sally out of Usengrad and bring the fight to Rus allowing Korotkov to plan a massive ambush against their forces. It would be Anya Orlov watching from the walls of Usengrad as the army of Ukraine is utterly crushed by the Rus army and devastated by this she is taken away by Durova Kirur of whom leads her out of the city alongside her mother and sister Alexandra but the group is unable to find her sister Sofia and after hours of searching they are forced to leave as the forces of Rus break through the depleted garrison at the main gate and enter the city.

Battle of Donbass

Bronislav Nikolenko would during the months preceding the Fall of Ukraine travel to his families home in Donbass and corupt his older brother Radik Nikolenko to the worship of Tzeneech and then when the forces of Chaos put the city under siege he joined his brother in a coup against their father killing him and installing Radik Nikolenko II. as the new Prince of Donbass and then with Chaos basically having control of the city they attempted to ambush Anton Orlov who was arriving with reinforcements but he would be warned of the betrayal by Bronislav's sister who then retreated with Anton southward.

Council of Crimeria

She came to move to Crimeria for a time following the fall of Usengrad, but shortly after she returned to Kiev with her older brother while her father and her mother, and other brother stayed in Crimeria. Nicolus Rotaru would travel to the city of Sevestapol where he joined his older brother Radu Rotaru in leading the Kingdom of Wallachia delegation for the Summit of Sevestapol and Nicolus would following this return to Odessa where he would be given command of the 3rd Platoon of the 1st army and then saying goodbye to his beloved pregnant wife Irina Agdal he would return to Sevestapol to join the Christian alliance in the defence of Ukraine.

Siege of Kiev

She would be fourteen when the first Russian army arrived at the steps of Kiev, and the first time this happened her brother Anton rallied forces to defeat them but suffered serious wounds in the battle forcing Anya at the young age to take over leadership of much of Kiev. Only two months after this battle and with her brother still being nursed by her and the others every day a larger Russian army arrived north of Kiev and waited in the field for Anton to fight them once again, but their size meant he had not the forces to win the battle so instead stayed behind the walls of Kiev. After a month of taunting the Kiev defenders with their size and coming to see no reinforcements were coming from the south the Russians surrounded the city, and put it under siege.

New Monarchy

Anya Orlov Large1
The time of Ukraine is over my dear sister. You have only one choice now. Listen to me and survive. Or...Don't listen to me and die. The choice is yours.
Sofia Orlov
As Kiev fell to the forces of Rus the Rus invaders would move towards the palace grounds where Anton Orlov retreated towards with the elite Palace Guard of whom he did not know were already corrupted by Sofia Orlov, and thus arriving at the palace he would command his sister Anya leave leave the city which she did accompanied by ten of the palace guardsmen. While Anya made her way through the fallen city to the southern gatehouse it was Anton of whom prepared the defenses but as he begin making orders he discovered the sounds of fighting had stopped and no one listened to him, and demanding to know what was happening he would be met with silence and attempting to flee himself he was stopped by the arrival of the Rus forces. Led by the Chaos Lord Yutilov Vasilievich the arriving Rus taunted the young prince of Ukraine and despite the Ukraine Palace guardsmen oaths they remained silent allowing Yutilov to challenge Anton to single combat where he would swiftly kill the young man who died crying out for his mother, of which would be seen by the hundred men of the Palace Guard, the entire Rus force and several nobles watching from the palace grounds. Anya would escape through the southern gate but upon exiting the gatehouse her guards abandoned her outside of two of them while the remainder shut the gate behind her leaving her and her two remaining guards to begin riding south but they didn't get far before they were stopped on the road by a large group. and was made to swear unconditional surrender of Kiev to the Russians of which signaled alongside the death of her brother the main resistance to the Russian forces in Kiev. She would be held and unable to leave the Palace Grounds for nearly two months before the Russian selected Lord of Kiev arrived in the form of Mikhail Ostrog, and he acted quickly naming her as High Lady of Kiev and the Queen of Ukraine a title which due to her control of Kiev she basically usurped from her surviving family in Crimeria.

Family Members


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