Noble Titans

Zarakynel is a first generation Titan of whom was created by the Old One Tranquility of Living World in order to be the wife of Slanaash and the Godess of Lust.

When Slanaash could not be gotten to due to the interference of Elune it was Zarakynel that was corrupted when she was tricked by her brother Hypnos and when she returned to Ulthuan she realized what had happened to her and left a letter for her daughter Kyriss which detailed what had happened and then unable to live for one minute longer with the corruption afflicting her she would commit suicide inside the fade thus ending her life permanently. The death of Zarakynel would be a devestating moment for Slanaash of whom had many lovers due to his position in the Titan Pantheon but he had always loved Zarakynel above everything and thus her death would allow the menipulation of his son Ragoth to have an easier time of getting through.


Coming of the Old Ones

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