Zeus Cover
Noble Titans
Loyalty Noble Titans
Story Role
POV Role None
Appears In Placeholder
Vital statistics
Generation 1
Role Current Titles
  • High King of the High Heavens
Alias All King of the High Heavens
Status Alive
Titan Details
Form Taken Human
Created Races Human
Father Unity of Confident Future
Mother Unity of Confident Future
Siblings Full Siblings
Internal Family
Spouse Hera
Children Second Generation

With Hera

With Ingri

Zeus is a Titan and the leader of the Noble Titans group. He has three brothers in the form of Hades, Poseidan, and Harkkon of which his brother Hades is a dark man but remained loyal to the Titans, his brother Poseidan lives in the seas of Earth and has remained loyal to the Noble TItans, and his brother Harkkon betrayed everything when he became one of the Chaos Gods. Zeus is known for his numerous lovers as following the destruction of his shield he became overcome with lust and this has led him to have many children of which he has four Titan children with Hera in the form of Apollo, Artemis, Hermes, and Demeter of which Apollo is the god of archery and light and is one of the more trusted members of the Noble Titans, his son Artemis is the god of hunting and wildlife and lives in seclusion on the planet, his son Hermes is the god of travellers and messengers and has taken this role for the Noble Titans as well, his final child Demeter was killed during the Titan Civil War and her powers handed over to her mother Hera. Alongside these children he also has many other bastard Titans throughout period following his coruption in the form of Lahmfada of which Lahmfada was the King of the Picts which Zeus had created as a means to guard the Albion portal but his son would be killed during the Eternity War.

He has led the Titans since the fallen god Tzeneech fell to darkness and brought the world to the brink of destruction. Zeus was the God that created the Humans, and it he that is the image they were designed in. Titan would take this control to a different level following the death of Sigmar as he came to believe that the intervention of the Noble Titans was only making things worse and thus he forbid all intervention on the planet.

In his capasity as a Noble Titan he is the ruler of High Heaven which is the part of the fade where the Titans were meant to reside and rule over their charges. He is one of the few titans that maintains a position that he was meant to be in, and this alone makes him remarkable. His control over the Noble Titans has allowed the remaining non corrupted members of the Titans to resist the throws of Chaos, and he has done all this despite the fact that in one of the greatest secrets of the world he lost his shield and was corupted with lust that he must constantly battle against lest it destroy him. His control over his impulses has lessened in recent years due to the series of failures endured by the Noble Titans and for this reason he became utterly dead set against interfering in the mortal plane to the point that when Jesus was created as the last of the Man Gods he would promise all the Noble Titans that he would destroy any further attempts at creating a Man God. Following the death of Sigmar it was Zeus that summoned the rebel Noble Titans to Olympus and several arrived at his request and after he executed his daughter Woglinde the rebel noble Titans would bring war to Olympus sparking the Second Titan Civil War. When Odin begin interfering in the affairs of Europe once again Zeus would make his first appearance in the story as he would appear to Odin right after he had ended the coruption in Morrigan and threatened to destroy Odin.


Coming of the Old Ones

The Eternity War

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Titan Civil War

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First War with Chaos

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The Pantheon

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Second Titan Civil War

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The Second Titan Civil War
We stood by and listened to you Zeus. We stood by and our fallen brothers and sisters took over the world. Refusing to assist those we were put on this earth to protect is its own brand of evil. I refuse to follow your evil for one second longer.
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We stood by and listened to you Zeus. We stood by and our fallen brothers and sisters took over the world. Refusing to assist those we were put on this earth to protect is its own brand of evil. I refuse to follow your evil for one second longer.

Apollo would be summoned to Olympus alongside all the other Noble Titans that had joined Ares in creating Sigmar but unlike the other Titans it was Ares that actually responded to this request by travelling to Olympus where he hoped he could convince Zeus that what they had done was in the right. Apollo entered Olympus just as requested despite the rebels telling him not too, and arriving in the city he would be met by Zeus and to his shock Poseidon of whom had been a leading member of the rebels and taken by the two to the Tower of Sotek where he was given a chance to plead his case but despite laying out his point of view with great skill his efforts were for naught when Zeus ignored his words and imprisoned him. Following the discovery that his close friend Apollo had been imprisoned in Olympus by Zeus it was Ares who finally accepted that he had to return to Olympus to confront Zeus, and thus he would gather to him the elements of the rebel noble titans and prepare to reenter the Fade. Following the imprisonment of Apollo Woglinde would break away from the rebels and return to Olympus on the request of her father of whom she thought would punish her in the same manner he had the previous time they had uplifted Jesus, but instead in front of the Noble Titan Council Zeus would execute Woglinde for her part in the uplifting of Sigmar. The execution of Woglinde would spark a violence within Ares of whom trusted Woglinde above almost anyone else and her death he put completely at the fault of Zeus and thus following the killing of Woglinde it was Ares that for a moment planned to take over control of Olympus from Zeus himself. As a conflict looked to be on the horizon it was Odin, and his brother Vendriel that would respond immediatly to the call from Ares and gathered to them dozens of Titan supporters and travelled to the Fade where they attempted to enter Olympus. Odin and his forces would be stopped by Malekor, and Slanaash of whom had gathered to them dozens of Titan followers and thousands of troops and would resist the entry of Odin and his forces long enough that they were unable to join with the rebels at Olympus. A member of the rebel titans during the Second Titan Civil War Aphrodite would meet with Ares her lover during the lead up to the rebels arriving in Olympus and she was to prepare several back ways in for the rebels to allow their numbers to get inside the fortress that was Olympus but after she discovered the relationship of Ares with Woglinde during her execution it was Aphrodite that betrayed the rebels blocking their entry and bringing several titans to the loyalist side of things.

Noble Titan Involvement
Name Level of Involvement
Ares Ares would become the unquestioned leader of the rebels after the disappearance of Posiedan and led their forces into the Second Titan Civil War.
Posiedan Posiedan utterly hell bent on revenge for the destruction of the Numenorians would be the first to put the idea of intervention in the heads of Odin, and Ares making him the original creator of the idea of the Man Gods.
Odin Pushed into action by the expanding violence he saw in Northern Scandenavia among the Andals he would work alongside Posiedan and Ares forming the third member of the original planners of the Man Gods.
Hera Hera had lost hope in uplifting the mortals following the death of Yen Fang and thus when Ares asked for her asisstence with Sigmar she rejected him and then when Ares confronted Zeus during the Second Titan Civil War she supported her husband remaining on the loyalist side of the fight.
Apollo Apollo was a member of the rebels but answered the summons of Zues and was dishonored when he was placed in prison despite being under the protection of the guest right.
Astropos Hera had been very involved in the Rise of Atlantis and the Numenorians and thus after they were destroyed she was extremely bitter and Odin had little difficulty in convinsing her to join their attempt to uplift another human.
Nike Nike would join with her lover Poseidan in going to Olympus and it was at Olympus where she was betrayed by the disappearance of Poseidan and then during the fighting she was captured and placed in prison.
Tartarus Tartarus having been close friends with Woglinde would join with the army that planned to take control of Olympus, but when it all failed he would lead a vanguard responsible for the ability of the main Rebel forces to escape the city but was captured as a part of this.
Artemis, and Dyterion Zeus petitioned both to join the loyalist faction but Artemis was unwilling to leave Ulthuan and thus they both remained out of the fighting.

Family Members


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