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Zesperia is a second generation Titan of whom was created by the Old Ones as a child of the First Generation Titan Ares of whom made her into a Minor God of War underneath her father. Zesparia would have two children with Sigmar during their time together in the form of Bardolph, and Eadwine of which Bardolph would become the progenitor of House Gausser the still to this day Elector Count Family of Western Prussia, while Eadwine would take on the role of silent Protector of her fathers home becoming known as the Lady of Breeboze although her true father is unkown to all but herself and her mother.

Zesperia and Woglinde would follow the commands of Ares and would travel to the Earth where they would directly impact the growth of Sigmar moulding him into the creation that Ares was demanding for the second Man God. Zesperia would fall in love with Sigmar during his youth, and her father pushed this further leading to her becoming his wife following his crowing as the Emperor of Germania. Following the persieved death of Sigmar Zesperia 


Early History

The Rise of Sigmar

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Family Members



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Originally Sigmar and Zesperia would meet when she was under the alias of Tarra Gundelhed a girl who lived in the same village as his, and during this time they were quite close with Zesperia being Sigmars greatest friend.

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