House of Mernieth

Zalika Merneith is a third generation Vampire born of the House of Merneith Bloodline.

Zalika Merneith would be turned into a Vampire by her uncle of whom had went on a spree turning basically the entire ranks of the House of Merneith into Vampires, and she was thus turned like the rest of her family. Following the death of Narmer Merneith the leadership of the House of Merneith Bloodline moved between several children of Narmer and eventually following the destruction of Lahmia fell to one of the few surviving members of the bloodline in the form of Narmer's grand daughter of sorts in the form of Istaari Merneith of whom led the remainder of the Bloodline out of Lahmia and towards Greece.


Early History

Rise of the Vampire Queen

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Wandering Europe

Angelica Neferata Hot
It was an entirely different world, and it took me a long time to get used to the fact that I couldn't just openly expect the people to follow me. The lands of Greece were pleasant enough, but I really just wanted to see Vashenesh smile again, and I was willing to try anything in order to make that happen.
Angelica Neferata

With her forces managing to reach the small port of Hashin they captured the fleet present there and coralled the survivors northward towards Greece. When the group landed in Greece they numbered around 2,500 and in this way they were a rather powerful group. In Greece the vampires would at first attempt to devise a plan where in they could raise an army and take back Lahmia of which Angelica was noticeably silent on this plan. As Abhorash planned to retake Lahmia news came into the greek plains that the Empire of Nehekhara had sacked the capital of Lahmia and was garrisoning the entirety of the kingdom. With this news the vampires followed the lead of their queen when they accepted that the Kingdom of Lahmia was lost to them for now.

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"We spent a long time in Greece, and during this time I drifted farther away from the morality that I had once known as I accepted the words of Hercuso that we were now gods. He made me believe that human lives were completely useless and were ours to do with what we wanted. I didn't realize that every life I took in the brutal manner I did drover my love farther away from me. I didn't realize that he was disapointed in me or I would have stopped immediatly."
-Angelica Neferata

The vampires spent nearly 45 years in the Greek mainland where they went from city state to city state menipulating them into financing, and supplying the vampires with huge wealth. After 45 years they moved northward where they moved through Estalia, and then settled in the Dol Amroth mountain of Dania for many decades. In Dania they waged conflict with the mountain goblins, and acumulated more wealth through raiding the rich Dol Amroth lands.

The Founding of Weerhousen

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Family Members


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